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09 Sep 2020

How To Build An Effective Post-Purchase Thank You Page For Your Shopify Store

How To Build An Effective Post-Purchase Thank You Page For Your Shopify Store

You have set up your Shopify store and are directing all your energy towards making a sale. When a customer buys something, you’re stoked. And now, you’re focusing on getting more customers. This is the norm in many online stores. A customer logs on, buys something and that’s it. Five will get you ten those online stores aren’t as successful as they could be. The problem?

These online brands don’t pay any attention to the customers after they’ve bought products. Instead, they set out to bring in new customers.

However, it’s easier to sell to someone who has already done business with you. New customers require a lot of convincing. And how can you keep previous customers interested? Well, a simple thank you goes a long way. When a customer buys from your eCommerce store, show your appreciation.

This small act makes the ordinary client view your brand in a new light. They’re more likely to come back because you treat them with respect. Now, the elephant in the room; how do you make the perfect thank you page? Worry not.

We’ve written this article to guide you through the different ways you can craft an effective post-purchase page. These different practices allow you to show your appreciation.

Furthermore, you can learn more about your customers so that you can improve your overall operation. Let’s get right into it. If you want to keep your customers interested, add an appealing thank you page after they have bought something.

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How To Make An Effective Post-Purchase Page

Your marketing efforts have all been leading to one outcome - people buying from your Shopify store. However, clearing their cart shouldn’t be the last thing buyers do in your eCommerce store.

Chances are they’ve already gotten what they want and won’t be coming back. But as we stated earlier, your best customers are those who have already bought from you. Don’t cut the connection after they’ve checked out. Keep them close. And an effective post-purchase page is a great way to do this.

There are several things you can add to this page other than a simple thank you. Let’s see what you can do to make this page pop and work for your brand.

Keep The Page Simple

Keep The Page Simple

Like we’ve already hinted at, you can put several features on your thank you page. And you might very well want to add all of them. After all, they all have their benefits. However, you need to hold your horses.

Adding just one or two features can achieve your desired result. In other words, keep it simple. Your clients have spent several minutes browsing your store, and selecting items.

The last thing they want after all that is to go through all the various elements of your exit page. Use very little text to express your thanks. The checkout page is full of text and several boxes to fill in personal and financial information.

Therefore, a page with limited text and plenty of well-designed space is a breath of fresh air. This is the cherry on top of the pleasant experience. Your customers will appreciate that you’re thanking them for having to put up with all that.

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Add Social Sharing Buttons

You know that feeling when you’ve just bought something cool and want to show it off? You step out of the store, admiring it. You can’t wait till your pals see it. Well, online shopping also gives this same feeling.

But because you don’t have the object immediately in hand, you can’t show it off in the real world. This is where social media comes in. Not only can you show off your new item immediately, but you also show it to more people at the same time. And it doesn’t have to be showing off vainly.

Sometimes customers share their purchases to show that they got something they’d been looking for for a while. Other times, it’s to let their followers know about a special offer they just got. Where are we going with all this?

You can take advantage of the buyer’s good mood to promote your eCommerce store. Add social sharing buttons to your post-purchase page so that customers can share their items with their hordes of social media followers. When others see what your customers have, they’re likely to get onto your online store to get the item. Better yet, they might find more products that they like.

This is the kind of marketing that you haven’t even paid for. It’s effective because it’s like word-of-mouth. The best bit about all this is that Debutify makes it easy to create an effective post-purchase page.

This free Shopify theme offers powerful add-ons that allow you to seamlessly include social sharing buttons to your thank you page.

Add Social Follow Buttons

This looks quite similar to what we’ve talked about before. However, the similarity ends with the fact that both tips involve ecommerce social media marketing. Instead of letting your customers share their purchases, you can get them to follow your brand on various social media platforms.

One of the benefits of getting customers to follow you is to grow your social media presence.

This builds your reputation as a significant player in the industry. Perhaps a more useful benefit of social follow buttons is that you can continue to market to your existing customers. Not to sound like a broken record, but it’s easier to convince them than to reel in new customers.

Previous buyers will want to stay informed on new products you add to your line. They’re already interested in what you have to offer. After all, they have already bought something. You can also use your social media to inform them of special offers and discounts. This keeps buyers interested in your brand.

An added advantage is that your previous buyers will share these offers on their socials, extending your reach. Therefore, your online store will receive more potential buyers just because of a couple of social buttons you added to your thank you page.

Conduct A Survey

Conduct A Survey

Regardless of how cool your Shopify store layout is, there are always a few areas that you can improve. Now, as the owner of the store, you might not see the flaws in your setup.

After all, it’s your baby; you don’t want to admit that there’s anything wrong. Know who can point out these flaws objectively? Your customers. They have nothing to lose. All they want is as good an online shopping experience as they can get. Use the post-purchase thank-you page to ask them what they think about your Shopify store’s various aspects.

You can inquire about the checkout process and what you can do to make it better. Ask them to tell you what made them buy a product from you. And if you’re up to it, ask your customers what they want to buy in the future. It goes without saying, adding surveys to your thank you page requires a bit of finesse if you want to pull it off. Your buyers have jumped through several hoops to get the product they desire.

The last thing they want to do is answer numerous questions about your operation. This will likely sour the relationship they have with your brand.

For an effective post-purchase page, ask only one or two questions. So, what do you need to know most? What you can improve in your checkout process or what do they wish you had in your product range?

Choose the question that’ll make a more significant positive difference to the way you run your online store.

Present The Opportunity To Join Your Referral Program

Apart from making your customers feel appreciated, an effective post-purchase page should support your marketing efforts. In the previous tips on creating such a page, we mentioned the effectiveness of using social buttons to help with marketing.

Here is another way to use your thank you page to spread the word about your eCommerce store. Offer your buyers the opportunity to join your referral program. This program enables your existing customers to recommend your products to other people.

This can be relatives, friends, or even total strangers. But, obviously, they won’t do this for free. You need to sweeten the pot. If the customer gets someone to buy a product, offer them a free gift, coupon, or discount.

The ecommerce referral program works because the customer tries to get as many gift cards or discounts as possible. And this is possible because the potential buyers they’re referring to are willing to listen.

After all, 9 in 10 people trust recommendations from family, friends, and colleagues.

In Summary

The thank-you page is an opportunity to leave a good impression on your customers. Therefore, you might be tempted to include all of the tips we’ve talked about above. Hold back.

Add just a few of them, depending on your store set-up. For example, you can make a simple page with a thank you message and social sharing buttons.

That’s it. Debutify provides excellent templates for creating an effective post-purchase page. Join the ranks of successful online stores raking in thousands of dollars in profit. Download the top converting theme now for free!

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