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10 Facebook Ads Hacks That Work In 2020

icon calendar 2020-04-16 | icon glass 8 min read | icon user Ricky Hayes
10 Facebook Ads Hacks That Work In 2020

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Facebook advertising is one of the most efficient means of marketing, especially for Shopify ecommerce stores.

However, it can be tough. And it’s getting tougher every day as more advertisers flock to it. Here are ten key hacks to keep in mind when creating your next Facebook Ads campaign.

1. Choose The Right Placement

Correct placement is very critical to the performance of Facebook Ads. Different ad placements tend to offer different results – some are great for making immediate conversions and others for identifying audiences that can be retargeted later.

The desktop newsfeed is great for engagement and immediate conversions as it supports longer copy and link descriptions.

The mobile newsfeed and the Stories feed are great for engagement too but their unique strong point is generating brand discovery and awareness that drives users to remember the brand message and make a conversion (purchase or sign up) the next day on their desktop.

Instagram has a particularly highly engaged audience, and although the ad campaigns there are slightly more expensive than on Facebook itself, their generally high performance is worth considering.

2. Avoid Sounding Like An Ad

This may sound counter-intuitive, but the most successful Facebook ads don’t sound like ads. People don’t like being advertised to. When people feel persuaded, they tend to immediately disengage.

This is especially true in today’s business environment where modern-day consumers are more aware than ever of the lengths that brands are willing to go to, to make them see and respond to advertising.

Your ad should get the viewer to engage with your brand without interrupting their interest.

Use action verbs such as “Get”, “Learn” and “Try” and avoid exaggeration words such as “Best”, “Top” and “#1”

3. Grab People’s Attention With Scarcity And Urgency

FOMO – the fear of missing out – is innate to us as human beings. No one wants to let an opportunity that others grabbed slip through their fingers. It makes us feel like we’re falling behind the rest.

There are various phrases that you can use in your ad copy (both headlines and body texts) to induce scarcity and urgency such as: “limited time only”, “offer ends at midnight”, “last chance”, and “hurry!”

4. Offer Irresistible Value

This ties in with the previous point. You have to promote something that people actually want.

The best way to make people try or buy the products in your Shopify store is to create an exciting value offer paired with a limited-inventory and/or limited-time offer to induce scarcity and/or urgency.

Your Facebook ad messages should clearly communicate:

  • Why anyone should bother clicking your ad and claiming your offer
  • What benefits they stand to gain buying your product or signing up as a subscriber
  • Why they should choose your product over those of your competitors

5. Stand Out From The Crowd

As mentioned earlier, more and more advertisers are flocking to Facebook Ads every year. This is why your ad must be designed to stand out from the crowd:

The top two ways to go about this are:

Write A Magnetic Ad Headline

The headline is the most important part of your Facebook ad. It’s what people see first and most only read the headline before sharing something on Facebook.

This is why headline text greatly influences the click-through rate and the cost-per-click of your Facebook Ads campaign. Your headlines should:

  • Always be clear and precise
  • Use action verbs such as “Get”, “Learn” and “Try”
  • Highlight the benefits your product has to offer the user

You should also incorporate emojis and [BRACKETS LIKE THIS] to make your headline stand out since Facebook doesn’t allow you to bold, underline or italicize.

However, these two should be used sparingly and only if they are appropriate for your audience and the particular message in that specific ad.

Make Sure Your Ad Pops With Color

The last thing you want is your ad looking just like everything else on Facebook. High-quality, high-contrast images with strong colors are great for standing out from other ads and posts in the feed.

Color has also been found to have a very strong influence on our product choices. This is why you should harness the psychology of color to appeal to different audiences for example older people like blue, purple, and green, while younger people are more into yellow, red, and orange.

You should also ensure that your choice of ad color scheme matches the layout and look of the Shopify ecommerce store that you’re advertising.

You have to maintain brand consistency as the viewer moves from Facebook to your website. This is where a sleek Shopify theme like Debutify comes in pretty handy.

