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20 Jul 2022

17 Best eCommerce YouTube Channels You Must Subscribe To Help Grow Your Online Brand

17 Best eCommerce YouTube Channels You Must Subscribe To Help Grow Your Online Brand

Let me ask you an important question...

What kind of videos do you watch on YouTube?

I particularly like watching YouTube music videos. TED Talks are always a delight to watch. But everything is on my watch list!  

You see, YouTube offers countless channels for you to choose from.

And as an eCommerce store owner, did you know that YouTube is a gold mine for you to enhance your online growth?

As I said, YouTube is a rich platform where you can find videos from different genres. That includes eCommerce YouTube channels.

That means you don't have to pay big bucks for eCommerce lessons and to learn new skills.

You can discover digital marketing tips, product research tactics, new trends, and everything you need to achieve success as an online business owner... for free!

So, I've listed the greatest YouTube channels for eCommerce, where you can learn valuable tips to become a successful business owner.

Now let's get down to business!


eCommerce YouTube Channels You Need To Follow To Grow Your Online Business In 2022

This list composes different YouTube channels of eCommerce platforms, successful entrepreneurs, eCommerce business owners, and more.

Let's start the diverse list of top YouTube channels you need to know with...


1. Shopify

This is the official channel of the eCommerce platform Shopify.

Their videos are perfect for small business owners just starting their online businesses. Their videos teach how the Shopify platform works and how to get started on your website.

Of course, the YouTube channel also caters to existing eCommerce businesses. It also has videos that focus on selling your products or services.

If you are looking for inspiration, it also features success stories of Shopify store owners. For instance, this video shows how this online business owner turned their $40 into a $1.2m business.


Of course, their eCommerce platform tutorials are focused on Shopify store owners.

Another online business platform that has its own YouTube channel is...


2. BigCommerce

Just like Shopify's YouTube channel, BigCommerce offers tutorial videos and success stories of various eCommerce business owners.

Plus, they have a playlist called Ask BigCommerce. The VP of product marketing shares trends in eCommerce, internet marketing, and more.

Additional playlists include product tutorials, eCommerce growth strategies, and customer success stories.

In 2022, they also started to upload video podcasts of successful entrepreneurs to share their expertise on digital marketing, customer retention, influencer marketing, etc.

For example, the following video features Vanessa Santos. The global brand strategist talks about how a small business can expand internationally.


If you are looking for an eCommerce YouTube channel with assorted video types, check out...


3. Neil Patel

If we're talking about anything marketing-related, you can't leave Neil Patel out of the conversation.

He is a best-selling author who cofounded eCommerce website tools like Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics.

And his expertise translates well on his YouTube channel, Neil Patel. His channel offers content on video marketing, Search Engine Optimization, digital marketing strategies, blogging, etc.

The YouTube channel advertises itself as the "#1 Source for all things marketing."

For instance, one of his most popular videos is titled "SEO For Beginners: 3 Powerful SEO Tips to Rank #1 on Google in 2022."


If you want to learn more about digital marketing, the next YouTube channel is for you...


4. HubSpot Marketing

HubSpot is a known authority on inbound marketing. So, they focused their YouTube channel as a Marketing Hub and a Service Hub.

Various video content is available on HubSpot's YouTube Channel. It focuses on digital marketing, email marketing strategies, and customer relationship management.

They also offer free online training called HubSpot Academy. It's an online course discussing everything eCommerce marketing-related. And you get certifications at the end!

I especially like the marketing case studies they feature, like How Kodak Convinced The World To Smile On Camera.


The next YouTube channel tells the story of 23-year-old making money online...


5. Sebastian Ghiorghiu

Sebastian Ghiorghui is a young entrepreneur who started with a thousand dollars into an 8 million profit.

His YouTube channel features his experiences on how he built his dropshipping store and expanded his business.

His channel expanded as well. Now, he shares digital marketing strategies, eCommerce business trends, and how he fosters his passive income sources.

To learn more about his YouTube channel, you can start with his video "I went from $1,000 to 8 Million - My Story."


If you're looking for more personal eCommerce YouTube channels, take a look at...


6. Davie Fogarty

Davie Fogarty owns 10 eCommerce brands, including Calming Blankets and The Oodie.

His eCommerce YouTube channel is known for its "100% experience-backed content that sticks." He features guides for online store owners for them to generate revenue.

His content includes tutorials for beginners and novice small businesses. For instance, he has a complete Shopify tutorial for entrepreneurs who are starting out.

If you're looking for a tutorial on product copy, he also has a video called COMPLETE Copywriting For Beginners / Examples and Frameworks (2022).


One of my favorite eCommerce YouTube Channels is...


7. Ted Talk eCommerce

I'm sure you're familiar with the YouTube channel TEDx Talks. They are known for their inspirational talks of successful people from different walks of life.

And that includes eCommerce experts! Search for "TED Talk eCommerce," and you'll find valuable talks from business professionals.

You can learn about eCommerce trends, how to grow your eCommerce website, and even marketing philosophies to enhance your business.

