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24 Dec 2021

Top 15 Stunning Shopify Stores with Debutify Theme in 2021

Top 15 Stunning Shopify Stores with Debutify Theme in 2021

You're probably thinking of using the Debutify theme...

Maybe you're thinking you won't be able to stand out or your store would look like everyone else's.

That's why you want to see it in action first to inspire you and take yours to the next level...

And you're in the right place!

Because you're about to see 15 wonderful AND functional websites that are uniquely made. ?

So unique you wouldn't even think they're using the same theme...

What am I talking about?

As we wrap up the year 2021... we are so excited to share the...

Top 15 Ecommerce Stores Using Debutify Theme Out of 384,647+ Brand Owners!

So, if you're planning to use the Debutify theme... you need to read this blog until the end.

Why? Because some of you might think it's hard to be noticeable when using a pre-made theme... but these incredible ecommerce stores will prove you wrong.

You can see how they modified the Debutify theme to reclaim their brand identity AND stand out from the competition.

That's why you need to stay until the end of this blog.

Hmm... What are we waiting for?

Here are some websites that are smashing their Shopify stores using Debutify!

1. Tucann

Follow Tucann: Facebook | Instagram

Tucann is one of the stores using the Debutify theme. It's an ecommerce store that mainly sells beach shorts for men. They aim to make their customer feel confident and comfortable when wearing their beach shorts.

Aside from their goal to make their customers feel good, Tucann also gives users trouble-free navigation on their website.

Let me tell you why...

When you click on the product, you can see the color swatches. There's also a size chart, which helps the users find the one that fits them perfectly.

The best part?

Even if Tucann has high-quality images, the website is loading very fast! So, it's no surprise that their customers have smooth purchase processes!

And this is attainable for your ecommerce store with Debutify, too!

Next up is...

2. Woof Palace

Woof Palace

Follow Woof Palace: Facebook | Instagram

Want to take your pet everywhere with you? Well, not literally.

But Woof Palace can make this possible by engraving your pets on a piece of jewelry.

It's easy to place an order as well because of the efficiency of their website. It's clean and not overwhelming. Woof Palace wants their users to know when they can receive the products... so there's also a delivery estimate on the product page.

Think that's all? It also answers your questions in mind through the FAQ Add-On (Frequently Asked Questions). You just have to click the question and the answer will show.

Yep, that easy. Such a convenient shopping experience, right? I'm sure your customers want this for your website, too!

The next store is...

3. The Brick

The Brick

Follow The Brick: Facebook | Instagram

The holidays are fast approaching. Luckily, The Brick's collections are always available to make the kids' Christmas merry!

The Brick's website is optimized for simple navigation. As you see, users can easily add products they like. Not only that but there are also a collection of recommended products under!

So, choosing which products to buy isn't a problem anymore. We can all agree that the website is optimized for it! And you can even add items to your cart without leaving the current page.

What a great experience for users, right?

But no worries, you can also achieve this kind of convenience on your website through Debutify's easy-to-activate Add-Ons.

Next is...

4. Karmavana


Follow Karmavana: Facebook | Instagram

Protecting ourselves from unwanted and negative energies? Yes, please! Karmavana sells spiritual bracelets together with inspiring artisans to help create their jewelry.

You can see that their home page is well-organized. They have different categories, too... such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, smartwatch bracelets, best sellers, and more! You can also see their Instagram feed, which makes it easier to connect with them on social media.

Oh, by the way! Did I mention that you don't have to leave the homepage to get a quick view of the product AND add them to the cart? Yep, you heard that right!

How cool is that? I know you also want these features for your ecommerce store! Luckily, you can get these Add-Ons from the Debutify theme. ?

Another incredible ecommerce store is...

5. Superstuff Workwear

Superstuff Workwear

Follow Superstuff Workwear: Facebook | Instagram

Are you looking for a comfortable set of quality workwear? Superstuff Workwear is the answer. They offer a wide range of products to make sure you're at ease and safe while at work!

Here's the good news... it's no rocket science to navigate on their website.

Their website is very categorized, which is perfect as they offer a wide range of workwear collections. And with the filtering options, it's painless to browse for products you want to purchase.

But you know what would thrill others to buy from Super Stuff Workwear? Seeing how many people are viewing the same products... because you need to grab it before anyone else does! Right?

So, if you want your website to have this kind of impression... make sure to use the Live View Add-On to your Debutify theme!

Now, let's talk about...

6. Kurz K Klein

Kurz K Klein

Follow Kurz K Klein: Facebook | Instagram

It's tiring to plan nice-looking outfits all the time. That's why if you're looking for the perfect comfy office wear, Kurz K Klein is where you need to go. They offer basic sweatshirts that are great for office and casual wear.

Their products also portray their website — clean and stylish while serving its purpose.

Oh, before I forget. They're also selling stickers for laptops and coffee mugs! And if you fancy their products, it's easy to add them to your wish list without leaving the home page! Just click the heart button when hovering over the products.

Filtering options are also visible. That's why it's easy to sort the products depending on what you're looking for. No need to go through dozens of products!

Such a convenient online experience, right? That's why I wanted to show you why Kurz K Klein is one of the great stores using the Debutify theme.

Another extraordinary example is...

7. Livine Fitness

Livine Fitness

Follow Livine Fitness: Facebook | Instagram

Head to Livine Fitness and you'll see dozens of stylish workout equipment... perfect for fitness enthusiasts!

As you see, their homepage is not complicated. When you scroll down a bit, you can already view the Best Sellers. There's also an Add to Cart button included on the featured items, which means users don't need to leave the home page!

Not only that but there's also the Quick View Add-On. This makes it easier for their users to see product details. Yep, no need to click the product itself and go to another page.

