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01 Nov 2021

11 Best Strategies To Optimize Your Ecommerce Site for Mobile Commerce

11 Best Strategies To Optimize Your Ecommerce Site for Mobile Commerce

Do you know what’s more addictive than any substance on Earth?

It’s our cellphones.

Did you know an average person checks their phone once every 10 minutes?

Yes, you've read that right. We use cell phones for a lot of things. We pay bills, talk to friends, schedule appointments, and sometimes buy a cheesy lasagna.

This rise of mobile commerce is a golden opportunity for your eCommerce business.

Are you finding that hard to believe?

Well then, let me present to you some mobile commerce statistics for 2021:

It’s high time for businesses to pay attention to the future of mobile commerce. Because it’s here to stay.

Not sure how to do that? Don’t worry. I am here to guide you.

In today’s article, I’ve pulled together a list of 11 strategies to capture mobile spending.

So, let’s begin...

11 Proven Strategies To Be Successful In Mobile Commerce

1. Responsive Eye-Catching Website Design 

Does your website look great on your desktop? Cool!

What about its mobile version?

Your website design should fit according to the screen size. People will not stick to your website if the content, picture, or part of the website is cut off.

Hence, make sure to test your website on mobile devices. Check every element of your website: the design, fonts, spacing, sizing, CTAs, etc.

Because if the users are unable to tap the CTA or have difficulty selecting the option, it’ll drive them crazy. And I am sure you wouldn’t want to frustrate your visitors at your website, right?

Make sure to select a responsive theme like Debutify for your Shopify store. Debutify is 100% responsive and provides a good user experience to mobile visitors.

The second strategy to capture mobile spending is to have…

2. User-Friendly Navigation

If you want your visitors to explore your website and learn more about you, make it easy for them. Keep simple and easy-to-use navigation on your mobile websites. Because, if not, people will leave your website.

Keep all your important pages in the main menu. That way, visitors can find them without any problem.

Let's consider the mobile navigation menu of www.apple.com. It has links to all the product categories and a search option.

User-Friendly Navigation

Up next is…

3. Reduce Loading Time 

People use their mobile phones to shop online because it saves time. They don’t have to leave their houses or switch on their desktop computer to buy things.

All they have to do is take their cellphones out, visit the websites, place orders, and wait for the delivery. Suppose you visit a website and it takes forever to load. Would you wait for it to load? Or will you visit another website?

Nobody likes to wait. That includes your customers too. That’s why your mobile website needs to be super fast to keep up with your fast-paced customers.

A quick tip for optimizing your mobile site speed is to select a theme like Debutify. It is lightning-fast and loads within a few seconds.

The fourth strategy is to…

4. Integrate Social Commerce Features

There are 3.78 billion active users on social networking sites. And people spend around 2 hours and 30 minutes daily on social media platforms.

54% of social media users research products on Facebook and other social networks. And who wouldn't want their products to be known to people? Thus, to reach your ideal customers faster, use social commerce features.

Integrating your website with social commerce features will increase traffic and conversions. A few examples of social selling channels include:

Facebook shops are all the rage in the eCommerce world. By integrating your website with Facebook shops and Instagram Shopping, you can skyrocket your sales and enjoy fat profits.

Let's move on to...

5. Offer One-Click Checkout 

This is not an exaggeration: checkout makes or breaks your mobile commerce game.

Getting mobile visitors is great. But if you don’t get any sales from them, you need to refine your checkout process.

All you have to do is remember a golden rule: Less is more.

Your checkout process should be easy and breezy. Customers don’t like checkout processes that are long and complex. Instead of completing the checkout process, they’ll abandon their carts.

Don’t present them with long forms with irrelevant fields.  Your forms should only ask for details that are relevant to process the order.

Also, don’t forget to add different payment options for your users. Let your customers buy the products with a single click-through:

  • Shop app
  • Apple Pay
  • PayPal
  • Android Pay
  • Amazon Pay

Urban Planet offers its customers an express checkout. Customers can buy the products by paying with PayPal, Shop Pay, or Apple Pay.

Offer One-Click Checkout 


The 6th strategy on today’s list is…

6. Reduce Pop-ups 

Pop-ups look great on a desktop website. But, bombarding your mobile website with pop-ups isn’t a good idea.

Using too many pop-ups on a mobile website can boil one’s blood real quick. They irritate the customer and block the content that they're viewing. Customers remember the experience they have on a website. If you give them a good experience, they’ll return to your store. But if not, they’ll head to your competitor’s website.

