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22 Jul 2022

Best Shopify Themes For eCommerce Stores

Best Shopify Themes For eCommerce Stores

Your eCommerce theme can either make or break your online store.

Why? Because it's part of your customer experience.

Hmm... think about it.

If you're using a theme that loads slowly with complicated navigation buttons... do you think your customers will have a good online shopping experience?

For your website visitors to purchase from your eCommerce store, you need to make their experience seamless.

Wondering how?

Read on, because, in this blog, we'll talk about...

  • Benefits of having a smooth-sailing eCommerce theme
  • The traits of a great eCommerce theme
  • 10 eCommerce themes you can use for your online store

Let's start, shall we?


Benefits Of Having An Efficient eCommerce Theme

Having an efficient eCommerce theme is a must for your online store.

But let me tell you why you need it, anyway.

An efficient eCommerce theme can...


1. Enhance Customer Experience

Customer experience plays a big role in the purchasing decision of your potential customers.

If they're online shopping and they experience a lot of hurdles while navigating your website... don't expect them to purchase.

To make them purchase, make sure that all elements of your website are working perfectly.

And once they know that your eCommerce store, out of other competitors, has the smoothest website...

They will come back to your Shopify store and...


2. Boost Customer Loyalty

Did you know that customer retention is cheaper than customer acquisition?


So, it should be your goal to keep your customers coming back to you.

And you can do that by giving them an unforgettable online shopping experience.

Of course, the more loyal customers you have... the higher your chances of making more sales.

Do I need to state the obvious? A responsive Shopify theme can...


3. Increase Sales

Who doesn't want to increase sales, right?

That's probably one of your biggest goals as a business owner.

And having an efficient and wonderful Shopify theme can help you achieve your goal.

Because if your customers just glide through your eCommerce website... they can effortlessly make a purchase.

Choosing the best Shopify theme is not an easy job, but what do you need to look for?


5 Things To Look For When Choosing An eCommerce Theme

5 Things To Look For When Choosing An eCommerce Theme


1. Customer Support

Are you running your eCommerce store by yourself?

Then you don't need to experience so much hassle in editing and customizing your Shopify theme.

You need to make sure that the theme you'll choose has 24/7 customer support.

Another thing is...


2. Flexibility

You need a flexible Shopify theme that works best for any industry.

If you want a specific theme for a niche, that's also an excellent choice.

But it has to be highly customizable, so you can present a consistent brand presence across all your platforms.

The next one is...


3. Cost-Effective

Free themes are great. But premium themes? Chef's kiss.

There are some differences between free themes and premium ones.

For example, some themes don't offer 24/7 customer support for free users.

So... I don't encourage you to look for a cheap theme that doesn't make the cut, no.

You need a theme that suits your budget but does its job and makes your life easier behind the screen.

The next thing you need to look for is...


4. Features

There is no one-size-fits-all Shopify theme.

They all have different features.

Some themes have features for websites with physical stores, while some stores don't.

So, make sure that you know what you need from a theme.

Then you can see if the features can cater to those needs.

And last but not least...


5. User-Friendly

Being creative is fun, especially if it's your brand.

But your users and target customers should be on top of your mind.

It should be fast-loading and easy to navigate.

So, want to know what these themes are?


10 Best Shopify eCommerce Themes

You will see free and premium Shopify themes for you. Even if you're a food and beverage, clothing, pastry, or even an alcohol brand... you can see which theme is best for you.

But if you can't find your industry here, I'll include a well-rounded eCommerce theme perfect for any industry.

Are you ready?


1. Kling


Download Theme | Live Preview

If you're looking for a great Shopify theme that will go with your handbags... you should consider Kling.

It is one of the best awesome themes available for download.

It's straightforward and functional. There is a navigation on the top left, which your website visitors can easily spot.

To sum it up... Kling is clean and elegant.

If you think this theme doesn't fit your style, you can also check...


2. Sandpad


Download Theme | Live Preview

If you're selling sandals or any footwear, Sandpad can be your best friend.

This theme is so customizable that you can choose your preferred layouts.

For example, the Shop page. You can choose between full-width layouts, sidebar layouts, and list views.

Such a customizable eCommerce theme, right?

When picking a Shopify theme, it's important to have options.

And Sandpad gives you just that! 😉

But are you looking for a more specialty theme?

Hold my drink.


3. Taste


Download Theme | Live Preview

This is Taste by Shopify. It's one of their free Shopify themes.

