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28 Jan 2022

7 Ways to Use Social Proof to Increase Ecommerce Sales

7 Ways to Use Social Proof to Increase Ecommerce Sales

Whenever customers think of buying a product, they make sure to read the reviews first.

Of course, this is online shopping. It's different from physical stores, where they can feel and see the products.

And when your customers like the product after buying it, they're leaving their thoughts.

But you see, some of your customers are leaving their positive reviews, too.

But do you know how to use social proof to increase your sales?

What if you're getting all those valuable, positive reviews, but you're not leveraging them enough?

I'm sure you do, but I'm telling you... there are still many other ways to use social proof and gain more sales!

That's what we're talking about today.

You'll learn some ways how and where to use your social proof that will benefit your ecommerce store.

Are you ready? Let's get this show down the road!


What Is Social Proof?

What Is Social Proof?

Robert Cialdini coined the concept of "Social Proof" in 1984. This means people let others' action or opinions affect their own decisions.

And this is also used in marketing.

When people are thinking of purchasing a particular product, they often want to see what others say about it. Or what are the things they have experienced upon using the product?

From there, the customers will make their decision whether or not they want to complete their purchase.

Now, how will social proof benefit you?


Why Do You Need To Use Social Proof?

Why Do You Need To Use Social Proof?


To Build Trust And Credibility

Social proof helps you win your customer's trust. And when your customers trust you, selling becomes a breeze.

It can be through your customer service, delivery, or the products themselves.

Also, most online shoppers rely on reading customer reviews as they have little to no other way of checking the product.

That's why it's great to have reviews, so when potential customers visit your ecommerce website and they read them... they'll know you are selling great products.

So, showing social proof is a way to build trust and credibility among your current and potential customers.

Another benefit it has is...


To Boost Your Sales

Picture this...

You have a ton of website visitors. And if you use the reviews well... they will see that many customers are saying good things about your products.

Now, what do you think will happen next?

They might purchase your product!

In fact, about 95% of customers read reviews or customer testimonials first before purchasing!

And this just proves that reviews play a significant role in boosting your sales, right? Customers NEED to know what others say about them.

That's why you must know how to leverage social proof properly.

And last but not least...


To Attract More Website Visitors

Spoiler alert: Social proof is not just limited to your website.

You can use them on your social media platforms or other digital marketing tactics your ecommerce brand is currently using.

Now, when they see that you are getting incredible reviews... it might spark curiosity.

And once it does, more people will visit your ecommerce store! Isn't that amazing?

I know you already want to get to the best part of this article, which is the way to use these customer testimonials.

But we have to talk about this first...


Types Of Social Proof

Types Of Social Proof

Social proof comes in different forms.

Yep, it's not limited to reviews under your products. And these would give you more options on how and what to use for your ecommerce store.

Here are some social proof examples:

  • Case Studies. If your product changed your customers' life, you could write a case study detailing the problem they went through and how your product solved it.
  • Reviews. Probably the most common one. Customers can usually find it under each product, depending on the page design.
  • Testimonials. It's almost the same as reviews, but you can usually see the name and a few details about the person who gave the appraisal.
  • Media Mentions. If a specific publication or media company mentions your product online, this can also be considered social proof.
  • Social Media. Yep, social media posts are also social proof.
  • Ratings. If some customers are lazy leaving reviews, you can ask for ratings where they have to click on the stars or number to rate your products.
  • Numbers. This means you can show how many people purchased your products, your social media followers, or your email subscribers.

Now, I won't keep you waiting! I know you want to learn how to leverage social proof and increase your sales! ?


7 Ways To Use Social Proof


1. Show Them On the Product Page

Make sure to include reviews for your customers to see on your product page.

Since they are still browsing the products, they might not be 100% convinced they're buying them.

So, to help them decide... why not put on some product reviews, right?

Let's look at Pura Vida Bracelets.

Pura Vida Bracelets

If you select one of their products, you can see what their purchasers say about them.

