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09 Nov 2021

10 Best Ways To Keep Your Black Friday Customers

10 Best Ways To Keep Your Black Friday Customers

Are you ready for the biggest shopping day of the year?

Your customers are, too!

Because Black Friday is just around the corner...

And anytime soon, brands will start bombarding consumers with their Black Friday deals ads...

You know what this means, right?

Your customers will also have a LOT of options to choose from.


To tell you the truth, more and more people are going online than ever.

And they're looking for the BEST deals possible.

But hear me out... you need to keep your customers.

All. Darn. Time.

Not just during the Black Friday sale.

So, if you keep on reading, I will tell you how to keep your customers...

Yep, even after Black Friday!

But first, let me give you a shortlist of things you need to avoid.

3 Things You Need To Avoid If You Want Your Customers To Come Back

3 Things You Need To Avoid If You Want Your Customers To Come Back

You have to avoid repeating these same mistakes:

  • Poor customer service. Lack of customer assistance can make the customers feel ignored, overwhelmed, or stressed, so they move to other stores. And what's more...
  • Targeting the wrong audience. One great factor of a successful Black Friday campaign is knowing who your customers are and creating marketing campaigns for specific groups.
  • Letting cart abandonment sit. What can you do?
  • Ecommerce business owners don't have creative black Friday campaigns. Their focus is solely on giving discounts so, time to be creative! Know what? There are deals you can offer that can even bring more business-like BOGO (Buy 1 Get 1), free shipping; free gifts with minimum purchase, etc.

So, these are some reasons why Black Friday customers don't come back.

They just come and go.

What you need to know is that if a customer has a great first purchase experience with your brand,

then the possibility of them returning to your store is higher.

And... here are some things you need to do!

The 10 Best Ways to Keep Your Black Friday Customers...

Let's start.

1. Personalization Is King

Modern consumers like to feel valued.

I think that's human nature.

Your customers want to feel that they are important to you.

Extend the extra mile knowing them.

Send them personalized items or a gift with a handwritten note.

Make this a part of your creative Black Friday campaigns.

If you can pull this off right, you’re on your way to building customer loyalty.

You can also engage with them via live chat and thank them for patronizing your store.

This is also your chance to update them on your next store promo.

It's always nice to see customers keep coming back for more.

And that's because you made them feel valued.

So the next point is important...

2. Do Follow Up's

Customers want quick action.

To do this, you can leverage continuous email marketing,

This will be a part of your Black Friday email campaigns.

Welcome them with a series of welcome emails to keep them engaged.

Or you can reach them on their social media and send abandoned cart notifications.

In addition, you can give them more info about your company so they understand who you are as a brand.

Also, you can encourage feedback to improve their use of your product.

You can also give them incentives or remind them to avail of all the deals before they're gone.

The next strategy is exciting...

3. Run A Customer Loyalty Program

I know. Not all ecommerce business owners are doing this.

Only a few run Customer loyalty programs.

They focus so much on Black Friday deals ads.

Yet, don't you know that...

90% of consumers would choose a retailer where they are part of a loyalty program over another retailer offering a lower-priced item. 

It's not always about "low price."

Now, that's interesting.

In a competitive and crowded ecommerce business space, a loyalty program could be your competitive advantage - and that's what keeps your customers coming back.  

A loyalty program can undoubtedly increase sales because customers may view it as another deal.

It may come to them as an incentive from you.

And customers who become members of loyalty programs are 75% more inclined to buy again after receiving an incentive.

No matter what your business (big or small) is, find a way to reward customers for their loyalty with additional, more exclusive benefits.

The next one is vital...

4. Re-Engage Them With More Post-Black Friday Offers

More than the Black Friday deals ads, bring customers back to your store again with special offers.

Give something as a reward for choosing your brand.

I suggest you choose products that make sense for your customers.

Maybe a discount on an item that compliments their recent purchase.

Good idea?

Let's go to the next point...

5. Make A Thoughtful And Sincere Product Recommendation

Recommend your high-quality, bestselling products to your customers.

 Or you can base your recommendation on their past purchase behavior.

For example:

If they previously bought a button-down shirt, you can recommend a pair of pants or a necktie to go with it.

This will make them feel extra special.

And will create a great experience for your beloved customers.

Furthermore, it will build their loyalty to your brand.

We're down to the last 5 important strategies so keep reading...

