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06 Jan 2022

7 Incredible Reasons Why You Should Invest In Local Marketing (And How You Can Do It)

7 Incredible Reasons Why You Should Invest In Local Marketing (And How You Can Do It)

Have you heard of this?

More and more local business owners are switching to the national market.... because most business owners think it is more effective.

And they are led to believe that focusing on their local markets will limit their customer base. Whereas nationwide marketing allows them to reach a broad audience.

Hmm... that's not always the case...

So you might ask, why not?

The answer is simple... taking your business on a national level is a huge undertaking. And the results are not always what business owners expect.

So, you might as well focus your efforts on local marketing. Because it allows you to take your resources to a select audience. For sure, they are the ones who will likely respond to your campaigns- both digital and print ads.

That is why local marketing is essential. Yes, even in this digital world!

This blog will cover what you need to know about local marketing- why and how you can invest your time and resources in Local Marketing...

So, let's get the ball rolling!

What Is Local Marketing?

What Is Local Marketing?

Local marketing involves advertising near a specific business location. It is also known as local store marketing or neighborhood marketing.

The focus of local marketing is the area surrounding a business. And it uses both offline and online promotional efforts to reach potential customers.

It can benefit any brand that has a physical location. Big and small business owners can also benefit from interacting with local communities.

And it's beneficial for small local businesses that do most of their business in person.

So if you have a brick-and-mortar business, you should take advantage of local marketing.

Let's get to the following main point...

Why Focus On Local Marketing In A Digital World?

Why Focus On Local Marketing In A Digital World?

Local marketing is worth a shot in this digital world...

97% of people learn about a local business online more than any other medium. This gives you a wide reach.

And a staggering 88% of mobile online searches result in a phone call or a visit to a local business within a single day. That's a potential conversion.

That's why it makes sense to do local marketing and integrate digital strategies.

Now, let me give you...

Benefits Of Local Marketing

Benefits Of Local Marketing


Budget-constrained businesses can generate consistent income through local marketing.

Local marketing is more affordable than national marketing.

Also, you can use several digital methods here. And this usually involves educating those potential customers in several ways... social media, digital advertising, and SEO.

In addition to being more affordable, location is also a factor. Here's why...


It's a well-known fact that it takes multiple touches to win a customer. For one potential buyer to become paying customer, you have to contact them at least six times. And that for sure requires both time and money.

It is an effective way of converting foot traffic and online traffic into new customers. But when it comes to location... it's one-factor customers take into account.

Local marketing is highly targeted marketing. You can be sure to reach people within walking distance of your business.

You can try giving out your business card and flyers when you meet new people. Or you can ask new acquaintances to refer your business to others.

You can also network with other local businesses. Thus, increasing your exposure and helping you attract customers.

I know what you're thinking- it's old school. But trust me, it works.

Another benefit is...

You Learn More About Your Customers

You can use local marketing to learn more about not only your target audience. You can also get to know your existing customers.

Use customer reviews to your advantage. It will give you a sense of what your customers think. The same goes for customers who take advantage of particular offers. It will also provide insights into their preferences. So take a moment to read reviews.

The next benefit will surprise you?

Don't Miss Out On Impulse Buying

Local marketing helps to remove sales barriers. When a customer is close to your store, you can easily convince them to buy from you.

Imagine this...

Let's say it's a sunny day. And a passerby thought that he might need to buy a pair of sunglasses. Then he receives a location-based message on his phone... with a unique sunglasses deal. Bingo! It's your lucky day. Because your business can convert his impulse to buy.

The next point is phenomenal...

You Can Make Yourself A Local Star!

Put your business in the spotlight with location-based marketing!

So you can make your business a viral sensation in your locality! And this is what may double or even triple your sales!

With local marketing, you can reach market saturation... that is impossible on a national scale.

The next thing you want to know is that...

You Can Rank High In Search Engine Results

Online search engine results for location-based services rank very well.

You can use location-based services to add your business information. This will improve your search engine ranking when someone types in a related search. (Ex. Yelp, Google My Business, Facebook Places)

And ultimately...

You Can Bring In Customers

With the advent of social media and mobile devices, it is easier than ever to reach a large audience. It's a fact that people like to be around other people.

And they like to visit new and famous places. A crowd can give your business a real boost.

 Now that you know the benefits of local marketing... And If local marketing sounds appealing to you, keep these strategies in mind...

