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20 May 2022

Here Are Influential Customer Testimonial Examples You Can Copy

Here Are Influential Customer Testimonial Examples You Can Copy

Whenever new customers browse your eCommerce store, they will often look for this page.

And if they don't see it, your business feels like something is missing.

Any guess on what it is?

I won't let you guess any longer...

It's true; Your testimonial page is an integral part of your eCommerce business.

That is if you want to succeed.

Just think about it...

Using customer testimonials can generate 62% more revenue from each customer. And that is every time they visit your store!

Plus, it also has the highest success rating in content marketing. A customer testimonial is a significant part of social proof, after all.

Now I'm sure we are on the same page in this one...

You need to pump up your customer testimonials!

Now listen up as we go through:

  • What you can consider a customer testimonial
  • Types and power testimonial examples to inspire you
  • Tips on how to display your customer testimonials

So hang on while I explain...


What Is A Customer Testimonial?

A testimonial is a recommendation of your product or services from a satisfied customer. It is an honest review from a customer on how your business helped them.

This social proof also comes in different types. No matter what type of customer testimonial you use, it needs to connect with your target audience.

Up next, you'll know...


10 Types Of Customer Testimonials And Effective Examples You Can Copy

10 Types Of Customer Testimonials And Effective Examples You Can Copy

Let's start with...


1. Quote Testimonials

When you think of a customer testimonial, what comes to your mind?

Most probably, it would come in the form of a quote.

You see, quote testimonials are the most popular type of written testimonials. And it's because they are powerful and effective.

How so?

This social proof comes directly from actual customers. They show how credible your product or service is.

It also makes sense that it's more effective than traditional marketing materials. Prospective customers like to see an actual testimonial from other customers, not actors.

So, you can use quote testimonials on your home page, about us page, and product pages.

To make it more powerful, add the customer's photo and name. Also, add a relevant call to action to invite customers so they can learn more about your business.

Take a look at how these brands display customer testimonials.

Debutify makes sure that their customer's photo and title goes with the quote. They also put important keywords in bold to make them pop more.

Debutify Customer Testimonial

Bolden is a skincare company that works especially well on darker skin tones. And that reflects on their testimonials, too.

Bolden Customer Testimonial

When it comes to customer testimonials, we can't leave out...


2. Peer Reviews

Social proof shows us how other people can highly influence people. That's why almost nine out of ten consumers read online reviews before purchasing.

That's right... Your previous customers can help you acquire new customers. With their glowing reviews and star ratings, your credibility can skyrocket.

To maximize your online reviews, make certain that they are a highlight of your eCommerce store.

Also, focus on the popular review sites such as Google and Yelp. You can screenshot some of the stellar reviews from happy customers and share in on your own website, preferably on your review page.

Check out this customer testimonial example. This coffee shop integrates its Google reviews into its main page.

Peer Reviews

You can also get more customer testimonials from your...


3. Social Media Testimonials

If you think social media is all about expressing one's mind... Then you hit the nail on the head!

With that said, it's also a platform for a customer to speak about their experiences with a product or service.

And depending on how many their followers are, their testimonials can be highly influential for your brand.

It's also easy to find genuine testimonials from real customers. All you have to do is watch on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

So when you see social media accounts posting testimonials about your business, ensure that you engage with them.

A simple like and share is a great example of your brand being agreeable.

Social media posts are also a good addition to your own testimonial pages.

Take a look at these awesome testimonial examples to inspire you:

Truly Hard Seltzer shares their Instagram user-generated content on its website. They also included a call to action to motivate their visitors to share their pictures.

Truly Hard Seltzer

The luxury sheets brand Brooklinen retweets customers' opinions on their own Twitter accounts.


Speaking of social media, one of the best testimonials you can use is...


4. Influencer Testimonials

There is a reason why Kim Kardashian is one of the most-followed people on Earth... She is highly influential!

When influencers rave about your brand, their followers would also like to try it out.

Promotions from celebrities mean you are also tapping into their followings. This also means that you can build on your brand awareness, as well as increase product sales.

But a word of warning: An influencer testimonial is more nuanced than you think. You have to choose one that is right within your industry niche.

