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09 Aug 2021

Abandoned Cart Emails: 10 Amazing Ways To Recover Sales

Abandoned Cart Emails: 10 Amazing Ways To Recover Sales

It was a fine March 2020 evening. 

I was relaxing on my couch, looking for different products online.?

I did not know what I was looking for - How about buying a new center rug for the living area? Should I buy a new smartwatch? I asked myself… ⌚

I opened one website, and the next, and so on...

I added many products on the go in case I need to order them later on.

That’s when I realized many other people are doing the same with my website.

Cart abandonment is real. People add products to their carts and leave them without closing a deal. 

I know it is frustrating. But it happens and affects 100% of businesses. 

The average cart abandonment rate across all industries is over 69%. ?

Now, what does that mean?

It means 7 out of 10 visitors leave your website without completing their purchase. 

So how can you go about it?

Should you leave them on their own and keep on converting those who are easy targets? Or should you put strategies in place to win them back?

The latter sounds more promising, right?

Use Abandoned Cart Email Strategy To Recover Sales

While purchasing things online, I came across a brand called Casper. It offers mattresses, pillows, bed frames, and accessories. 

I added a standard pillow to my cart and left, as I had to attend a Zoom meeting.

The next day, I got an email from the brand with the subject ‘Did you forget something?’

What piqued my interest was their catchy headline, ‘Come Back to Bed.’ 

The email content was short and to the point. The brand has also included a review in its email to prove its products are worth the investment.

It impressed me...

That day, nothing looked more boring and ugly than my old pillow. So, I ditched it and went straight to the site to place my order. 

Abandoned cart recovery email strategy works - only when you know how to do it right.✅

But there’s a catch...

Your strategy to recover abandoned carts won’t work:

  • if trying new things scares you
  • if you think those old-school methods are the only ways to stand out in your customers’ inbox

Let me elaborate further...

Buyers have faced Covid-related restrictions since March.

They have grown comfortable buying everything online. And they know who is doing what over the web to secure sales.

Trying to lure them through promoting content will only make them doubt their choice. You don't want that.

So, what’s the solution?

The answer is simple, read this post. ?

In this post, we will see how you can use cart abandonment emails to recover sales.

No, we're not going to talk about the classic techniques (they're valuable, I know).

But, let's try a few different things this time. 

Let's start with the reasons first. Why does cart abandonment happen, and what does it indicate?

What Causes Cart Abandonment?

Complicated Checkout Process

How many forms do your customers have to fill? Do they need to create an account? How long does your checkout process take? 

Hidden Costs

Customers hate last-minute surprises. They're more likely to abandon their carts if you ask them to pay $25 for a $20 bill.  

High Shipping Cost

A $20 shipping cost will always be a burden, even if we buy a product worth $500. 

It’s the human psyche. And most of us can’t really help it. 

So, if your shipping costs are too high, customers are likely to leave your store buying nothing.

Lack Of Payment Methods

If you think every customer is happy paying through Paypal, then that is not the case. 

Customers have different preferences. Those who cannot find what they’re looking for will abandon their carts. 

Security Concerns

Is your website secure? Can buyers trust you with their sensitive payment details?

Poor Mobile Experience

50% of buyers use their cell phones to shop online. Do you offer the same shopping experience to both your mobile and web buyers?

Having To Create A New Account

Okay, I understand it feels great when people share their emails with you. You can grow your email list with such information. 

But that is your concern, not theirs. 

If your customers want to complete their transactions as a guest, let it be.

So, there are many reasons customers abandon their carts. 

But, it's not all bad news...

You can remove most of these barriers with little planning and research. 

Want to know how? Let’s find out...

10 Amazing Ways To Recover Sales Using Abandoned Cart Emails

1. Use Social Proof To Showcase Credibility

How many times have you purchased a product because your friend recommended it? 

When customers see others follow through on what they intend to do, they feel more confident. 

But the question is...

How can you foster credibility through abandoned cart emails?

The answer is...

You can embed user-generated content. User testimonials impact 88% of customers' buying decisions. 

