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11 Jul 2022

20 Actionable eCommerce Conversion Hacks That Will Increase Your Conversion Rate Sky High

20 Actionable eCommerce Conversion Hacks That Will Increase Your Conversion Rate Sky High

Here's something you probably don't know about...

The average conversion rate for eCommerce sites is 2.86%.

That means only about 2-3 out of 100 site visitors to your eCommerce website actually go through purchasing!

Clients purchasing

And to boost your revenue, it makes sense that you want to increase your conversion rate.

Here's something else...

You might be having a hard time doing so. You might even have below the average conversion rate.

After all, there are millions of other eCommerce stores you need to compete with.

Standing out in a sea of businesses so you can increase eCommerce conversions can be challenging.

But don't worry any longer!

If you are struggling to figure out how to boost conversion rates, I'll help you determine...

  • Why you need to focus on conversion rates as a metric for your eCommerce site.
  • eCommerce conversion rate optimization hacks you need to know in 2022.
  • Debutify Add-Ons that will help you increase conversion rates.

Let me give you an idea of...


Why Your Conversion Rate Is A Crucial Metric For Your eCommerce Site?

You have to focus on metrics such as average order value, click-through rate, traffic source, Google Analytics, etc. All of these have important roles in the success of your eCommerce website.

But don't forget to also focus on conversion rates. When you boost conversions, you will have the advantage to...


✅ Increase Revenue

It's simple math. To enjoy bountiful revenue, you need more conversions.

And optimizing conversions is the most effective way of reaching that goal. It's also the most cost-efficient way.

You don't have to drop big bucks on marketing. You just have to focus on the conversion of quality prospective customers.

An increase in eCommerce conversion rate can have a huge effect on search engine rankings, which leads you to...


✅ Grow Website Traffic

Conversion rate optimization includes improving different aspects of your eCommerce website. You'll have to create quality content, from your photos to your copy.

That eventually has positive effects on your search engine optimization.

Once you rank higher on search engine results pages, you'll have more traffic to your online store.

Yep, more visitors=more conversions=more customers!

Besides ranking on search engines, you'll also...


✅ Improve User Experience

As I mentioned, boosting your eCommerce conversion rate will ultimately improve your eCommerce business.

You see, improving eCommerce conversion rates entails optimizing your site's speed, product pages, and your eCommerce store in its entirety.

That leads to offering more value for online shoppers. Which means giving them a better and smoother customer experience.

Now pay attention as you discover...


20 eCommerce Conversion Hacks To Double Your Sales Conversions


1. Boost Your Online Store's Loading Speed Time

3...2...1... Customer gone!

That's right. If it takes more than 3 seconds for your site to load, 53% of visitors are likely to leave.

So, shaving more seconds off the loading time can have a huge impact on your conversion rate.

First, test the speed of your site using Google PageSpeed.

Check which parts are in red areas. Those may be the ones that are hampering your speed.

An easy hack you can boost your site speed is by compressing your images. Just ensure that the tool you use does not lower the quality of the images.

Another quick hack is to use the Add-On Page Speed Booster. You can make your store faster with just a few steps.

Page speed booster add-on

Now, wasn't that easy?

Let's move on to...


2. Create A Sense of Urgency

There's a reason why creating a sense of urgency is one of the classic marketing hacks today. It's because it works!

When a prospective customer thinks a product is only offered for a limited time... They will be motivated to purchase it immediately.

To encourage urgency, you can use countdown timers.

Urgency also comes when customers think that a product is scarce. The fear of missing out (FOMO) is real!

You can leverage that feeling to have your customers buy now. For instance, you can display the stock level for each product.

You'll have a smoother sales funnel when you...


3. Optimize Your Site To Be Mobile-Friendly

Almost 80% of mobile users bought something online in 2022. If your site is not optimized for mobile devices, you'll have a hard time converting many customers.

What's more?

Users also prefer surfing the internet through their phones over desktops. But more often than not, they don't buy anything as a lot of eCommerce stores are not mobile responsive.

So, your site's design should be mobile device-first to create a responsive website. Embracing mobile eCommerce will give you a better chance of converting.

