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18 Feb 2022

Angry Customers? Discover 12 Tips You Can Try To Stop Complaints Before They Happen

Angry Customers? Discover 12 Tips You Can Try To Stop Complaints Before They Happen

Customers are the heart of every eCommerce business.

This means customers should always be at the center of your business goals and decisions. And providing an excellent customer experience is key.

Yet, I am sure you are aware that there will be some issues to deal with. Delay in delivery, incorrect item delivered, and so on and so forth.

This might seem inevitable. So you have to put your feet in their shoes. Figure out a solution. And go out of your way to help. Correct?

But did you know? You can avoid such issues from happening by taking the right steps.

And that's what I want to talk about today... how to stop complaints before they happen.

But before I get started, let me ask you this...

What Causes Customers to Be Frustrated?

What Causes Customers to Be Frustrated?

In eCommerce, there are some reasons why customers complain. Here are the most common issues...

Issues With Shipping And Fulfillment

Shipping delays are a very common problem.

Customers can even become frustrated when they don't know where their orders are.

Next is very common...

Inaccurate Product Images And Descriptions

This is a case of expectation vs. reality... an online shopper's worst nightmare.

In fact, research says... 22% of returns are due to a product that looks different on the website.

It's disappointing, right?

Stock Issues

Insufficient inventory can turn away customers. It frustrates them when they can't get what they are looking for.

Website Responsiveness And Usability Issues

Online shoppers want seamless and easy shopping experiences. This is so important if you want your customers to stay. And also, you want your customers to enjoy your website, right?

Don't worry. If you keep reading until the end, you'll know what to do.?

So next, I want to tell you...

The Importance of Addressing Customer Complaints

When it comes to customer service, it's not always about being right. But, it is more about your willingness to make things right with consumers.

The service recovery paradox points out that after a complaint is resolved... customers will have a more favorable view of your business than they did before.

Take a look at this graph...

The Importance of Addressing Customer Complaints

Over time, the graph illustrates customer loyalty.

Because dealing with unhappy customers is important. It's vital for the customers and for you as well.

Turning things around is important in maintaining a positive reputation. Always remember...

Prevention is always better than cure.

So as an eCommerce owner, you must learn to avoid complaints before they occur.

So let's dive into our main topic... what can be done to avoid or minimize customer complaints?

Prevent Customer Complaints Before They Even Happen by Following These Tips!

1. Ensure Clear Communication With Your Customers

In your eCommerce store, you need to be transparent. Provide all the needed information to prevent customer complaints due to miscommunication.

Include essential information like prices, sizes, and delivery times.

And don't forget... communicate any delays you may face as soon as possible.

Last but not least, provide them with feedback, reviews, and testimonials. These will guide them in their buying decision.

Having said that, let me go to #2...

2. Aim for Accuracy

You will prevent customer complaints if you aim for accuracy. Tell your customers what to expect. And deliver your promise.

Obviously, you want to make sure your goods arrive intact. But it's not just about the condition of your goods.

Make sure everything you post is correct... from the colors and fabrics of clothing to product descriptions to the technical specifications, etc.

Be very honest about your products.

It has to be "what you see is what you get" for the consumers. You owe them that.

Make sure all photos are accurate representations of what you're selling. This is very important so you will not be accused of misrepresentation.

Maintaining strict quality control and transparency are important. Doing this will ensure that nobody can criticize your business. And you will keep your good reputation as well.

Let's move on to the next important tip...

3. Be Proactive

Allow online shoppers to track their purchases by giving them order tracking numbers.

So that when a package is in transit, they will be able to track its progress.

This way, you will provide your shoppers peace of mind and at the same time... excitement.

Another way to help customers is to send an alert when an item they like is back in stock. Using automation makes this easy.

Fortunately, Debutify offers a Back In Stock Add-On. It notifies your customers if a product they want becomes available again.

Be proactive in meeting their needs. This will definitely minimize customer complaints.

And speaking of meeting their needs...

4. Respond to All Queries Quickly

Respond to All Queries Quickly

It is frustrating to the customer when an eCommerce business is unreachable.

Especially if they have questions. Or something went wrong as an incorrect product was received. Or shipment takes longer than the anticipated delivery time.

It is also important to establish a direct means of contact with your customers. It will affect their customer experience if there's a delay in your response.

Or worst... if you fail to respond at all. And that's a no-no!

