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30 Oct 2020

12 Productivity Apps That Can Help You Manage Your Dropshipping Business

12 Productivity Apps That Can Help You Manage Your Dropshipping Business

With different available e-commerce platforms, building your independent storefront is easier than ever before.

However, creating an online store is different from starting and running a personal blog. There's much more to look after, including e-commerce marketing, secure checkout, returns & refunds, deliveries, and speed optimization.  

Luckily, there are many productivity apps in 2020 that you can rely on to make your e-commerce journey a little less stressful and successful.  

In this post, we've jotted down a list of the 12 best dropshipping apps to help your e-commerce store reach new heights of success. 

So without any further ado, let’s get started.


Oberlo is the well-known Shopify dropshipping app that enables you to import products from other dropshipping stores and marketplaces into your online store and deliver them directly to your customers. 

The order automatically syncs with the Oberlo system. With Oberlo, inventory and prices are always up to date, meaning you don't have to deal with products that are not available at the moment.

The basic plan is available for free. However, as your e-commerce store grows, you may want to invest in the premium version that starts from $29.90 per month.

Key Features

  • Easily add products from AliExpress
  • Find the latest products to dropship from international suppliers
  • Inventory is updated automatically
  • Easily track your orders and sales
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Ship directly from supplier to customer


Email marketing is an integral element of a dropshipping marketing strategy. Seguno is a tried-and-tested Shopify dropshipping app that can help sellers create, manage, and track email marketing without leaving the platform. 

Since it is a fully automated system, it gives you time to focus on your business at the same time converting your new customers into regular buyers. Send welcome emails, thank you notes, and a lot more using Seguno's versatile and user-friendly platform. 

Key Features

  • Seamlessly work on your laptop/mobile
  • Time-saving
  • Personalize your marketing efforts by leveraging unique discount codes
  • Target segments of customers
  • Report on revenue driven by email

Drop Ship Connector

Drop Ship Connector

With a Dropship connector, you can automate over 95% of your dropshipping workflow.  This feature-rich dropshipping Shopify app will enable you to import products from AliExpress to your e-commerce store in just a few clicks.  While both Oberlo and Dropship Connector support automated workflows, the latter is said to be a little more productive because of three major reasons.

  • Oberlo charges store owners around $29 for the same set of features that Dropship Connector offers for free to the users
  • Dropshipping Connector comes with some premium features that aren't available on any other dropshipping platform. For instance, this app automatically updates tracking numbers onto Paypal accounts
  • Dropshipping Connector is accessible on both Shopify and ShopBase, which is another powerful platform dedicated to print-on-demand and dropshipping business

Plug In SEO

If you're looking to improve your SEO and Google traffic, then Plugin SEO can be your safest bid. This app will keep an eye on your online store and ensure all SEO practices remain intact. Plugin SEO will keep you informed of the actions you can take to improve your site's SEO and ranking. 

This app detects all critical SEO issues, including keywords, broken links, speed, and content. Also, it provides simple instructions about how to fix those issues without spending a penny. 

Key Features

  • Receive instant alerts whenever there is an SEO issue
  • Provides free of cost instructions 
  • Keeps an eye on your site’s SEO for better ranking


mile is another effective dropshipping Shopify app that can help build trust and generate sales for your online store.  You can use this app to boost new and repeat sales by motivating your target audience for more purchases by informing them about your products.

There are four pricing options available, including:

- Free 

- Starter ($49/month)

- Growth ($100/month)

- Pro ($599/month)

Key Features

  • Save on customer acquisition and improve retention using exclusive offers, loyalty programs, and more
  • Upscale your email marketing with incentivizing reviews and loyalty data
  • Check the results easily using the app’s dedicated analytics feature

Checkout Boost

We all love discounts. According to research, the factor of reciprocity plays a critical role in encouraging customers to take action toward your offers.  Just take a simple example here, when someone does something for you, you automatically feel an urge to return the favor. 