6. Harness The Power Of Storytelling

Storytelling is an extremely powerful marketing tool that delivers exceptional results across all kinds of advertising media and Facebook Ads is no exception.

Stories work so well because they appeal to the ad viewer’s emotional side, complimenting their logical side that responds to the value offer.

They also give the viewer a distinct memory to grasp onto and this is key for creating brand discovery and awareness.

Video ads (explored in detail below) are unsurprisingly the best choice of format for storytelling but you can tell a story with a single image if you set the right scene and accompany it with the right description.

Carousel ads are great for storytelling since you can set a different scene with each slide. The key is to make the first slide so good people can’t help wanting to see more, keep your story consistent across all the slides, and have a clear CTA at the end (once again, action verbs such as “Get”, “Learn” and “Try”).

7. Tap Into The Potential Of Video

Video is not only great for storytelling (as explained above), it also naturally stands out in the feed. And in May 2019, Facebook announced that the newsfeed will increasingly surface quality, original videos. Since video costs more to produce than still images, one pro-tip to use in making sure that you always get high ROI on your video budget is converting proven blog content into a video ad.

Adapting the blog post that drove the most of the traffic each month into a short video (even just as an animated slideshow) can be a great way to repackage top content for the best Facebook ads.

Always include captions since 85 percent of Facebook videos are watched without sound. Facebook also reports that captioned video ads have a 12 percent higher average view time than videos with none.

Also remember to keep the video as short as possible (15 - 30 seconds). It should also have a magnetic headline and great background music. If you use a video narrator, they should match your brand voice.

8. Leverage Social Proof

When targeting people who have never heard of your brand before, you need to leverage social proof or else your audience will simply ignore you from failing to trust your message.

User numbers and client logos are some of the most effective forms of social proof you can include in your Facebook Ads.

However, nothing moves a cold audience like testimonials from previous clients, especially high-profile ones.

This is where video comes in handy yet again. Seeing other people (especially those we respect and/or aspire to be like) talking about how much they enjoyed a product or how it helped them achieve something remains one of the most powerful motivations to make a purchase of our own.

9. Always Be A/B Split Testing

The best practices for Facebook Ads are always changing. A color scheme that worked great last year may not perform so well this year. And the only way you can keep up is by A/B split testing all the time.

No matter what your level of expertise is or how long you’ve been advertising on Facebook, you should always run several slightly different variations of the same ads to find out what works and what doesn’t.

A solid place to start is with three images and three copies, creating a total of nine possible ad variations to test against each another until you zero in on the most optimal image/copy combo.

You can also use A/B split testing for other features like headlines, audiences, placements, and buttons.

10. Track The Competition

The competition on Facebook Ads is stiffer than ever so it’s important to keep up with what the rest are doing – not to copy their ads but to borrow inspiration and tips.

The best way to go about this is to use a
spy tool for Facebook Ads. BigSpy is a great, completely free choice for spying on Facebook Ads. It supports filtering search by country, keyword, CTA, time, type of advertisement, industry, etc., and can also check ads on other social networks, such as Twitter, AdMob, Pinterest, Instagram, and Yahoo.

Here’s a quick recap of all the 10 Facebook Ads hacks mentioned in this post:

  1. Choose the right placement
  2. Avoid sounding like an ad
  3. Grab people’s attention with scarcity and urgency
  4. Offer irresistible value
  5. Stand out from the crowd
  6. Harness the power of storytelling
  7. Tap into the potential of video
  8. Leverage social proof
  9. Always be A/B testing
  10. Track the competition

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Written by

Ricky Hayes

Ricky Hayes is the Co-Founder and Head of Marketing at Debutify - free Shopify theme, helping dropshippers build high-converting stores in minutes. He is a passionate entrepreneur running multiple businesses, marketing agencies and mentoring programs.

346,833+ Are Reading The Debutify Newsletter.

Get bite-sized lessons from leading experts in the world of e-commerce. Improve your business in 5 minutes a week. Subscribe today: