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21 Mar 2022

13 Online Review Statistics eCommerce Store Owners Should Know

13 Online Review Statistics eCommerce Store Owners Should Know

When customers see your products for the first time, do you think they will purchase from you immediately?

Hmm, maybe not...

Because typical first-time customers need to see product photos, descriptions, and reviews before they buy.

Of course, who would risk buying a product in an eCommerce store with no displayed reviews, right? ?

Because customers trust other consumers more than businesses.

And online customer reviews are critical because they play a key role in their purchasing decision.

It just means that you need to step up your game using your positive reviews.

They're your weapons, so use them properly!

If you're not yet taking advantage of your online reviews, here are three reasons why they're important.


What Are The Importance of Online Reviews?

What Are The Importance of Online Reviews?


1. Customers Read Online Reviews Before Purchasing

You'll find out the actual statistics later, but one of the reasons why online reviews are important is customers read them before making a purchase.

And they need to know more about your products... They want to know what your actual product looks like or if your delivery takes too long.

To sum it up, they assess your eCommerce store's reliability based on online reviews and their own preferences.

The next reason is...


2. Customers Trust Online Reviews

If you claim that you can deliver their products within 5 hours... do you expect them to believe you without any proof?


They want to see your customers vouching for you, for sure!

That's why online reviews play a big role in gaining your customers' trust.

Another importance is...


3. Online Reviews Can Shape Your Brand Image

More customers will buy from you if they see you have a lot of positive reviews.

And those reviews can help you shape your brand image online.

So, if you want to maintain a good brand reputation... make sure to get many positive online reviews.

Now, let's see how important online reviews are through numbers.


13 Online Reviews Statistics To Help You Level Up

13 Online Reviews Statistics To Help You Level Up


1. 89% Of Customers Read Reviews Before Buying

According to TrustPilot, 89% of consumers read reviews before buying a product from your online store.

So, what does this prove?

It proves that A LOT of your customers need to see reviews before they buy from your eCommerce store.

Whether it is a positive or negative review, they need to see what others say about your products and eCommerce store as a whole.

And this leads us to our next statistic...


2. Online Reviews Influence 93% Of Consumers

Whoa, 93% proves the influence of online reviews!

So, based on the reviews your existing customers left... they will now decide whether or not they want to buy from your eCommerce store.

If they see you have a lot of positive reviews, they're more likely to buy from you.

And who doesn't want more sales, right?

So, you need to encourage your customers to leave more reviews.

But do they want to?

Let's find out...


3. 77% Of Customers Are Willing To Leave Reviews

Luckily, 77% of customers said they're willing to leave reviews if you ask them.

This means don't hesitate to ask your customers to leave some reviews on your eCommerce website for potential customers and internet users to see.

But also, make sure to give them a remarkable shopping and customer experience.

That's important if you want them to leave positive reviews on your eCommerce store.

Because more positive reviews, a better online reputation!

And this is connected to our next statistic...


4. 88% Of Small Businesses Monitor Their Online Reputation

So, 88% of small businesses want to see how their businesses are seen in the digital space.

And let's be honest...

Who wants a bad reputation, right?

You don't want to have a negative image online, especially for eCommerce businesses that need to generate profits.

And online reviews are also part of how you can shape your brand reputation.

It wouldn't be great to have a lot of negative reviews because it can reflect on your eCommerce brand.

Make sure to gain a lot of positive reviews, because...


5. 57% Of Online Shoppers In The United States Find Online Reviews Helpful

57% means more than half of online shoppers in the United States alone.

This number indicates how valuable online reviews are for your customers.

So as much as you can, always encourage your customers to leave online reviews on your eCommerce store.

You can also give incentives so more, and more customers will leave their thoughts.

That way, they can help each other while generating more sales for your eCommerce store because of the pouring social proof.

But here's another thing that your customers will find more helpful...