Ted Talk eCommerce

This channel will help you stay motivated as you develop prospects and grow your eCommerce website.

Keep on discovering the worthwhile eCommerce YouTube channels...


8. Exposure Ninja

Have trouble with your lead generation and conversion rate optimization?

Let Exposure Ninja help you out! 

This channel has something for every eCommerce topic you can think of. He has videos about SEO tools, buyer persona, guest posting, finding suppliers, website planning, and more.

Check out one of his latest content, How to SURVIVE and THRIVE during a recession. He talks about how you can prepare your business during an economic downturn.


I think the next one is among the vital eCommerce YouTube channels you need to know...


9. This Week In Startups

As an eCommerce business entrepreneur, you know it's crucial for you to stay on top of market trends.

That's why you have to watch This Week In Startups. They have over 3,000 videos that let you get ahead of any business news.

They have LIVE tech news that covers "all the hottest topics in business and tech."

If you're looking for professional insights, they also interview popular founders and innovators.

The following content interviews Bonobos founder Andy Dunn. He talks about his mental health struggles while navigating an acquisition. It's incredibly enlightening!


It's impossible to ignore popular eCommerce YouTube channels like...


10. GaryVee Video Experience

With almost 4 million subscribers, GaryVee is one of the most known YouTube channels you look for eCommerce content.

He is an entrepreneur and runs his own advertising agency, VaynerMedia. His YouTube page is a good source for improving your business mindset and digital marketing tips.


Recently, most of his channel content has been composed of Shorts. He mainly uploads motivational conversations and eCommerce trends. It's a diverse channel!

Companies also run YouTube channels you can learn from...


11. Google Analytics

Is there anyone better to learn about Google Analytics than Google itself?  

Google Analytics is the official channel where you can find content about their platforms. That includes Data Studio, Analytics, product tagging, etc.

Check out the Analytics Academy For Beginners. The playlist gives you an introduction to the structure of the tool. It's also an excellent place to start when you don't have a lot of clues about Google Analytics.

Let's continue to discover awesome YouTube channels with...


12. Goodlife Warrior

Yuping Wang is all about helping viewers on managing suppliers from different parts of the world. She has over 20 years of experience, so you can trust that her courses are worth watching!

Some of her content you need to watch are "Negotiation Masterclass is LIVE! Get Ready To Win!" and "How Not To FAIL Product Inspection? TIPS You Don't Want To Miss!"


So, if you're having trouble with your shipping and sourcing, check out the Goodlife Warrior channel. It will help you negotiate the best price and how to effectively deal with your shipping.

How niche!

One of the YouTube channels that present innovators and entrepreneurs is...


13. Behind The Brand

Want a peek at the success of entrepreneurs?

Behind The Brand focuses on the stories of companies and how they become the people they are now. It aims to help viewers improve and grow their business.

And if you don't have the time to watch hour-long interviews, don't fret! This channel uploads valuable snippets from the interview.

For instance, this clip shows American entrepreneur Alex Hormozi explaining a marketing mistake you might experience. The full-length interview is linked in the description.


If you want more stories from successful entrepreneurs, you can learn from...


14. Foundr Magazine

Experience is a priceless insight. And Foundr Magazine has tons of it for you to find out more.

Think of famous entrepreneurs like Arianna Huffington, Jack Dorsey, and Mark Cuban. You can find their insights on this channel, including actionable strategies you can use.

Their most popular content tells the eCommerce story of Gretta Van Riel. Take a look!


Stay inspired with the help of YouTube channels like...


15. Dan Lok

Dan Lok has over 4 million subscribers. It's no wonder he's one of the world's leading experts on internet marketing.

Known as the "King of High Ticket," he runs a coaching enterprise for business owners. With his videos, he helps people scale and sustain their online businesses.

Check out How To Sell Anything To Anyone Anytime - SELL ME THIS PEN. It's been viewed 7 million times!


Enhance your social media marketing with...


16. Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner is the largest online magazine!

Their content can help you drive brand awareness by using blogs, social media posts, and podcasts. The videos are also timely.


You see, the channel features videos that update their viewers about marketing changes. You can learn more about social media strategies on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

If you want to know more about building a high-converting eCommerce website, here is...


17. Debutify

Besides offering a profitable Shopify theme, Debutify provides value to their channel.

This YouTube channel uploads free eCommerce courses every week. The topics cover the resources and training you need to grow your online business.

To dip your toes, watch Building a High-Converting Store. It shows a step-by-step guide on building a high-converting eCommerce website.


With these treasure troves of learning resources, you are bound to...


Get Inspired With The Best eCommerce YouTube Channels!

And there you have it! It's the roundup of eCommerce channels you need to watch.

You can start with one channel that gets your attention, then branch to another. No matter where you start, keep learning to improve your online business.

But you know what else?

Using your newfound knowledge, make sure to complement it with the best eCommerce theme. That's how you find success!

Look no further because Debutify offers everything you need in a Shopify theme.

It has over 50 Add-Ons that can increase conversions, AOV, and boost profits!


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