6. Spread The Word About Your Brand Wherever You Connect With A Customer

Keep building brand awareness on your multichannel where you connect with your customers.

Invite them to follow you on all your brand's social media accounts.

Think of a good Black Friday social media post to engage your customers about the event.

This way, your brand will remain top of mind for your customers.

And then you can,

7. Invite Your Customers To Share Their Experiences

After giving a good customer experience, encourage your customers to share it with their networks!

That way, you'll be able to extend your brand to a new like-minded group of people.

It is undeniable,

Those recommendations are a powerful way to influence consumers' buying decisions.

Speaking of sharing, you can also encourage sharing of ideas and experiences by:

8. Give SMS updates

As modern consumers spend more time on their devices, SMS is a popular way to keep customers updated on their order status at their convenience.

Make this one of your best Black Friday marketing strategies.

It's more convenient than digging through their inboxes.

Plus, you are actually giving the impression to your customers that you are with them from start to end.

Don't you think that's fantastic?

Now, we're almost done so hold on...

9. Give a Last-Minute Extended Sale

Give a Last-Minute Extended Sale

Give your customers that wonderful surprise by extending your sale beyond the shopping weekend.

But do this as your last hurrah!

What I mean is that you can do this last minute, just when your competitors have ended their sales. ?

Brilliant idea?

Your customers will appreciate the idea that you’re offering them a chance to save more.

And your customers would think you're the only one doing it.

And they’re more likely to appreciate your brand.

And then, they would love to grab that opportunity to avail the deals.

Yet, make sure to give a deadline with the extension.

For instance, you can extend the sale for 24 hours.

You can put a banner that says, “sale extended 24 hours.”

This creates a sense of urgency.

Just don’t forget to send out emails or SMS announcing the sale extension too.

Now, we've come to the last point, and this is interesting!

10. Ensure A Simple And Fast Checkout Experience

1. Offer a speedy checkout option

If you want your Black Friday customers to come back, offer a seamless checkout experience.

Accelerated checkout methods that can be used across your ecommerce store, and social channels spell convenience to your customers.

Debutify can help you set up a seamless checkout method. Check here.

What's more, you can...

2. Build your checkout page to build your brand

Doing this can increase your sales and level up your brand.

Having useful add-ons will help you simplify and speed up the checkout process.

Not only that,

You can gain more trust from your Black Friday customers.

Rest assured, they will come back for more!

Before I come to the conclusion,

Let me give you a Bonus TIP:

As a bonus, in the aftermath of your Black Friday sales campaign,

you can also create post-Black Friday gift guides to help your customers with their gift-giving.

Our lives are filled with special people whom we love to give gifts to during holidays.

Am I correct? And who doesn't love receiving gifts?

The holiday shopping season can be very stressful for Black Friday shoppers.

So why not make it a lot easier and add a little more time for shoppers to catch up with their gift-buying?

I'm sure, they would appreciate it if they could still find gifts for their grandparents, uncles, aunties, or even their fave pet.

With a few helpful gift guides, you can make your bewildered customers' lives easier.

You might want to use these gift ideas:

  • Personalized gifts items
  • His and Hers gifts
  • Gifts under X amount
  • Bundles

I'm sure your customers will appreciate you for going this extra mile for them.

Just think about this:

If your customers enjoy the process, they'll be happy to tell their family and friends about it.

And this, no doubt, is the single most trusted and effective form of free advertising.

So, these are just a few things you can do before, during, and after Black Friday.

It's not yet too late to plan and prepare for this craziest day of the year.

And a little bit of effort goes a long way to retain Black Friday customers.

So go ahead,

Ensure that you go with your customer's journey from beginning to end...

Keep Your Customers Coming Back Long After Black Friday Has Ended!

Which of the above strategies you'd want to consider incorporating in your Black Friday campaign?

With a little prepping and these helpful strategies, you are not only positioned to gain new customers but also retain existing ones this Black Friday.

Just think about this:

If your customers enjoy the process, they'll be happy to tell their family and friends about it.

And this, without a doubt, is the single most trusted and effective form of free advertising.

It's a win-win. Don't you think so?

The next thing you want to do is to expect the best results.

Do you know that with Debutify's over 50+ add-ons, you can help give the best Black Friday event to your customers?

So what are you waiting for...

Level up your Black Friday campaign and start keeping those customers. And don't forget to...

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