Similarly, when you offer deals and discounts to your buyers, they automatically start trusting and appreciating your brand. As a result, you'll have repeat sales and increased conversions.  With Checkout Boost, you can design attractive discount popups, which will instantly drive your website visitor's attention and persuade them to take action. 

The social sharing feature is another added perk that enables your customers to benefit from a free gift in exchange for a social sharing post. Needless to say, your store will receive tons of traffic from the app directly without spending anything extra on the ad. 

Key Features

  • Boost conversions by up to 25%
  • Responsive on all devices
  • Generate traffic using the social network sharing feature
  • Prevent cart abandonment
  • Optimized UI/UX
  • Available in $27/$37/$47 per month pricing options
  • This app offers a 14-days FREE trial


The kit is an effective SMM app that helps dropshipping store owners create and run successful campaigns.  With Kit, you can find the right audience and drive more sales. It enables you to create Facebook ads and dynamic retargeting campaigns for those who're more likely to purchase.  Facebook, Instagram, Customer Reviews by Yotpo, SEO Manager by Venntov, Kit Karts by Shop. In addition, it also works with other Shopify dropshipping apps

Key Features

  • Set up Facebook dynamic ads
  • Best targeting for your ads
  • Post Facebook updates to increase engagement
  • Discount  codes to acquire and retain more customers


Printful is free to use dropshipping Shopify app that allows automatic order import from your online store.  In other words, it is an order fulfillment service that completes and ships products, including clothing, accessories, posters, and canvases on your behalf.  This app is free to set up, and there is no minimum order requirement. 

Key Features

  • Responsible fulfillment
  • No minimums
  • Custom branding
  • Free to use
  • Complete automation
  • Best shipping rates


The biggest challenge for any online store owner is to prevent abandoned carts. Using web push notifications, you can remind those buyers to return to your store and complete the transaction.  With PushOwl, you can easily create and send campaigns to your subscribers by using the 'New Campaign' button. 

Also, you can get an overview of your automated notifications by clicking on the 'Automation' option available on the sidebar. 

Key Features

  • Sends personalized campaigns 
  • Sends review alerts once the order is shipped
  • Sends a notification when a sold-out product is back in stock

You can use PushOwl for free for up to 500 impressions. The paid plans are also quite reasonable and start from $19 per month. 

Return Magic

According to research, the average return for dropshipping is roughly 30%. No matter how well organized your dropshipping store is, you'll have to face returns at some point. With Return Magic, you can automate cash and automatically generate your branded portal. In addition, you can also offer exchanges, generate and print return labels, and create smart rules to streamline as well as personalize the return experience for your buyers. 

The Basic plan is available at $10 per month. This package includes:

  • Under 10 returns per month
  • Includes all key features
  • Add ons available

Key Features

  • Design and create your personalized return portal
  • Keep customers happy by offering refunds to the basic payment method or gift cards
  • Set up smart rules to personalize your buyer’s return journey

Sales Pop

Sales Pop

Sales Pop is a popular Shopify dropshipping app that is super effective to boost conversions. This app is free to use and flaunts more than 4,300 5-star reviews. You can integrate Sales Pop with your store's sales data to generate real-time alerts and also display them on the storefront to attract more potential customers. 

Key Features

  • With Sales Pop, you can encourage your customers to make a quick buying decision
  • Helps build trust and credibility 
  • Increase average order value
  • Auto-sync with your sale’s data
  • Set up expiration date/display time/ interval time


ReferralCandy seamlessly integrates with your store and offers almost everything you need to cover your referral marketing needs.  Boost your email performance and build an audience of leads who review your referral offer. 

Key Features

  • Optimization that increases sale
  • Mobile responsive
  • Easy to use customization
  • Flexibility for developers

Final Words

There you have it. All of these Shopify dropshipping apps come with their own advantages and unique features.  While it's always a good idea to have a bunch of user-friendly apps to streamline things, make sure you also learn the art of managing dropshipping apps with the right usage and subscriptions. 

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