Your existing customers can also help you out as you...


4. Shine A Spotlight On Your Social Proof

Even one positive review can increase your conversions by 10%. That's a significant increase!

This does not come as a surprise. Most consumers trust online reviews just as much as a personal recommendation.

That means highlighting your social proof, such as stellar reviews, testimonials, and product ratings are important. It can be the push your potential customers need.

The best hack you can take is to give Debutify Reviews a try.

Debutify Reviews lets you collect reviews on autopilot. You can easily show off the best reviews you have on your website, making it a word-of-mouth machine. Go ahead and start your free 30-day trial!

For a paying customer, you can get more sales if you...


5. Offer Multiple Payment Methods

A credit card is a pretty basic preferred payment method to offer. Debit cards come second. But you can't just assume that people only either have Visa or Mastercard.

Consider offering Amex and Discover for customers' payments. Make sure that you cover all major credit and debit cards.

But these days, there are a lot more options for online customers. Your platform should be able to accept payments through Apple Pay, PayPal, Google Play, Crypto wallets, etc.

As you now know, customers usually use their phones when shopping.

Their e-wallets let them pay in just a few clicks. When you offer them their preferred method, they won't hesitate to purchase.

When you offer multiple payment options, it's best to...


6. Instill Trust By Showing Security Best Practices

Credit card fraud, and cybersecurity in general, is a major concern for online customers. Customers who feel like a website does not look secure won't go through their purchase.

As a reputable online business, it's your job to protect your customers from it.

So, make sure that you set yourself with a trustworthy site security provider. You can also get SSL certificates to ease your customers' minds.

To let your customers know they are safe, highlight the security precautions you took on your site.

Trust badges on your checkout page also go a long way when assuring them. Use the Add-On Trust Badge. You can display payment icons or customer badges under your checkout buttons.

Trust Badge Add-On

The next hack is pretty straightforward...


7. Offer Free Shipping

Everybody wants free shipping! Just seeing the word "FREE" attracts customers into going through their purchases.

But if free shipping doesn't work for you, you can do threshold offers.

When customers reach a minimum order value, they can avail of free shipping.

The Add-On Cart Goal is perfect for this hack. It lets you offer free shipping when your customer reaches a specific cart total amount.

Cart Goal Add-On

Aside from free shipping, the next one is crucial...


8. Improve Your Online Store's Copy

One important thing: Copy has the greatest impact on the conversions from a landing page. After all, it drives them to action and builds relationships.

So take your time creating your copy.

To create an engaging copy, put important information on the top of the page. Use subheadings so your visitors can scan through the whole page.

When writing your copy, keep your target audience in mind. Use the type of language they would engage with.

Together with copy, another vital element is...


9. Use High-Quality Images And Videos

The online space is a visual place. That means you'll increase your chances of making sales using high-quality photos and videos.

So don't settle for stock images and poor-resolution images!

Take a picture of your product from every angle. You should be able to zoom in on details.

Yep, I also mentioned videos. Videos of your product can be a guide for customers. Demos and unboxing videos can go a long way.

So give it a try.

Connect more with customers as you...


10. Implement Live Chat Support

Your customers can sometimes get confused about your product or service. They might have questions or hesitations. They might leave before buying something.

But when you instantly reply to their queries, you can answer their issues in real-time. They'll go through their purchase right after.

But you don't have to wait for them to approach you!

Be proactive. You can prompt your live chat to pop up when they are browsing a product page.

When you implement live chat, you can benefit from a 20% increase in conversion.

To use this hack, implement the Facebook Messenger Add-On. You'll have a chat widget on your store for your customers to connect with you.

Facebook Messenger Add-On

Running an online business means you have to deal with returns...


11. Highlight A Customer-Friendly Return Policy

Highlight A Customer-Friendly Return Policy

Shopping online entails not getting to try on some of the items you want to buy.

So, most of the time, customers want to know they can return the product if needed.

And instead of avoiding returns, you can use it to increase conversions.

Here's what you need to know. A lot of shoppers abandon their carts when they are not satisfied with the return policy.