So, you're loving these convenient features, huh? I'm sure your customers will, too!

Another one of the best Debutify theme examples you'll love is...

8. Sketch Bay

Sketch Bay

Follow Sketch Bay: Facebook | Instagram

Try looking at your space... looks dull? Sketch Bay will spice it up! You can find a wide array of cool prints you can use to brighten up your area.

Good news? Placing an order is easy because of their minimally-designed website! Once you click the product you want to buy, you'll be redirected to the product page.

Now, I want you to see one of their product pages...

You can see the sizes using the Size Chart Add-On. You'll also notice how many hours are left before the sale ends... how many people bought the product in the 48 hours, and how many visitors are viewing the exact product as yours.

Want to achieve the same "feels" for your website to bring in more customers? Make sure to check out Debutify's Add-Ons to start with!

So, what's next?

9. Couch Savers

Couch Savers

Follow Couch Savers: Facebook | Instagram

Couch Savers has been protecting your couches from unwanted traces. So, what do you expect from them? Of course, even their website looks clean and sleek. Just like their products.

So, let me show you their website.

They customized their Debutify theme to make it look simple, elegant, and easy to navigate. There are also great product photos, which helps customers see the products in use.

Oh, reviews are clear, too! See those 5 stars? ?

But the best part? When users go to the product page they desire, they can mix and match to save money! There's also a delivery estimate for customers who hate waiting.

Overall, we can say that Couch Savers' website is designed for users who don't want hassle website navigation. And with Debutify, this is possible for your website, too!

Next up...

10. Teenie Wee

Teenie Wee

Follow Teenie Wee: Facebook | Instagram

Who says only adults need some motivation? Surprise, because kids, too! And Teenie Wee comes up with a quick fix for this. They're selling nursery prints with positive affirmations to encourage children.

How cute is that?

The website is not difficult to navigate, and anyone can easily find what they're looking for. You can check out the product page, and see Frequently Asked Questions, such as Guarantee and Shipping information.

Need to learn more about parenting? No worries, because there's an informative blog section on the website.

Want to see more examples?

11. Opinew


Follow Opinew: Facebook | Instagram

Technology company Opinew uses the theme for its demo website. This is where they show how the reviews are displayed. They can import reviews from other ecommerce sites, such as Amazon and eBay, in just one click.

I want you to see this... the demo website has a fast loading speed and easy navigation. It has a minimal design, too.

In a nutshell, the overall look of the website is polished and smooth. And you can also make your website as sleek as this using the Debutify theme!

Now, let me show you...

12. Bella Fit

Bella Fit

Follow Bella Fit: Facebook | Instagram

Bella Fit is one of the stores using Debutify theme. They offer a wide range of apparel. From sportswear to waist trainers, their website has it all. So, you don't have to look further if you're looking for a variety of things.

Here's the thing... users won't have a hard time navigating the website. Why? Bella Fit's website has a bestseller, categories, and blogs section on the homepage.

Oh, and did you also notice that big Black Friday sale banner? Yep, because you can customize your Debutify theme depending on what your store is up to!

Let's see another example...

13. Make Me Royal USA

Make Me Royal USA

Follow Make Me Royal USA: Facebook | Instagram

If you fancy being royal even in portraits, Make Me Royal USA is the answer. It's a portrait service that's using the Debutify theme.

Users don't need to sift through all the choices because the filtering options feature is enabled. Rather than using other chatbot integrations, Make Me Royal integrated Facebook Messenger into their website.

To sum it up, their website is no-nonsense. It's straightforward with features that matter. No wonder they're one of the best stores with Debutify theme examples!

Now, let's look at another ecommerce store...

14. Blown Biker

Blown Biker

Follow Blown Biker: Facebook | Instagram

Affordable but the best quality jewelry and apparel, Blown Biker is your friend. They're selling extensive products... such as jewelry, items of clothing, gadgets, bags, belt buckers, and more.

As you can see, their homepage is easy to follow. With a little bit of scrolling down, you'll find the best-selling products, collections, and customer reviews. There's also a list of the items once you navigate through the "Shop Now" menu on top.

Wanna know why they're one of the best stores with Debutify theme? The exciting discount tag! Everybody loves it, am I right? And if you install the Debutify theme, you can also make your website visitors excited.

We're down to our last example!

15. Organic M.A.K.E

Organic M.A.K.E

Follow Organic M.A.K.E: Facebook | Instagram.

Don't want to sacrifice the health of your skin for beauty? Organic M.A.K.E is your gal! They're selling organic make-up products that feel "light on the skin."

You can notice the good placement of the call-to-action button with a background image on the top of the page, right? Looks amazing! You can also sort through the products depending on their prices and alphabetical order.

There's more... if their customers are not yet familiar with organic make-ups, they have a blog that will help them out. There are also customer reviews available about the store, which makes it even better.

We can really see that Organic M.A.K.E customized their Debutify theme to its fullest potential! That's why they're part of the best websites with Debutify theme examples.

Now, I guess it's time to ask you after seeing these incredible sites...

Want To Achieve The Same Looks For Your Shopify Store?

These stores just prove that Debutify can cater to ANY niche.

You can customize it to your liking without compromising functionality!

Fast loading and clean code? Say no more!

Because if you want your store to have the same feel as the ones we mentioned above, it's actually easy to install the theme!

To start your ecommerce journey with Debutify... just head over to the Debutify website and click Try Debutify Free to get the 14-day trial.

But let me be clear... I know these Debutify theme examples excite you. But Debutify is more than a theme for Shopify.

It's your Profit Optimization Partner. It has over 50+ Add-Ons, which can optimize not just your store's "looks and feels," but can also increase your conversion rate, average order value, and profits!

Sounds amazing, right?

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