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15 Mar 2022

Getting To Know Debutify's Cart Maximizers And How They Can Help Increase Your Average Order Value

Getting To Know Debutify's Cart Maximizers And How They Can Help Increase Your Average Order Value

Do you want your customers to buy products from you?

Of course, the answer is YES.

But do you want them to buy MORE products from your eCommerce store?

Heck, yeah.

Because I'm telling you... if you think they're already buying a ton of products from you, they could still buy more.

You just have to find the best tools to serve as your helping hands.

And if you're using the Debutify theme already, you're in luck because you just have to activate these tools to get your desired results.

Because today, we'll be talking about the Debutify Shopping Cart Maximizer Add-Ons and how they can help you increase your average order value.

Are you excited to find out more about them? Let's start.


What Is An Average Order Value, And Why Is It Important?

What Is An Average Order Value, And Why Is It Important?

An Average Order Value is the average amount of the products your customers are spending on.

It's an important eCommerce metric because it indicates how much your customers are willing to spend on your eCommerce store.

Not only that, but it also helps you strategize your pricing and marketing techniques.

Because maybe, instead of focusing solely on customer acquisition... you just need to retain your current ones and offer them better and more products.

That's why it's important to compute your Average Order Value.

But... how to compute it? Here's how:

Average Order Value

Divide the total revenue by the number of orders.

For example, your revenue for February is $10,000, and the number of orders is 50.

Then the average order value is $200.

Pretty easy, right?

If you don't like the number you got, this is where the Cart Maximizers come into play.


What Are Cart Maximizers?

What Are Cart Maximizers?

Let's start by defining what's a cart maximizer first.

Cart Maximizers encourage your customers to add more products to their carts.

What are these Debutify Shopping Cart Maximizers?

  1. Add-To-Cart Animation Add-On
  2. Cart Goal Add-On
  3. Cart Savings Add-On
  4. Cart Upsells Add-On
  5. Collection Add-To-Cart Add-On

These are important because the more orders they place, the higher your average order value. And of course, that also means more sales.

And speaking of its importance...


How Will Debutify Shopping Cart Maximizers Help Your Business?

How Will Debutify Shopping Cart Maximizers Help Your Business?


1. Increase Your Sales

As I mentioned above, Cart Maximizers aim to make your customers purchase more from your eCommerce store.

So through these Add-Ons, you can encourage your customers to add more products because they want to reach the threshold.

And BAM!

You can increase your sales with the right strategies, implementation, and of course... the proper use of the Add-Ons!

When you increase your sales, you can also...


2. Increase Your Average Order Value

Obviously, this is one of the reasons you're here.

And again, an Average Order Value is the average amount spent whenever customers place an order on your eCommerce store.

But through the Cart Maximizers Add-Ons, you can increase your average order value because the goal is for your customers to add more products to their purchases.

Sounds exciting? Here's the last one!


3. Allow You To Offer Great Deals

Cart Maximizers are probably one of the best ecommerce CRM solutions or Customer Relationships Manager.

Because this is a win-win situation for you and your customers.

You need to offer great deals to entice your customers to maximize their cart value or size.

And by offering better deals, your customers can save money... and you get sales!

But who knows? If you make them happy with your deals, they might keep coming back for more! ?

So, now... I'm sure you're already wondering what these Cart Maximizers are and how you can use them for your eCommerce store.

I don't want to keep you waiting, so let's deep dive.


What Are Debutify's Cart Maximizers Add-Ons And How To Use Them For Your eCommerce Store?


1. Add-To-Cart Animation

This is one of the great ecommerce order maximizers.

The Add-To-Cart Animation is for your product page. It allows you to customize the Add-To-Cart button to spice it up!

So, how can this help your eCommerce store increase your average order value?

The animation can help grab your customers' attention when browsing your product pages because of the button movements.

Because if you grab their attention, this button can prompt your customers to add more products to their carts and check them out.

So, the more products on their cart, the more sales you have!

And there are different types of animation to choose from, such as:

  • Bounce
  • Flash
  • Pulse
  • Shake X
  • Shake Y
  • Tada
  • Heart Beat

If you play around with those, you'll find the best one that will capture the attention of your customers.


How To Activate The Add-On:

Step 1: Go to Theme Settings, then Debutify Add-Ons, and select Add-To-Cart Animation.