You can use this theme for your online store if you specialize in food and drink. But don't feel limited.

This is also great if your eCommerce brand has bold branding... because this theme will help you emphasize that through its support of visual storytelling.

Your prospects can also zoom in on your products when they click on your product images.

Isn't it amazing? 🤩

But if you want to have a more versatile theme for large inventories, you can go for...


4. Expanse


Download Theme | Live Preview

Expanse is a clean, responsive Shopify theme that works best for your high-volume, physical store.

But if you're also a dropshipper, then this theme is specifically made for you.

Some of the features this theme has are image galleries, product tabs, lookbooks, product videos, recommended products, image zoom, and more.

All designed to give your customers the best experience when online shopping!

If this theme doesn't meet your requirements because you like something more flowery, the next theme is for you.


5. Phuler


Download Theme | Live Preview

If you're running a flower shop and looking for an elegant, fresh theme... say no more.

Phuler is a theme from Envato Elements.

This eCommerce theme will help you craft a splendid website that will showcase your products. 💐

Who doesn't want their customers to feel as though they're entering a physical flower shop when browsing your website?

Aside from that, Phuler is also highly-customizable.

This will be perfect if you want to keep your website consistent and on-brand.

But if you want more paid Shopify themes for more options, the next one is...


6. Cascade


Download Theme | Live Preview

Cascade is one of the premium eCommerce themes.

But you get what you pay for!

Because Cascade is a premium theme that will support your images and help you tell your brand story.

There are also features that will make your customers' shopping convenient.

What are these? Product image zoom, product videos, size chart, and high-resolution images.

It's also a flexible theme because it's minimalist. And you can design it however you want to.

But if you want a theme that's ideal for vibrant colors, why don't you try...


7. FreshGo


Download Theme | Live Preview

Let's admit it... running an online grocery store is not easy.

You usually have large inventories because you're selling various products.

So, you need a theme that's specifically made for your online grocery store.

Worry no more because FreshGo is one of the responsive Themeforest Shopify themes.

It's one of the best choices if you want an eCommerce theme that is overwhelming in a good way. You want to give your website visitors a vibrant and lively feeling during online shopping.

This theme is a creative and modern one. It also has a best-selling featured product, newsletter, and mega menu.

And if you're not into this kind of theme because you're looking for a more classic design, you need to check...


8. Athens


Download Theme | Live Preview

Athens is the best Shopify theme for your hardware, dropshipping, and physical store. This is from the Shopify theme store.

This is also an excellent choice for high-volume eCommerce stores.

Some features of this theme are in-store pickups, store locator, product filtering and sorting, slideshow, image zoom, and more.

You see, this is also a multipurpose Shopify theme! You can customize it to your liking and make sure it fits all your needs.

Now, if you want to showcase your art, maybe this theme is the best for you.


9. Studio


Download Theme | Live Preview

This theme is called "Studio" and it's a free Shopify theme.

If you're looking for a minimalist theme that will exhibit your "artsy" products, this is your pal.

Since it's best for art and entertainment, this theme supports visual storytelling and editorial content.

You can create a blog, FAQ page, and cross-sell. It also has a sticky header, in case you always want to present options wherever they are on your website.

Since I've already shown you a few themes, what if your industry is not yet here?

Specifically-made themes are a great choice.

BUT if you can't find something you like...

You can also opt for a responsive multipurpose Shopify theme, which is...


10. Debutify


Download Theme | Live Preview

Debutify is a Shopify theme that works best in any niche.

It's highly customizable, so you don't have to worry about not being on-brand.

It also has features that matter, like multiple currencies, a featured image slider, zoom on hover, and more.

Not only that, but it can also help customers build trust around your eCommerce store with a trust badge.

Debutify has Add-Ons that will help convert your visitors into customers, like upsell pop-ups, etc.

The best part? Debutify Reviews will be available to help you strengthen your social proof!

So, have you chosen your best Shopify theme?


Create A Seamless eCommerce Store For Your Customers!

Now that you have your options, it's important to note that your theme should be customer-focused.

The more customer-focused it is, the happier customers you have.

And more customers means more sales.

It's a win-win, right?

That's why Debutify can be your partner in achieving that goal.

This eCommerce theme is not your regular theme.

It's conversion-friendly, too.

It has 50+ Add-Ons that will help your business optimize profits, average order value, and conversions.


Try Debutify For Free And Make Your eCommerce Store Conversion-Friendly!

14 Days Trial. 1 Click Installation. No Credit Card Required.

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