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11 Sep 2021

Irresistible Ecommerce Emails: How To Write One Your Customers Will Love

Irresistible Ecommerce Emails: How To Write One Your Customers Will Love

There is a strange similarity between a rich, decadent chocolate cake and eCommerce emails.

They both are irresistible!

One can simply not stop himself from devouring the whole thing. Just as a chocolate cake tantalizes the person’s taste buds. A good eCommerce emails tease people’s senses to take favorable action for the business.

As business owners, we want our customers to open emails, read their content, and take action. But here comes a bitter reality check, do all your customers read your email? And take the desired action?

No, they don’t. Then how do you ace email marketing if your customers aren’t opening the emails?

The solution to this problem is writing interesting eCommerce emails that your customers won’t resist reading.

Creating interesting emails might seem challenging at first because it is easy to write emails where you ramble on and on about your products. But these types of emails land in the trash folders.

To pull off an effective ecommerce email marketing strategy, your emails should not sound promotional. Instead, they should be customer-centered and talk about their benefits.

Hence, in today’s blog post, I'll show you how you can write powerful, converting emails that boost sales.

So, without further ado, let’s begin…


7 Effective Tips To Write Irresistible Ecommerce Emails Your Customers Will Love


1. Get Over Your Hesitation

Most business owners hesitate to send regular emails to their customers. They fear that if their emails sound salesy and promotional, their customers will unsubscribe.

If you are also hesitant to send emails to your customers, then you won’t reap the benefits of email marketing.

Hence, don’t hesitate to connect with your current customers via email.

Did you know attracting new buyers is 5-25 times more expensive than retaining the old ones?

It’s easy to sell to existing customers. Why? Because they're familiar with your brand and products. They’ve also shared their emails with you. Thus, if you send them an email, they are likely to notice it in their inbox and read it.

So, overcome your hesitation and put your email list to use.

Oh and…

Did I remind you that if you don’t send marketing emails to your customers, some other business will do it?

Hence, stop hiding and sending outstanding emails to your customers.


2. Don’t Be "Dull" and "Dry"


The most important rule for writing emails is NOT to be boring. Unless you want customers to yawn or have a ‘meh moment.’ Suit yourself.

But you don't want that, right?

So, make your emails should interesting so that your reader enjoys them and reads them till the end.

Here's a simple rule you need to remember when writing emails for your eCommerce business:

Good Content = Good Response

Ensure that your content is creative and engaging for the audience. Your emails should be fun to read and respond to. Don’t make them like a newspaper that makes the eyes droopy.

Do not send emails to your subscribers for the sake of sending something.

Each email should have value for your subscriber. By the term value, I don’t mean discount codes, sale announcements, or restocking news. What I mean is that your emails should provide some sort of benefit to the receiver.

For example, sending an email to greet ‘Good Morning’ to subscribers isn’t going to give any benefit to them. But, emailing them a link to your latest blog post ‘how to boost sales,’ will prove valuable to them.

Suppose you want the customer to visit your website, and you send an email to him. Do you think the subscriber will visit? No, he won’t. But if you update him about a new blog post on the website and how it is beneficial to him, he won’t mind visiting the website.

Thus, if you have nothing valuable to share, don’t bombard your customers’ inboxes.

And when you send an email, make sure to...


3. Write Catchy Subject Lines

Write Catchy Subject Lines

If you want your customers to fall in love with your emails, you first have to make them open your email.

And how will you do that?

By writing killer subject lines that will compel your subscribers to open the email right away!

Did you know, that 35% of recipients decide to open an email based on its subject line?

So, if you write an attention-grabbing subject line, you’ve already won half the battle.

Think of your subject lines as a resume. A good resume won’t land you the job right away, but it will help you get an interview. Similarly, a subject line will not drive sales, but it will make the person open the email and read it.

So, the goal of your subject line is to get subscribers to open your email. No more, no less. 

Have a look at the following tips to craft creative subject lines:


Keep It Short and Simple

You don’t have enough space to tell stories in subject lines. Thus, keep them short, simple, and to the point.

Here are a few examples of short and relevant subject lines:

  • Tada! Your order has been confirmed.
  • We have something special for you.
  • Your favorite items are back in stock.

I recommend writing subject lines after writing the email. In that way, you can sum up your email content into a crisp subject line.


Ask a Question

Asking questions encourages the readers to answer them. Subject lines that ask questions make it impossible for the buyer not to click the email. 

For example:

  • Pssst… do you want a vacation?
  • Is your body summer-ready?
  • Craving cheesy pizza for dinner tonight?


Personalize It!

