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29 Jul 2022

How To Encourage eCommerce UGC For Your Business And 5 Brands Killing It

How To Encourage eCommerce UGC For Your Business And 5 Brands Killing It

Creating content as a business owner can be tiring.

You must allot some time and energy to create captivating graphics and take images.

And sometimes, you just need to focus on your eCommerce brand's "business" side.

But what if your customers can create the content for you?

Now, you're curious.

Just picture this...

They purchase your products, take photos or videos of them, and upload them on their social media accounts. 😉

Feels amazing, right?

But there are still other ways to get user-generated content, and you must stay tuned!

Because we'll talk about:

  • What is user-generated content?
  • Why is user-generated content important?
  • How to get user-generated content?
  • 7 brands that are killing it with their eCommerce UGC game

Are you excited? Let's jump right in!


What Is UGC?

UGC or user-generated content is content created by users.

But you see... It's not just limited to social media.

The types of UGC can be:

  • Social media content (again, you can create branded hashtags or challenges to succeed)
  • Blog posts
  • Case studies
  • Reviews
  • Videos (these can be videos showcasing how effective your products are)

The users can create content for or related to your brand.

For example, if you have branded hashtags or challenges they can join, they can create content based on that concept.

But here's the thing...

Their content is not entirely yours.

So, you always need to ask for their permission before using them on your website or social media platforms.

Especially if you'll be monetizing from their content.



Why Is UGC Important For Your eCommerce Business?

Why Is UGC Important For Your eCommerce Business?


1. Boost Brand Awareness

UGC can make your eCommerce brand trustworthy, but it can also be great in boosting brand awareness.

How? Because if many people join your challenges or use your hashtags, you'll reach more people.

And that will boost your brand awareness. More and more people become aware of your brand.

That's a good thing because before converting them into actual customers... they need to know who you are first.

This is also your chance to...


2. Showcase Your Products

Showcasing your products can be more impactful if your customers do it for you.

You can showcase your product without being too sales-y.

Your customers can do it in a fun and creative way instead while still showcasing how good your products are.

So, you need to encourage them to create content by thinking of a great strategy... which we'll discuss later!

But another benefit of UGC is you can...


3. Foster A Community

Fostering a community can breed loyal customers.

And these customers are the ones who genuinely love your brand. They support your eCommerce business.

Through eCommerce user-generated content, you can foster a community and increase brand loyalty.

If you encourage them to participate in your challenges or use your branded hashtag, you need to show appreciation or acknowledgment.

This is a great way to keep an engaged audience, which will help your eCommerce store in the long run.

Since you already know why you need to leverage user-generated content, let me show you some ways you can get them.


3 Ways To Encourage User-Generated Content


1. Use Branded Hashtags On Social Media

Branded hashtags are an extension of eCommerce brands. It's part of their brand identity in the digital space.

This can also entice your existing customers to post about your products and use this hashtag.

Let's see an example from Madewell.


Madewell has a branded hashtag on Instagram called #everydaymadewell.

As you can see, it has almost 600,000 posts!

Imagine more than half a million customer photos and videos about your brand. Wow! 🤯

Oh... did I also mention that branded hashtags can also help you track what your social media users are saying or posting about your products?

Yep, that's correct. It's easier to see what people say about you.

Because the more posts under your hashtags... means more people are talking about your products. And you can see them under one hashtag.

So, you really need to consider using a branded hashtag if you want to generate more user-generated content.

Poof! Strong social proof and more potential customers will consider your brand.

And another way to encourage more users is to...


2. Feature Them On Your Website Or Online Platforms

Content creation is not easy. And you know that as a business owner who needs to create a lot of content to keep your brand presence afloat.

That's why you need to show some appreciation for their effort.

You can feature their content on your website or online platforms.

You can use their content on your product pages or display them on your website.

Another reason you should feature this is that some user photos or videos are made by aspiring content creators.

Some of them want to break into the influencer marketing industry. And they're genuinely buying and trying out products to post.

Acknowledge their work.

But again, it's essential to ask permission first. They own their content unless you put it in legal writing or a contract that both parties signed, that you own their branded content.