Local Marketing Strategies

Local Marketing Strategies

1. A Mobile-Friendly Website Is A Must

There are mobile users everywhere. That's why it's no longer a surprise that over half of worldwide internet traffic is from mobile devices. And we're interacting with our mobile devices all the time... no doubt, they're changing how we search.

Mobile searchers can quickly contact local businesses with mobile-friendly websites. So, to attract new customers, especially local ones, a mobile-friendly website is essential.

Mobile-friendly sites are accessible. This makes it easier to browse site info when you're on the move because the text, menus, and buttons are larger... and it's user-friendly.

Having a mobile-friendly website makes it easier for customers to connect with you... and vise versa.

Moving on...

2. Enlist Your Local Business

A lot of third-party websites, directories, and review sites feature local businesses... and you don't want to miss it. They provide consumers with info and suggestions on where to shop.

These sites benefit not only your search intent but also your SEO strategy. 

Ensuring that your name, address, and phone number are consistent is essential. And, these sites can help you do that.

The third point is...

3. Optimize For Local Target Audience

You must localize your ecommerce site to make its content relevant to your local audience. First, use location-based terms.

For example: Instead of "flower shop," your website can read "flower shop in Florida."

This way, you are targeting a specific audience for your products.

Make sure your website, social media, and digital ads use the same language all the time. Make your voice consistent.

And, your website should also have location pages. This will help if you have two or more physical stores.

Make sure these pages include your business's address, phone number... and other information that may be relevant.

This will help your business rank higher in local search engine results pages (SERPs).

Now, let's go to #4...

4. Consider Local SEO Campaign

Using a local SEO campaign helps optimize your site for local search terms and keywords. Find out popular terms in your area and industry using Google Trends.

You should also create local content. Your content must be informative and entertaining. So, why not inform your target audience about local events and happenings? FYI, this type of content will help create a buzz about your business. And you will stand out as a local authority.

Hold on, and we're halfway now!

5. Invest in Localized Paid Advertising

Local advertising is an effective means of reaching local audiences. And this doesn't only target specific audiences and personas. But, it also uses relevant local keywords in the ad, making it easier to search.

Here's how to localize your paid marketing efforts:

  • As much as possible, incorporate location data. Consider including terms such as your "city" or "near" in your listings.
  • You can run an ad happening in your targeted geographic area. And mention or remind your target audience of an upcoming event.
  • Locals are more likely to respond to your marketing efforts if you speak like them. You can use the local lingo as well as the local keywords. Be careful, though, as overuse of slang is annoying to some consumers.

The following strategy is effective...

6. Localize Your Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the fastest and most effective ways to reach local (even global) consumers.

A lot of social media platforms offer a variety of localization options. It's very easy to set a location or tag a location in your profile.

You can also share local hashtags in the caption or comments.

The next strategy...

7. Check Out Local Testimonials

A local testimonial can go a long way in local marketing. In fact, according to a Yodle study, 75% of customers believe online reviews are valuable. They are a good source for determining the quality of a local business.

Because of great testimonials, people know that your business is legit. And that it works.

Hold on...

8. Localize Digital Marketing

Create localized digital marketing strategies for your business. It will help you take your business to your target market. You can make your business popular in your area.

Also, you'll have an excellent chance to increase sales. The key to growing sales is to localize your digital marketing efforts.

And, it opens up many new possibilities and gives your business an edge.

Now, the following strategy is essential...

9. Get Involved in Your Local Community

The goal of marketing is to stay top-of-mind with your target customers. Whether or not you have a physical presence in your target location, you can still get involved.

Check if your brand can be a sponsor of any local events. Or, instead of making a direct commitment, you could create a blog. You can monitor local events within your business location and write a blog about these events. Tell something about an event. Get involved!

Now, regardless of how big or small your business... customers want to feel that they can relate to you on a personal level. And local marketing can help you do that. Most importantly, you will establish yourself as a local business.


10. Boost Your Ecommerce Activity

Ecommerce and your local marketing efforts don't have to compete. They can complement each other. And they can bring you new business.

One good idea is to offer an in-store discount coupon for every online purchase. This tactic will surely attract your target customers to your store... even those who have discovered you online.

And as a business owner, this will enable you to provide a great customer experience.

There you have it!

Invest in Your Local Marketing and Succeed in Your Business!

I hope you learned and implemented all these strategies in your local business ASAP. But let me remind you one more thing...

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