6. 62% Of Online Shoppers Are More Likely To Purchase If They Can See Your Customers' Photos And Videos

According to eMarketer, you can persuade 62% of online shoppers to see other customers' photos and videos.

So, what does this mean?

They want to see beyond your product images.

Because they want to see the actual product photos from your customers' perspective.

Your customers want to see others wear your products for reference if you're selling clothes. That way, they're sure your products will fit them great.

That's why you need to include an option to upload images on your online reviews as much as possible.

The next one is...


7. There's A 36% Chance Your Customers Will Leave A Review If You Send A Follow-Up Email

So, customers are 36% more likely to leave reviews, but that's when you prompt them through email.

But it's also important to note that you have to give them a positive experience.

This number shows that you don't have to forget about them already after your customers transact with you.

You need to build an email marketing strategy to encourage your customers to leave reviews.

Also, sending them emails is one way to nurture your customer relationship.

See? It's like hitting two birds with one stone!

Because if you have more reviews, you can gain more sales.



8. Having At Least 200 Reviews Helps Businesses Generate Twice As Much Revenue Compared To Others

200 reviews are a lot... because it proves that many people are purchasing from you.

And that's probably one of the reasons why you can generate twice as much revenue as others.

The more people who leave reviews on your eCommerce store, the more people will buy from you even if they are not your repeat customers.

Just make sure that the process of leaving reviews is not complicated.

Because to entice more customers to leave online reviews, the process should be easy and hassle-free for them.

But of course, you also need to respond once they leave reviews.

And here's why.


9. 1 Out Of 5 Consumers Expect A Response Within 24 Hours After Leaving A Review

Even if it's just 1 out of 5 customers, it doesn't mean that you can overlook online reviews.

Sure, not all of them might not want a response.

But if you want to make your customers feel valued, this is the perfect opportunity to engage with them.

They took the time to share their customer satisfaction. You should also spend some time answering their concerns and thank them for their positive reviews.

What a great way to interact with your customers, right?

Indeed, they'd want to leave more reviews in the future.

But there's more...


10. 59% Of Shoppers Use Google To Read Reviews

Since 59% of customers use Google to learn more about a business, it's arguably one of the most popular channels for reading reviews.

So, you should pay attention to your Google Reviews because the internet can see them once they search for your business.

Not only that...

Because Google My Business Reviews can also help with your search engine ranking.

This is amazing because you can make your eCommerce brand more visible! ?

Another statistic you need to take note of is...


11. Only 3% Said They Would Purchase From Businesses That Have A Two-Star Rating

3%? Uh-oh!

This implies that you should strive to have an average of three-star ratings. If possible, aim for the best... which is five!

That means you need to level up your eCommerce store and customer service to get more positive reviews.

You also need to encourage more customers to leave reviews using your star rating system!

This is important because sometimes, the star ratings are the first thing your customers see when they see the reviews of your eCommerce store.

Think that's all?


12. 62% Of Consumers Say They Don't Like It When Brands Censor Online Review

According to a study by TrustPilot, 62% of consumers don't want review censorship.

This number indicates that consumers want transparency and authenticity regarding online reviews.

Similarly, consumers are wary of fake reviews.

Consumers only want genuine online reviews, whether positive or negative.

Oh, wait... here's another one.


13. 83% Of Consumers Don't Trust Advertising

Well, not anymore...

Instead of believing your claims, they want to see actual reviews from other customers.

You see, word-of-mouth marketing is excellent.

But displaying what your customers say about you? Those five-star ratings and positive reviews?


That's why you need to use online review platforms that will help you manage your reviews.

You need to stay tuned because something is coming that will turn your eCommerce visitors into actual customers.

And I'm sure you want that for your business!


Step Up Your Game With Online Reviews!

If you want to prove the quality of your products or services, you need to put a spotlight on your reviews!

Because through these online reviews, you're helping them decide whether or not they'll buy your products.

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So, don't miss out and...


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