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17 Jun 2022

10 Best Customer Feedback Examples From Well-Known Brands

10 Best Customer Feedback Examples From Well-Known Brands

I'm sure you know how important customer feedback is for your business...

It helps you build your store's credibility, especially if you're not yet an established brand.

But wait...

Does it mean customer feedback only works best with small, starting eCommerce brands?

No. No. No!

Because even well-known brands are still utilizing customer feedback to achieve their business goals.

That's how important customer feedback is.

It's not just for small brands. It's for every brand in the digital world.

And today, you'll see what I'm talking about. Because you'll learn...

  • More reasons why you need customer feedback on your eCommerce website.
  • The three common types of customer feedback.
  • Ten reputable brands with customer feedback and how they use their reviews to improve marketing efforts.

Let's deep dive!


Reasons Why Customer Feedback Is Important

1. Identify The Gaps

As a business owner, you need to improve many areas in your business from time to time.

Doing so can make sure you're one step ahead of your competitors.

But it doesn't mean you'll switch up your strategies according to your liking.

Because you need to consider this... who buys from you? Who makes or breaks your business?

Of course... The customers.

So, customer feedback can help you identify which gaps you need to fill. These are actionable insights you can use.

And if you do that, the customers will positively respond to your changes because they're the ones who need them.

Customer feedback can also...


2. Ease The Concerns Of Your Potential Customers

Awareness and consideration are the first few stages of the customer journey.

Potential customers haven't bought anything from your eCommerce store yet, but they may be considering it.

So, of course, they might have some questions about the reliability and eligibility of your products.

But the good news? Through customer feedback, you can ease their concerns!

Let's say your potential customers are worried that the delivery is slow or delayed. The existing customers can vouch for your brand that you are shipping their orders right on time.

Boom! Worries gone. 🙅🏼‍♀️

And when you ease their concerns, you have a higher chance to...


3. Increase Your Conversion Rate

That's one of your primary goals, right?

Because once you have more sales, you will have more resources to invest in and expand your business.

And by displaying customer feedback, you can increase your conversion rate!

Now, what are some social proof types you can display on your eCommerce website?

Let me give you a refresher if you already know what they are.


3 Common Types Of Customer Feedback

3 Common Types Of Customer Feedback


1. Survey

One of the most common types of customer feedback is surveys.

This is usually called a customer satisfaction survey. Also, it's easier to answer than typing the reviews because the customers need to pick their answers through ratings or multiple choices.

Surveys will let you know your customer's experience when they purchase from your eCommerce brand.

You can also ask them about the reason for the cancellation of their orders, if you have a great customer service, or why they chose to unsubscribe to your email list.

It's up to you!

But the point of this is to improve customer service and your overall business strategy.

Another common feedback type is...


2. Star Ratings

It can be a number or star rating. It depends on your preference, but star ratings are the most common.

If your customers love your products, they leave five stars. One star is the lowest.

This is an efficient way to showcase customer feedback because stars are attention-grabbing. Before a potential customer can read an entire review, they can spot how many starts you got first.

So, aim for that 5-star rating!

And of course, you can also encourage them to leave...


3. Photo And Video Reviews

Sure, you have lovely product photos and detailed product descriptions.

But potential customers want to see your products' raw and actual photos.

They also want to see your products in action through videos.

This will help them manage their expectations because they can see what your products look like.

So, you need a review provider that does this magic.

Now, are you starting to get curious?

Let's get down to business and see some customer feedback examples from well-known brands.


How These 10 Well-Known Brands Are Using Customer Reviews?



Celebrity Kim Kardashian co-founds SKIMS.

Even if Kim has a solid social media following and an established name in the media, SKIMS still makes sure to strengthen the people's trust in their products.

You can see that every product displays customer reviews below to help potential customers decide.

Since SKIMS is a clothing brand, they optimized the ratings to "too small," "true to size," and "too large."

This way, it's easier for customers to rate their orders.

The next brand is...


