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03 Jan 2023

5 Best Social Proof Apps For Your eCommerce Website

5 Best Social Proof Apps For Your eCommerce Website

Social proof is one of your eCommerce brand's strong suits. Why? Because this will help you sell more products.

That's why you need to collect and display different types of social proof to show prospects how credible your brand is.

But what if you have no idea how to add them to your eCommerce site? Or, you're not sure which apps to use?

Fret not! Because in this blog, I'm going to mention 5 social proof apps that will make your life easier. The best part? These apps are easy to install. Here they are:

  1. FOMO Social Proof and Urgency
  2. Avada Trust Badge
  3. Powr Visitor Views Counter
  4. Nextsale Social Proof, Email, Exit Pop
  5. Debutify Reviews

Let's start! But before that, let's have a quick refresher.


Different types of social proof

There are different types of social proof for your business. They can be:

  • Numbers or statistics (number of sales, inventory stocks, website or product page visitors, etc.)
  • User-generated content (photo and video reviews, social media content, etc.)
  • Media features (online articles, magazines, TV, etc.)
  • Customer reviews
  • Client testimonials

Since there are different types of social proof, these apps also specialize in other areas. Let's find out!


5 Best social proof apps you should check out

These are 5 social proof websites you can install from the Shopify app store!


1. FOMO Social Proof & Urgency

FOMO is a great app for social proof and urgency. This is an excellent choice if you want your prospects to see recent activities on your eCommerce website.

But you can control what your visitors see. You can enable the geo-location setting, allowing visitors to see where a customer purchased your product.

You can also extend that to social media platforms. So, this feature will post on social media whenever a customer buys from you. That's some next-level FOMO, right?

This app also has 106+ integrations, and they're code-free. You can show the number of visitors you have on your eCommerce website and more.

FOMO's features are excellent in creating urgency for people who have a fear of missing out.


2. AVADA Trust Badge

Trust badges and sales pop-ups work amazingly as a social proof booster. So, this social proof app by AVADA is something you should check out.

The app features will help boost customer trust on your eCommerce website. They're also great if you want to create urgency through other features, such as a countdown timer, sales timer notice, sales ending soon, etc.

These will help you boost sales because there are also features that will help you upsell, promote, and display a free shipping bar.

AVADA is a fantastic tool if you're looking for these key features.


3. POWR Visitor Views Counter

As I mentioned above, numbers are essential in creating social proof.

Just think of it as many people lining up at your physical store. If other passersby see the long lines, they'll assume you have the best products.

That's why this app is great for showcasing how many visitors you have on your eCommerce website. You can even adjust the fonts and colors to make it on-brand.

So, do you want to display how many people are browsing your eCommerce site? This is an app you should check out.


4. Nextsale Social Proof, Email, Exit Pop

This app offers different tools with social proof notifications, urgency tools, and pop-ups.

The pop-ups will help you generate leads by collecting emails and SMS numbers. You can also add a countdown timer, engage visitors with promotional campaigns, and more!

There's also a free plan available for you. And the activity pop-ups are great for social proof marketing.

This app is not just limited to establishing social proof but also generating leads. But if you don't need these features, you can check out...


5. Debutify Reviews

If you want to focus on collecting customer reviews... Debutify Reviews will be your best friend. This app will help you:

  • Collect reviews on automation
  • Send review requests emails
  • Curate reviews and choose which ones to publish

Because social proof marketing will be better if you can display feedback from actual customers who have tried your products.

And that's not even the best part yet... because you can also collect photo and video reviews to strengthen your social proof.

Setting up Debutify Reviews is easy, and there is no coding knowledge required. If there are any issues, you can contact support.

You can download Debutify Reviews from the Shopify App Store.

So, choose the best social proof app according to your need and...


Build strong social proof for your eCommerce brand!

These social proof apps will be incredibly helpful in growing your eCommerce website. They can help you build trust with potential customers.

And social proof messages will result in increasing your sales. So, you should consider installing these apps if you want to maximize the success of your eCommerce brand.

Learning how to display social proof on your eCommerce site is also crucial. That's why you should read...


How to show social proof on your eCommerce site!

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