Make sure you're available to provide an update.

And provide a plan B just in case an order is lost or in case an item gets stocked out.

Here, you can provide customers with a live chat option or phone support. And make sure to adjust your support hours according to your customers' needs.

The whole idea of eCommerce is convenience and speed. And online shoppers expect a quick and prompt response from your online store.

We are almost halfway through. So keep reading...

5. Personalize

Did you know that 66% of consumers have used 3 or more communication channels to contact customer service?

There are those who prefer phone support. Some prefer to communicate via live chat or email. While others simply prefer to tweet.

Consumer preferences continue to change constantly and become more demanding. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to eCommerce customer care.

That's why you need to have a personalized approach... when it comes to providing a seamless customer support experience.

I can't stress this enough...

6. Fix Those eCommerce Website Issues

Shoppers want an easy and seamless online shopping experience. So take care of those website issues before they arise.

These are common examples:

Slow Loading

Your online shop needs to load as quickly as possible. Make it smooth with your shoppers... especially those with slow internet connection.

Checkout Process

One reason customers abandon a site is a long and tedious checkout process. 87% of online customers will abandon a cart if the checkout process is complicated.


Nowadays, it is essential for any eCommerce site to be mobile-friendly. Because many shoppers (including myself) use mobile devices to shop online.

These are just some issues customers might encounter on your website. So be sure to address all issues.

Ensure that someone from your end is on stand-by for immediate assistance with any website problem.

Don't forget... you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

#7 is precious...

7. Seek Feedback

Another way to prevent customer complaints is to ask customers for feedback regularly.

But don't use a generic survey questionnaire for every situation.

Customize it to suit your specific needs. And remember to ask for feedback as soon as possible. Act on it right away!

Plus, doing this can help you identify future improvements as well.

I know... analyzing customer feedback can be difficult. But, it remains one of the best ways to reduce customer service complaints.

There is no way to overemphasize this next tip...

8. Understand Customer Needs

It's very important to understand the needs of your customers from the get-go.

This will help them in the right way. And avoid customer complaints.

You may get annoyed by customers' frequent and repeated queries. But remember... one aggravated reply can lead to customer complaints.

To avoid customer complaints, you must understand the urgency of the customer's needs.

Don't get annoyed with their queries. Here, you might also want to add an FAQ section for the most common questions/concerns.

Next, a golden tip...

9. Set Higher Customer Service Standards

Your service plays a crucial role in customer satisfaction.

In the past, only price and quality were considered crucial. But right now, modern consumers pay close attention to how you treat them.

So ensure that your customer service is top-notch. Take a look at your customer service strategy. And improve where necessary.

Hang in there for tip #10...

10. Provide A Customer-Focused Service

Provide A Customer-Focused Service

A customer-focused service means putting customers' needs on top of your priority. In other words, put them at the center of your business's decision-making process.

This includes the following aspects:

  • Utilizing various data sources to understand customer behavior better
  • Asking for customer feedback and taking it seriously to improve
  • Satisfying the needs of the customer

Satisfied customers are the basis for your business's success. Agree? Thus, customer focus is always a win-win. Not only for your customers but this will benefit you as well.

We are getting close to the end of this blog so hang on...

11. Test, Test, Test

A performance test and security assessment of your website is a good practice. This is to improve on customer experience. And prevent complaints.

Tests are a critical part of your business. Whether you are launching a new product on your store site or updating the design/ layout of your website...

Or if you are upgrading your technology or trying out new features. These should be part of your processes.

Don't be afraid to run tests. Consult your hosting provider about how to minimize eCommerce site issues. And what steps are necessary to overcome any issue.

Stay ahead of your competitors by applying tip #1 to tip #11.

But tip #12 is the real deal...

12. Build a Positive Brand Reputation

The eCommerce world is competitive. And your brand needs to excel by offering the best products and services.

Keeping the quality of your products and services high will establish your brand. People will notice your high quality products and best practices.

And when customers find your products and services flawless... no one will ever complain. Ultimately, there's nothing like a genuinely positive, truthful testimonial to boost your brand's image.

So that's all for today.

You can stop customer complaints from happening by taking these...

12 Tips To Avoid Customer Complaints Before They Happen

Keeping customers satisfied is the key to business success. Excellent customer service is your most valuable asset.

At every step, you need to provide them with a great experience. This will dramatically prevent complaints from happening.

And how can you start?

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