Use the subscriber’s name in the subject line. Do not use the word readers or subscribers. It sounds impersonal and salesy. For example,

  • Shawn, your next trip is on us!
  • Do you want to impress your cranking boss, Madison?


Use Numbers and Lists

Using numbers and percentages in subject lines grabs attention. A person’s mind is naturally drawn to digits more than alphabets.

For example:


Create Urgency 

Do you want to make your customers anxious so that they open the email?


Create urgency in your subject lines. Inform the customers that they’ve got limited time to take action. For example,

  • Last few seats left.
  • Hurry! Limited slots available.
  • Last 2 hours to avail the sale. 


Make Your Subscribers Curious

Using curiosity is a foolproof tactic to make your subscribers open the email. Hence, use your subject lines to peak your subscriber’s curiosity.

For example,

  • You are a genius, Amanda.
  • You just got lucky!
  • Don’t open it if you are hungry.


4. Tell Stories

Facts tell. Yet, stories sell.

As human beings, we connect more with stories than promotional stuff. We like to know the “why” behind things. 

Use the art of storytelling to make your emails more personal and form a deeper bond with people.

See how does it in their welcome emails:

See how it shares a story and expresses concern for women's safety. It makes the female readers instantly connect with the brand, and they’ll read the complete email.

You can do the same!

Create and share stories about your products, services, or why you started the business. After sharing your story, talk about how your products can solve a person’s problems.

Next up is…


5. Use FOMO

Why would people shop from your website today when they can do it tomorrow or next month?

To make them act promptly, create urgency. Your customers will hurry and make a quick decision to buy from you.

So, by leveraging the fear of missing out, your customers will run to your website. Here are a few tips on how you can use it effectively in your emails to drive traffic and boost sales:


Create a Special Discount Code

Send a discount code to your customers that are valid for 24 hours. They’ll make sure to visit your website to redeem their codes. 


Hold Sales For a Limited Time

Hold a sale for a few days. Let’s say for 3 days. Send emails to your subscribers to inform them about the sale.

On the day of sale, remind them again and also mention that you have limited stock. To make it more effective, add a countdown. It’ll remind your customers that the time is running out and so are their favorite products.

You can also create urgency at your Shopify store by displaying the number of products left in stock. 

You can do it by using any Shopify app.


Remind Subscribers About Their Favorite Products

Remind your prospects about the products they viewed or added to their wish list. Attach a picture of those products and remind them that the stock is running low.

The person will revisit the website to grab his favorite goodies before they run out of stock.

The 6th tip on the list is…


6. Announce New Products 

Announce New Products 

Do you add a lot of products to your store?

If yes, sending emails for new product announcements can do wonders for your business.

People love to check out the new product their favorite brand introduces. Thus, create excitement about your new products in the emails and tempt people to visit your site. 

To make it more effective, you can offer a small discount or free shipping on buying them.

The following are a few examples of how you can announce the addition of new products:

  • Time to update your wardrobe with our latest dresses.
  • Game-changing shoes are here for you.
  • Flat 10% off on our new winter collection.
  • Turn heads with our chic watches.
  • Free delivery on our latest jewelry collection.

Now, it’s time to talk about how to make your customer take action…


7. Include Powerful CTAs

You did an excellent job of crafting catchy subject lines. Use stories to engage your customers and rave about your products.

Now what?

Now it's time to direct your customer to take action that you want him to.

This means you have to add a compelling CTA.

Every email should contain a strong CTA that encourages the customer to take action. For example, you sent a reminder email of a sale. What do you want the reader to do? Visit your website and shop, right?

You need to include a CTA that directs them to the product page. In the absence of a relevant and strong CTA, your customers will not know what to do next.

Use action-paced words in your CTA. If possible, create urgency in the CTA copy to make them instantly clickable.

Try not to use common and boring CTA copies, like ‘Buy Now,’ ‘Read more,’ etc.

Instead, use something more action-packed like:

  • Get it before it’s gone.
  • The last few pieces are left.
  • Hurry Up! The sale ends today.


Ready to Write Irresistible Ecommerce Emails?

Using the tips shared above will help you send emails that will get clicked by your subscribers. They will also help you bond with your customers.

Remember, customers, are the lifeblood of the business. Hence, do not treat them like an ATM machines by being desperate to make a sale.

Use a friendly yet professional tone in your emails and welcome their feedback.

So, are you ready to ace the power of email marketing?

Yes? Then start writing tempting emails that would rush subscribers to your store.

But wait... to send emails to your prospects, you need their email addresses. And trust me, people do not give away their emails easily. So, how will you get them?

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