So, save your customers’ time from closing the endless pop-ups on your website. Use the pop-up on your mobile website to ask for the customers’ emails.

Instead of using pop-ups to share offers and deals with your customers, you can…

7. Use In-App Push Notification 

If you are one of the smart business owners who have created a mobile app, then pat yourself on the back.

It’s a smart move to turn your website into an app. People can access your store with a single tap on their mobile screens.

And the best part about apps? You can notify your customers about ongoing sales, deals, and discounts any time of the day. The notifications show on smartphones, and the customer can tap on them to visit the app.

Push notifications increase app engagement by 88%. It also helps the business to get the disengaged users back. 

Amazon also uses push notifications to connect with its users.

See how it informs the customer about their order status and expected time of delivery. The customer can click on the notification and open their app. 

Use In-App Push Notification 


And once the customer is on the app, Amazon can make them spend more on the products by personalizing the shopping experience for them.

This brings us to our next strategy, which is…

8. Create a Personalized Shopping Experience

It is easy for business owners to reach customers through a mobile website, social media, etc.

But, at the same time, mobile users have a short attention span. They easily get distracted by a notification, call, SMS, or even a cute kitten on the street.

Thus, you have to create an unforgettable and personalized experience for your buyers. That way, they stay hooked to your mobile website or app.

Suppose a person lands on your homepage after a search for gym wear. Now, to keep him interested in your products, show him the products related to his search query. This will make him explore more products on your website.

Create Personalized Shopping Experience


Do you want to be available for your customer during their buying journey? I’ll take that as a YES!

Using mobile chatbots can connect you with your site visitors and customers instantly.

Let’s talk more about it...

9. Mobile Chatbots 

Mobile chatbots are great for online businesses. You can be available for your customers around the clock to answer their queries.

When a website has the option of live chat, customers feel at ease. They can immediately talk to you via live chat to clear their concerns.

The customer won’t need to send an email or call customer service for their problems. They can connect with you right on the website.

So, my dear reader, you no longer have to lose your visitors because they had a few doubts about your product.

Keep a mobile chatbot to let your customers know that you are available to help them.

Mobile Chatbots 


Another proven strategy that you can use on your website is to… 

10. Build Your Loyalty Program

Do you want to boost your conversion rates? Loyalty programs can help you. E-commerce platforms with loyalty programs can increase average order quantity by 319%.

Many popular brands like e.l.f, Nike, Virgin Atlantic, and Bean Box use loyalty programs to retain their customers and boost sales. With loyalty programs, you reward your customers with redeemable points. Or you can award them with non-monetary benefits such as free delivery and trial, etc.

When people receive points for shopping, it encourages them to spend more on your website. They love to collect the points so that they can redeem them later.

Also, when customers receive loyalty points or other benefits from the brand, they share them with others. This means the brand gets free marketing and attracts more customers.

Moving on to our last strategy on the list, which is…

11. Integrate Augmented Reality 

Augmented reality is a priceless gift for the eCommerce arena. In physical stores, customers can try on the product to see how it looks. But, in online stores, it wasn’t possible. Customers had to rely on the images and videos to buy the product.

Augmented reality is a game-changer for online stores. It places a 3D model over the live stream. So buyers can see how the products will look on them or their surroundings.

For example, IKEA Place lets the customer check how the furniture will look in their surroundings. The customer has to open their camera and bring it to the area where they want to place the furniture.

Integrate Augmented Reality 


Another brand that is using augmented reality is Maybelline. It has a Virtual Beauty Studio where you can virtually try makeup on your face.

Integrate Augmented Reality 


With augmented reality, people feel more comfortable trying the products before buying them. Thus, use augmented reality on your website to allow your customers to check the products and make confident decision.

Get Ready To Embrace The Future Of Mobile Commerce!

Mobile phones generate more than 50% of the total online traffic. People have become increasingly dependent upon their cell phones. And this dependence isn’t going to decrease anytime soon.

This means investing in mobile commerce is a MUST for survival and growth.

Mobile commerce is the future of the eCommerce world. Hence, optimize your website for mobile visitors and give them a fantastic shopping experience.

Failure to give a pleasant shopping experience will make your customers turn their backs to you. As a result, your competitors will then attract your customers.

If you want a head start in your mobile commerce, Debutify is here to help you!

It is super fast, responsive, and makes your store easy to use. But that’s not it… Debutify offers more than 50+ add-ons to shoot up your conversions.

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