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09 Dec 2022

How To Choose The Best Review App For Your eCommerce Site

How To Choose The Best Review App For Your eCommerce Site

Collecting more customer reviews requires an excellent strategy.

But managing and implementing an efficient system to make your and your customers' lives requires an excellent review app.

And to achieve this, you need to be smart in choosing the review app to help you manage and collect your product reviews.

That's why this blog is here to guide you! We'll discuss...

  • Why do you need a review app?
  • How to choose the best review app for your eCommerce website?

And you'll also learn more about Debutify Reviews in this blog. So, make sure to stay tuned! Now, let's get started.


Why do you need a review app?

Why do you need a review app?

Shopify product review apps will help you...


1. Automate your process

You don't need to manage and collect reviews manually because having the right review app can automate your process.

Sending review requests? Automate it. Filtering explicit words in your product reviews? Automate it. That will make your life easier because you're letting your review app do everything for you.

So, this allows you to...


2. Collect reviews conveniently

As I said, you don't have to collect reviews by yourself. Everything will run smoothly if you have the best review app for Shopify, from collecting to displaying reviews.

You don't have to worry about it because the review app will do it for you. And this will help you...


3. Focus on other aspects of your brand

Having a review app will help you focus on other things. You don't need to spend hours managing the reviews you collect from your customers.

You can focus on creating your social media marketing strategy, influencer marketing... and more! Letting a review app do it for you gives you more time on your hands.

But wait... you need to choose the best product review apps to achieve these benefits. And that's what we'll talk about now.


How to choose the best review app for your eCommerce site?

How to choose the best review app for your eCommerce site?

There are many review apps for Shopify brands... so you'll probably have a hard time choosing the best one for you.

Fret not because we'll talk about some things to consider when choosing a review app for your eCommerce site.

You need a review app that...


1. Suits your needs

There are apps with features you might not need but cost more. And to avoid going over your budget, you need to figure out what your eCommerce website needs.

This means you need to define the attributes of the review app you're looking for. You can start by defining your goal.

What do you want to achieve from using a review app?

Is it to spend more time running your business? Is it to reduce your business cost? Is it to do something you can't achieve by yourself?

Whatever it is, you need to consider your goal in using a review app. Then list down the features you might need.

Let's say you want to automate your whole process so you don't need to hire extra staff or spend more time managing reviews.

You can look for a review app that sends review request emails on your behalf after a customer receives their order. Or a review app that allows you to manage everything in one place.

Doing so will help you avoid going over budget and choose the best product review apps for your website.


2. Seamless integration

This is crucial if you use multiple apps or products to run your business. You need to make sure your review app can be integrated into them.

Let's say you're using an email marketing platform. If you want to automate your process when it comes to requesting reviews via email, you need to ensure the review app supports the platform.

This will help you preserve your data even if you're using a new review app.


3. Cost-efficient

As they say, you get what you pay for. So, you should pay for an app that caters to all your needs.

There are some free product review apps for Shopify stores and third-party platforms, like Google Reviews. But paying would mean you get more and access better features than using the free ones.

That's why you need to decide if a review app is worth your money to ensure you're getting the most out of it.


4. Customizable

Using a review app doesn't mean you can't stay on-brand. You can! But you need to choose a review app that allows you to customize widgets, templates, and more.

Remember... establishing a strong brand identity will enhance your online presence. So, this should be one of the features you should look for when choosing a Shopify product review app.


5. Import reviews from other platforms

Now... what if you already have existing product reviews? Let's say you have some from Ali reviews or other platforms. Some user-generated content... like photo reviews and video reviews?

Of course, you need to import them. And importing reviews shouldn't give you a hard time. You need a review app that makes review importation effortless.

So, what if I tell you that you don't need to look further in choosing the best product review app?


Check out Debutify Reviews!

Debutify Reviews is one of the best review apps out there, and it has excellent features for you! Here are some features I can highlight:


1. Automatic review request emails

You can generate reviews through emails! The best part? You can automate and base it on customer interaction.

For example, you can send the requests after order fulfillment. You can choose the date depending on how long it usually takes for their orders to arrive.

You can also send a follow-up request if they didn't open your initial email and set the interval... just so the customers wouldn't feel forced.

Debutify Reviews understands that timing is essential. And that's how you generate more customer reviews. Another thing is it can...


2. Protect brand reputation

Profanity? Spam reviews? That's a no-no! Debutify Reviews automatically protects your brand image by filtering negative phrases and spam in reviews.

But this doesn't mean you wouldn't get negative reviews. It just prevents customers from spamming or posting multiple reviews within a minute.

This feature lets you keep your review section clean and safe from explicit content. But the choice is yours.

Debutify Reviews can hide the reviews containing different degrees of profanity, but you can still publish those reviews.

And if you want to gain more reviews, why not...


3. Reward customers

Debutify Reviews can also help you in rewarding customers! Why? Because offering incentives is one way to encourage your customers to leave product reviews.

And Debutify Reviews will also do it for you. You can reward customers by generating coupons they can use on their next transactions.

Doing so will give you more reviews to display on your eCommerce site! And more reviews = stronger social proof.


Display reviews confidently with Debutify Reviews!

These are just amazing features of the best product review app. There is still a lot for you to explore, like customizing templates, importing and exporting reviews, and more.

But in a nutshell... Debutify Reviews will make your life easier because you can manage your reviews efficiently without spending so much time.

So, are you ready to run your eCommerce brand smoothly?


Download Debutify Reviews and enhance your social proof!

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