But when you have a clear and concise process, they'll be more likely to trust that you'll take care of them, even after purchasing.

Speaking of abandoned carts...


12. Reach Out To Abandoned Cart Customers

When shopping online, cart abandonment is inevitable. But there are ways you can get them back into finishing their purchase.

First, you can use an exit-intent popup. Mention any discounts or free shipping deals you have to people who are about to leave your store.

Then, follow up with an email reminding them about their cart. If possible, you can retarget your customers via Facebook ads, too.

Another way to avoid abandoned carts and improve conversions is to...


13. Make The Checkout Process Easier

This makes sense... A complicated or long purchase process will force customers to abandon their carts.

It's too inconvenient!

Here's a hack to help you with this. You have to reduce the number of fields on the checkout page. Keep it as minimum as possible for a more seamless checkout process.

If you can, summarize the checkout form on a single page.

Another way to smoothen the checkout process is...


14. Allow Guest Checkout Options

This hack will let your customers buy without filling out a registration form.

I know, it's better to get customers to register on your site.

But think of this. The checkout process will be much longer. Some consumers abandon their carts when there is no guest checkout.

You'll lose more on sales because of abandoned carts.

So let your customers go through a smoother checkout process!

Let's go back to another page with...


15. Create A Bold And Valued Call-To-Action

Focus on your calls-to-action (CTA). These buttons tell your customers what to do and where to go.

To keep it brief, here is a checklist you need to implement on your CTAs.

  • Keep your CTAs above the fold and visible.
  • Only include a couple of CTAs on product pages to avoid confusion.
  • Use a "Subscribe" CTA to collect customers' email addresses.
  • Use action words.
  • Focus on offering value.
  • Encourage curiosity and anticipation.

Once you have them engaged...


16. Offer Incentives To Customers

Incentives such as discounts and coupon codes may be the extra push your visitors need to turn into customers.

If a visitor repeatedly views your products, you can offer them an exclusive code.

The Discount Saved Add-On will display the discount amount on product variants on your product page.

Discount Saved Add-On

Keep increasing your conversions when you...


17. Use Conversion Rate Optimization Tools

How would you know if you are making progress on the changes you made? Use a CRO tool.

Some tools have user-behavior tools, data analytics, A/B testing tools, etc.

You can get insights from tools such as Google Analytics and heatmap tools like Crazy Egg and Hotjar. It will give you visual reports that you can use to further optimize your conversions.

An important hack you need on your arsenal is...


18. Conduct A/B Tests On Your Product Pages

A/B testing simply means you'll have to test the minor changes you made on the elements of your page. Doing so will let you know their impact on your conversions.

So, test elements like your headline, CTAs, testimonials, etc. Then, direct half of your traffic to page A and the remaining half to page B.

Check which performance gathered you the most conversions.

But don't be stagnant! Keep on improving your site, just like when you...


19. Create Personalized Content

Let's face it. Seeing the same content over and over again is tedious.

So, personalize the content you show your customers. Doing so will heighten your conversion rates. How so?

For instance, you sell different types of apparel. You would not recommend frilly skirts to a 60-year-old male living in cold Canada.

So base your personal recommendations on their browsing behavior and previous purchases.

It gives you a higher chance of converting them into purchasing.

Lastly, you have to...


20. Enable A Smooth Navigation

A clunky and messy website will drive customers away.

An easy hack to increase conversions is to simplify your navigation. Offer a site search for customers to find what they are looking for.

Use menus and categories to organize your products.

And use the Collection Filters Add-On. It allows visitors to filter the products by the parameters they want.

Collection Filters Add-On

All of these actionable hacks will help you...


Boost Your Conversions Sky High!

It's okay. You don't have to do all the listed things here. You can still increase your conversions when you start with a few.

Then, you can snowball these hacks until you see a huge difference in your conversion rates.

Here's the ultimate hack I can advise you...

Choose Debutify as your Profit Optimization Partner! This high-converting Shopify theme has everything you need to boost your sales.

You'll also have access to over 50 Add-Ons that can increase AOV and improve profits.


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