Also, the Federal Trade Commission requires you to disclose any paid sponsorship or affiliate work. You would need to tell users about your financial relationship with an influencer.

Here are some of my favorite collaborations to inspire you on your own testimonials page:


The prebiotic soda Mayawell collaborates with Instagram influencers to promote its products.

Collaboration With Influencers

Out of all the types of testimonials, a video testimonial gives off the best visual. Keep reading and learn about...


5. Video Testimonials

It doesn't come as a surprise that testimonial videos give you a positive ROI. A video testimonial can be engaging and entertaining.

It also gives you a chance to go viral, as long as your video testimonials manage to be interesting and feature user-generated content.

If you think it's not worth your effort, you are mistaken! It doesn't take too much to create a compelling testimonial video.

You can include success stories from existing customers in your video testimonials. They make for a good testimonial.

Have a look at this testimonial that features customer stories:

Roku TV compiled multiple client testimonial examples into one effective video. They featured different people with different backgrounds to show how their target demographic.


Your testimonial pages can also include:


6. Case Study Testimonials

This type of testimonial goes deep into how your business made a difference in a customer's life. It demonstrates how your brand can benefit a customer in their daily life.

They usually come in the form of long-form articles that detail the changes in your customer after they use your services. It can also be a combination of interviews or videos.

Once you have a case study testimonial, you can take snippets from it and share them on other platforms.

For instance, you can share it through your...


7. Blog Post Testimonials

When searching for product reviews, you might encounter blog testimonials detailing them.

Yep, a blog post can be a highly informative way of showing customer reviews. It can convince hesitant customers to go through with their purchasing decisions.

So, you can create your own blog that comes from previous customers. Or you can also get an affiliate to write about your product.

With your affiliate program, you can pitch it to bloggers who can review your product. They earn a commission for their referral, and you gain a new customer.

Some of the client testimonial examples in blog form that I enjoy are the following:

Canna-pet sells non-prescription products for pet health. Their testimonials include articles about animals that got better because of their products.

Blog Post Testimonials

Meanwhile, Miir produces stainless steel tumblers. Some of their blogs are written by their customers. They talk about how they use the product on their travels.


You can spruce up your testimonial pages when you add...


8. Media Coverage Testimonials

For growing businesses, getting press coverage can generate a lot of buzz. Being featured means you can reach millions of people.

That's a huge kick for your brand awareness!

If you get featured, it's wise to highlight the publicity on your website. Don't forget to share it on your social media platforms and blog pages.

I particularly like the way Canva showcases its testimonials. They curate all of the news articles that talk about how their services help people.

Media Coverage Testimonials

Your testimonial pages won't be complete without...


9. Authority Testimonials

As the saying goes, "Only a fool ignores a doctor's orders!"

And I tend to agree, as well as with other people. We value opinions from authority figures. They are the experts, after all.

For this kind of testimonial, ensure that you are the name and title of the expert you are featuring. You can also add a video or photo of them and their accomplishments if possible.

That way, their work can vouch for their opinion and your business.

One of the effective testimonial pages you need to see is these...

CBDFX specializes in cannabidiol oil for pets. To be more trustworthy, they show testimonials from medical experts.

Authority Testimonials

Last but not least, you can also create...


10. Audio Testimonials

If you're hesitant about creating a video testimonial, then an audio testimonial is your next best choice.

It's a cost-effective method to make compelling marketing material.

And all you need to have is a quiet room and a microphone. Of course, you also need to tell griping customer stories to go with it.

You can use the audio on other parts of your marketing strategy. For instance, you can include them in podcasts or link them to a written testimonial.

Not to toot our own horn, but Debutify's social media posts got stronger with these testimonials. Here's an example:

Are you inspired yet? It's your turn to...


Create Compelling Customer Testimonials!

As you just learned, building on your testimonials means you are also building on your business as a whole.

For you to take action, here are some more tips for your testimonial pages:

  • Be visually engaging. Use high-quality photos and videos.
  • Make it easy for your customers to share their reviews.
  • Use powerful taglines. It keeps visitors engaged with your content.

And don't worry... Debutify Reviews helps you manage your reviews and testimonials for you! So what are you waiting for?


Win Stellar Customer Testimonials With Debutify Reviews!

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