And of course, if you want it, you gotta...


3. Ask For It

The best way to encourage your potential customers to create user-generated content for your products is...

By asking.

Asking comes in many forms.

You can do it when you send a follow-up email after they receive your products.

Or you can directly put it on your website, like Madewell.

Ask For It

"You Make Us Look Good" is such a straightforward thing to say. And it's nothing but the truth.

User-generated content can make eCommerce businesses look good.

And they also state that if you mention their Instagram handle with their branded hashtag, you have the chance to get featured.

Such an excellent way to gain more UGC, right?

Now, here are...


5 Brands That Are Killing It With Their UGC Campaigns

Many brands push user-generated content on their eCommerce platforms.

But these examples are focused on social media marketing channels, like Instagram and TikTok.

I'm sure these UGC campaigns will inspire you to start your own!

The first one is...


1. Gymshark

Gymshark is always smashing its social media marketing strategy.

So this time, they created a challenge called #Gymshark66.

The #Gymshark66 challenge is a 66-day challenge that encourages people to form good habits. These habits will help you change your mind, body, and soul.

This challenge can totally capture lifestyle and wellness enthusiasts, who are one of their target demographics.

The results?

The #Gymshark66 hashtag has over 250 million views on TikTok.


And on Instagram, the #Gymshark66 hashtag has almost 800,000 posts! 😲

What a great UGC campaign, right?

Encouraging a community of health and wellness enthusiasts to join and form better habits... while also strengthening Gymshark's brand presence!

Another excellent example of a UGC campaign is...


2. Aerie

The world of social media has become somewhat "unrealistic."

As we scroll, we see other successful people maintaining a great figure and skin, and they just seem like they have a "perfect" life.

We sometimes feel like we're not enough. Or that we don't have enough.

Aerie wanted to change that.

They launched the campaign #AerieREALPositivity where users can share positive things about their life.

As you can see in their Instagram bio, they included the #AerieReal hashtag.


And that hashtag has more than 350,000 posts on Instagram!

But they also brought the hashtag to TikTok.

And the hashtag #AerieREALPositivity has more than 2 BILLION views! 🤩


This proves that this UGC campaign is not just for their own brand growth.

But the reason why a lot of users joined and created content under these hashtags is because they want to be authentic. And they want everyone around them to be one, too.

Here's another example...


3. Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova is a big fashion eCommerce platform.

So, they have a branded hashtag that they've been using for their customers to use and show their Fashion Nova finds!

They have the #NovaBabe hashtag in their bio.

Fashion Nova

The hashtag has 1.7 million posts on Instagram and 154+ million views on TikTok!

They also have a dedicated page for their Nova Babe collection on their online store!

The next example will get you moving...


4. Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices is an apparel company... and they have a cause.

They want to get the world moving. And with their hashtag #DoingThings, they are encouraging people to move.

Outdoor Voices

The hashtag has 230,000+ posts on Instagram. Most of them are wearing their Outdoor Voices apparel while doing things!

Of course, they're encouraging more people to be part of their community by highlighting #DoingThings on their Instagram and a dedicated "About Us" page on their website.


And last but not least...


5. Rare Beauty

Rare Beauty is a cosmetics company owned by Selena Gomez.

They have a UGC campaign called "Rare Routine."

They are encouraging more people to join their community on social media and share their makeup routines!

Of course, they have the chance to get featured if they use the hashtag #RareRoutine and tag Rare Beauty on Instagram!

Rare Beauty

What an enticing way to get people to post their routines!

So, did these UGC campaigns give you an idea? 🤔


Be Creative And Smash Your UGC Campaigns!

Creating a user-generated campaign is not a walk in the park. You need to come up with a cause and think of a creative way to support that.

Of course, you also need a proper community-building strategy.

But aside from that... you also need to use a review app that will help you collect photo and video reviews efficiently.

Worry no more, because Debutify Reviews is at your service!

It's a review app for your eCommerce

What are you waiting for?


Try Debutify For Free And Boost Your UGC Campaigns!

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