The next on our list is...

2. Craft An Intriguing Email Copy

Emails are like sales reps. They communicate with your buyers. 

They reflect your authenticity and intention.

You need a powerful email copy to interact with your buyers. 

Let's start with the headline.

Did you check the headline of that Adidas example I shared in the previous section? 

It says, "Is your Wi-Fi Okay?"

What an engaging subject line it is. 

 An interesting subject line will get customers to open your email. 

The next thing is your email copy.

Don't go overboard with words. A short and quirky message can go a long way.

"Maybe your browser crashed when looking at an iconic Gazelle silhouette." See how Adidas nailed it. 

If Adidas can do it, you can do it too. 

Up next is...

3. Include A powerful CTA

Your cart abandonment email copy is incomplete without powerful call-to-actions (CTAs).

CTAs provide direction to your customers. They tell them where they should go next.

But do you think readers will buy your products because you’re asking them to do so?

No, right?

Wouldn’t it be better to ask them to return to their carts and complete the purchase?

How about ‘Return to your cart’ or ‘See your favorites again’ kind of CTAs.

The magic is in the words…

Now, we have...

4. Embed Images And Videos

Visuals convert better than words and phrases.

Let me share a little secret with you...

I read no email that only includes chunks of texts.

And while every customer is different, they all think alike.

Having one or two HD images in your cart abandonment email can be a good idea.

It will show them what they will miss if they do not return to your site.

Have a video? Embed that too.

The more the merrier… ?

5. Prioritize The Best Selling Product

Digital window shopping has become a norm these days. People add many products to their carts for future consideration.

A customer is not likely to buy all of them.

Now, what does that mean?

Focus on your best-selling product. 

After choosing that product, highlight some of its benefits. Also, elaborate on reasons why a buyer should come back to their cart.

Sounds good, right?

What’s next...?

6. Reward Your Loyal Customers

Everyone loves a good deal.

The best way to recover abandoned carts is by offering a discount.

But there is one problem with this strategy.

Many customers already know this tactic. Also, some businesses can’t afford ongoing discounts.

So, what is the solution?

Invest in your loyal customers.

Set up different cart abandonment email campaigns for those customers.

I once sent a cart abandonment email to a group of loyal customers. Do you want to know the subject line of that email?

“You have earned it.”

Most of the recipients opened that email and replied.

7. Personalize

Let’s be honest. How many times have you ignored an email calling you ‘dear user’ or ‘dear customer’?

For cart abandonment recovery, personalization is everything.

You have your customer data. You know their names. Then why not make them feel special?

You got that, right?

Continue reading as we still have two actionable tips to share.

8. Get The Time And Frequency Right

Even if you have nailed your cart abandonment email copy, sending it at the wrong time will ruin it for you.

Let me explain...

Let’s suppose a customer has abandoned a cart today. They’re unlikely to return if you wait for a week for them to return.

You must send your first cart abandonment email within the next 4-6 hours of a user abandoning his cart.

The second email should be out after 24 hours.

You should at least send 3 follow-up emails after a customer abandons their cart.

So, you can send the third one after 3-4 days.

But yes, when and how many emails you should send out depends on your goals.

So go easy with it.

9. Create A Scarcity Effect

Some products sell out fast. And your customers know that...

You can take advantage of that by encouraging them to buy products before they run out of stock.

Showcase an image of an abandoned product with the tag 'Last piece left in stock.'

Add a CTA 'Reclaim my Cart' or 'Reserve the items' to secure an instant sale.

We’re down to our last option now...

10. Offer Help To An FAQ Page Or Customer Support

People also abandon your site when they have questions. That is why having a link to customer support or your FAQ page is a good idea.

Those selling high-ticket items should also add a link to their return and refund policy.

You’re All Set!

Do cart abandonment emails work❓❓❓

Absolutely! They can do wonders for recovering sales. 

I have tried them and saw impressive results.

It's your turn now...

Are you ready to take your cart abandonment efforts to the next level?

Try cart abandonment emails Now ?

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