2. Adidas

Adidas is also a reputable brand in the sports industry.

But they don't rely on being a household name. They still ensure that their potential customers can see what others say about their products before buying them.

And you can even filter the reviews by appearance, comfort, color, quality, and satisfaction.

What a great way to optimize their customer reviews section, right?

You wouldn't expect the next one...


3. Burger King

Burger King is also a reputable fast-food chain.

But their My BK Experience proves how much they care about their customers' feedback.

This way, they can improve their customer service based on the answers!

Another well-known brand is...



SHEIN is an online fashion giant.

Since they're an eCommerce giant and shipping to around 150 countries worldwide, they know how critical reviews are.

Their shoppers cannot fit their clothes physically. That's why they encourage image and video reviews through...


Yep. If customers write a review, they gain points. BUT if they leave the image and video reviews, they get more points!

And they can use their points as a discount on their next purchase.

Smart, right?

Let's see the next one...


5. Timberland

Timberland is a famous footwear company that has been operating for decades.

But they don't rely on that alone.

They still value their customer feedback so they can improve their customers' shopping experience.

Website visitors can easily recognize Timberland's feedback form. It's on the right side of their website.

And when you click on it, you can see this feedback form.

They're asking for website satisfaction, the purpose of the visit, and insight on how to improve the customer's experience.

This is a great way to gain valuable insights into how you can enhance your customers' shopping experience.

So, the next time they visit your eCommerce website, they can take your desired action... which is conversion!

Now, the next one is...


6. The Washington Post

The Washington Post is also a reputable publication, but still... there is always room for improvement.

Once a customer unsubscribes to their platform, they'd send an email asking to take a survey.

I mean... customer retention is essential. So one of the customer feedback questions asks why they're leaving.

And they also have another comment box for more customer feedback.

See? You can utilize your email to gain customer reviews!

And speaking of emails...



ZALORA is another predominant fashion giant in Southeast Asia and Oceania.

And once a customer order has been delivered, they send an email asking for feedback.

The good news is... the customer can answer it within the email!

So, it's time for you to take advantage of your email marketing to collect user feedback.

And the next one will amaze you...


8. Planoly

Planoly is a social media scheduling platform.

And they're asking for feedback about... their customer service!

This is a fantastic way of collecting customer feedback to enhance their customer service department.

This means you can also ask for customer feedback about customer support. Not just their product feedback or website satisfaction.

Customer support is vital to customers.

Make sure you find a way to improve it in any way you can.

Now, let's talk about...


9. Later

Later is another social media platform to help you make your social media marketing and management easy.

If a customer changes their plan, Later will send an email to answer a survey.

This will help them determine what they need to change in terms of their product improvement.

And through this, maybe fewer people will downgrade or cancel their plan in the future.

So, maybe you can also ask your customers why they canceled their orders (if they did). 😉

And lastly...


10. BlendJet

BlendJet is another reputable eCommerce brand selling personal and portable blenders.

But unlike other brands... BlendJet actually has a dedicated, standalone page for their reviews.

This makes it easier for potential customers to see all the reviews on one page.

There are also photos and star ratings alongside the reviews.

So, do you already know which review app to choose?

A review app that will be your partner in achieving excellent features like what these well-known brands have.


Debutify Reviews will be at your service soon!

It can help you...

  • Send emails to your customers to request feedback
  • Offer incentives to collect customer feedback
  • Import your reviews from other review apps

... and more!

So, you have to stay tuned for that!

For now...


Take Advantage Of Your Customer Feedback And Optimize Your Marketing Efforts!

You see, valuable customer feedback goes a long way.

It can help you build a solid eCommerce brand filled with existing customers vouching for your products or services.

Not only what you're selling... but you can also ask them about their overall customer satisfaction.

And to get great answers, you need an efficient review app to help you manage and collect reviews.

That's Debutify Reviews! It's an efficient review app that allows you to collect photo and video reviews, give discount codes for every review, and more...


Try Debutify Reviews - Free for 30 days!

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