Step 2: After activating the Add-To-Cart Animation Add-On, go back to Theme Settings and select Add-To-Cart Animation again.

Step 3: Customize the movement or the animation of the Add-On, and select an interval time.

Make sure to experiment and see which entices your customers more.

For example, you can try Shake X with an interval of 10 seconds. And the next time you customize it, try Shake Y with an interval of 5 seconds.

Just to see which one performs better or makes your customers add the products to their carts.

To watch the full tutorial, check it out here:

Debutify Add-To-Cart Animation Add-On


The next Cart Maximizer Add-On is...


2. Cart Goal

The Cart Goal Add-On offers free shipping when your customers reach the threshold.

It's like a progress bar that shows how much they need to add to obtain free shipping or discounts.

The progress bar is helpful because your customers would want to add more and more products just to achieve the free shipping or discount.

Also, they can see how much more they need to add, which will motivate them more.

And you see, you can increase your average order value because more customers are excited to fill the bar and snag your deals! ?


How To Activate The Add-On:

Step 1: Go to Theme Settings, then Debutify Add-Ons, and Cart Goal

Step 2: Customize the Cart Goal Add-On based on your preference.

When customizing the Cart Goal Add-On, make sure to change the Suffix based on the deals you offer.

For example, you can change it into an enticing Call-To-Action.

So easy, right?

But if you're more of a visual person, feel free to watch the whole tutorial here:

Debutify Cart Goal Add-On

Another Cart Maximizer Add-On you need to take advantage of is...


3. Cart Savings

One of the best eCommerce order maximizers is Cart Savings.

The Cart Savings Add-On displays the total amount your customers are saving. This is great if you have ongoing deals!

This prompts them to add more products to their carts because the more products they add, the higher the savings are, of course.

And when they see they're saving a lot of money, they're most likely to complete their purchase.

Want to add this to your eCommerce store?


How To Activate The Add-On:

Step 1: Go to Theme Settings, then Debutify Add-Ons and Cart Savings.

Step 2: Customize the text.

Pro tip: Your text should bring more excitement and urgency.

Don't just say, "You saved $150." You can edit the text to make it say, "Whoa, you saved a lot!" to urge them more to complete their purchase! ?

Here's the link to watch the full tutorial:

Debutify Cart Savings Add-On

Debutify Cart Savings Add-On

Wait, there's more!


4. Cart Upsell

Before anything else, what is upselling?

Ecommerce upselling is the process of offering your customers a more expensive version of their initial purchase. But it can also mean upselling through bundles.

And the Cart Upsell Add-On lets you do that from the cart itself.

Yep, your customers don't need to navigate elsewhere.

It's one way to increase your average order value because your customers purchase pricier products.


How To Activate The Add-On:

Step 1: Go to Debutify Add-Ons and Cart Upsells and activate the Add-On.

And here's how to customize the upsells.

Choose the product and customize the Cart Upsells to select the products that would go with the initial option.

You can also change the text of the button to something more convincing! ?

Here's the full tutorial to guide you:

Debutify Cart Upsells Add-On

And the last Cart Maximizer Add-On in our list is...


5. Collection Add-To-Cart

The Collection Add-To-Cart Add-On allows your customers to add products to their cart instantly without having to go to each dedicated product page

Sounds convenient, right?

This is perfect for customers putting whatever they like into their carts.

For example, your Collection page consists of bags with different styles. If your customer wants to add every design, they can just press the Add To Cart button, and voila!

Even if they only click on the drop-down menu with your products, they can still add them to the cart.

How To Activate The Add-On:

Just go to Debutify Add-Ons and Cart Upsells and activate the Collection Add-On.

To watch the tutorial, click here:

Debutify Collection Add-To-Cart Add-On


So, do you want to get a hold of these Add-Ons?


Maximize Your Conversion Rate With These Cart Maximizer Add-Ons!

But that's not all...

You need to have these powerful Add-Ons to maximize your eCommerce store's full potential.

And with a powerful eCommerce theme like Debutify... there are still 50+ Add-Ons that will help you increase your conversions and AOV. Not just the Cart Maximizers! ?

So, if you want to grab these amazing tools...


Try Debutify For Free And Increase Your Average Order Value - Today!

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