This is an effective way to encourage potential customers to purchase because those who already did are saying good things about it.

So make sure to include reviews on your product pages to close that sale!

But here's another way...


2. Show Reviews On Your Homepage

As compared to showing reviews on product pages, this one is not as specific. It's like displaying reviews about your ecommerce store as a whole.

But does it make it any less important? Not at all.

Because before your website visitors go to your products, they're browsing through your homepage page.

That's why displaying reviews on your homepage can also be a helpful way to get their trust.

Why don't we take a look at Kirrin Finch's ecommerce website?

Kirrin Finch

If we scroll down a little bit on the website, we can see that their social proof strategy includes displaying reviews on the homepage.

This shows that customers trust them, and it's easy to spot a positive review. And not gonna lie. This makes me want to shop and browse more on their ecommerce store. ?

But there's another way to use social proof...


3. Post Them On Social Media

Did you know that 72% of online shoppers in the United States used social media to look for new products?

It just shows that your target market is on social media.

That's why you should also post your social proof on your Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform you're using.

Let's take a look at Nguyen Coffee Supply.

Nguyen Coffee Supply

As I mentioned above, social proof comes in different forms. And one of them is media mentions.

Of course, Nguyen Coffee Supply made sure to take advantage of this press feature and posted it on their Instagram account.

And we can also notice that it has received a lot of likes and support from its community.

What did I tell you? This is an incredible way to discover your target market on social media.

If they see that a reputable media company is writing about you, they'd know your ecommerce business can be worth the try. ??

Wondering if there's another way? There is!


4. Include Them In Your Email Marketing

Once you've captured your customers' emails, it means they are slowly gliding down the sales funnel.

They're close to purchasing your products... they just need a little push.

And email marketing would be a big help!

Now, to give you an example...


Since showing numbers is a fantastic way to show social proof and entice your market, Flo displayed how many people started their educational courses.

And what would you feel if you saw that 18,000 people had started already? It feels like you don't want to miss it because it might be good!

That sounds inviting, right?

So, you have to include any form of review in your email marketing strategy to help your subscribers decide if they want to purchase from you.

Let's hop on to the next one!


5. Ask An Industry Expert

Another way to validate the value of your product is by asking an expert.

Potential customers might take some time before they trust you.

But if they see that a credible and well-respected person talks highly about your product, gaining their trust might become more accessible. Or it can also be celebrity endorsements.

And what do I mean by this?

One of our previous has this but I will try to find another website sample

We can see that there are expert features on Debutify's website.

So, if you see that leading entrepreneurs trust it in the ecommerce industry, would that help you download the theme?

If yes, then that's the point of including experts on your ecommerce website. To help them trust you quickly.

Another way to use social proof is...

6. Show Your Media Features

When you see that ecommerce businesses are featured in big and reputable companies, would you purchase their products?

Well, showcasing media features or mentions on your website is important.

It's actually one way to build your ecommerce store's credibility.

And Glo Skin Beauty makes sure that people know they've been featured in lifestyle magazines and websites like Vogue, Allure, Marie Claire, and more.

Show Your Media Features

One of the best ways to flaunt your earned media is by creating a separate page about press or on your homepage, like this one.

And we are now down to our last tip...


7. Show Real-Time Statistics

Real-time statistics show what people are currently doing on your website.

And if your potential customers see that many visitors are viewing a specific product, it might create an impression that your products are remarkable.

Not only that, but it can also create a FOMO or fear of missing out! ?

Look at Woof Palace.

Show Real-Time Statistics

Aside from having 5-star ratings and 90 reviews on their product page, there are also 92 dog lovers viewing their product!

What a great way to show how well-liked your products are, right? No wonder its part of our stunning stores with Debutify theme!

Now... what do these samples tell you?


Social Proof In Ecommerce Is Influential!

Speaking of which... there's something that will help you build powerful social proof on your ecommerce site.

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