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09 Nov 2020

How To Get More Clicks On Paid Ads For Your Dropshipping Store

How To Get More Clicks On Paid Ads For Your Dropshipping Store

While it's easier than ever to create your dropshipping store using any of the popular e-commerce platforms, getting real-time traffic is still a challenge for most of us. 

That is why more and more brands are turning to paid advertising options to better compete with dropshipping giants, such as Amazon and Walmart.

Research conducted by Unbounce reveals that paid search visitors are 50% more likely to make a purchase than organic visitors. In fact, some stores consider dropshipping paid ads campaigns a primary source of their earnings and returns.

Here, it is important to understand that creating and launching paid ad campaigns is an easy thing.  But encouraging people to click on those ads isn't as simple as it may sound. 

It takes a great deal of effort and planning to create successful paid ad campaigns that convert. In this post, we've highlighted some of the tried-and-tested strategies to help you get more clicks on your paid ads.

But before that, let's have a quick look at some of the most prominent types of paid ad options that can help you get sales with dropshipping in 2020. 

Google Shopping Ads

While creating ad campaigns for Google Shopping Ads, make sure you let your best products shine. 

Once you have a list of products in hand, the next thing you may want to do is create a value-driven offer that is unique to your dropshipping store. That could be anything - a percentage discount, a cashback offer, or a free gift or a coupon that your customers can use on their next purchase. 

When a visitor clicks on your ad, they'll see your offer. By offering a value-added discount or a gift, you instantly increase your chances of getting more clicks on your dropshipping paid ads. 

Despite the fact that people love saving money on whatever they buy, they still appreciate good deals instead of throwing their money on anything cheap and substandard. 

So make sure you offer something that looks legitimate and investment-worthy to your customers. 

Facebook Ads

According to Statista, there are more than 1.69 billion Facebook users in 2020. Facebook ads can be a quick and effective way to retarget those customers who haven't completed their purchase on your dropshipping website. 

The best way to improve your CRT on Facebook ads is to include an arrow in the right bottom corner of your ad. The idea is to help viewers know where to click if they want to know more about the offer. 

Instagram Story Ads

Instagram Story Ads

Instagram is a trending platform that is used by more than 1 billion people worldwide. With Instagram, you can showcase your products and display ads using images or short 15-seconds videos. 

Since Facebook owns Instagram, you can easily set up your Instagram ads using your Facebook ads account. 

Because you have just 15-seconds to display your ad, you have to choose the most relevant content to capture attention. 

In these 15-seconds, you'll also have to remind viewers to swipe up, so they get access to the link and visit your website. 

While it is always a great idea to keep the duration of your ads short and meaningful, you can also design a carousel ad in your Facebook ad account and use it on the Instagram ads platform if you want to display more information. 

Google Search Text Ads

Next on our list is Google Search Text Ads which are one of the most common and effective forms of paid advertising. 

These ads are listed on the Google search page, and they do not include images or videos. Unlike other visual forms of paid ads, Google search text ads require a great ad copy.

Think about your target audience and find answers to these questions before you create a copy for your Google text ads. 

  • Who is your target audience? 
  • What will persuade them to purchase from your dropshipping store? 

Highlight benefits, such as 'Fast & Free Shipping', 'Flexible Returns & Refunds', 'Excellent Customer Care', 'Expert Support', 'Post-purchase Warranty', or any other thing you think can add value to your customer's buying experience.

In addition, you can also include site link extensions under your ad to attract more people to click on your ad. 

Here's our definitive guide to Google Ads for Ecommerce Businesses.

YouTube Ads

YouTube ads are another effective way to get sales with your dropshipping store. Pre-roll ads are particularly useful to achieve better conversions. 

Pre-roll ads are ads you see at the start of each YouTube video. These ads also give you an option to skip after 5-seconds. 

If you want viewers to watch your ad or click the provided link, you have to ensure the ad is interesting enough to catch their attention. 

You can either verbally mention in your ad to click or use an arrow or a simple text to ask viewers to click on your ad. 

While using YouTube ads to promote your products, you have to take into consideration the type of device the viewer may be using.

For instance, you'll see a clickable link in the bottom left of your screen when you're watching an ad on your desktop. Mobile users, on the other hand, can locate the link on the top right of their screens. 

The best way to cater to the needs of both desktop users and mobile users, make sure you create two separate ad copies so that they don't get mixed up.

The next section highlights some of the best strategies you can use to optimize your paid ad campaigns. Also, we have included a bonus section that covers some of the best-paid ad practices that apply to every single ad platform. 

So whether you're using Facebook ads, Google text search ads, Youtube ads, Instagram story ads platform, or the basic Google Shopping ads, you can follow these practices to get better results. 

How To Get More Clicks On Paid Ads For Your Dropshipping Store?

Here are some of the tried and tested strategies that you can follow to improve your click-through and conversion rates. 

Break Down Your Ad Groups

Digital marketing experts suggest that there should be no more than 10-20 keywords per ad campaign. But many online businesses grow their ad groups to many keywords, out of which only a few serve the purpose. 

Assess your ad groups and find ways to break them down. This is particularly useful when you run a dropshipping store as your customers might use long-tail keywords to condense their search. 

You can even take this a step further and use a unique ad group for each particular keyword.

Conduct A Keyword Purge

When you break down your ad groups, you would be able to identify the keywords that are not performing well. 

The idea is to use your ad group to find out keywords that are working well for your campaign and exclude those that contain zero value. Especially look for the keywords that are not getting any conversions. 

Pay Attention To Your Quality Scores

Some dropshipping marketers get so obsessed with creating complex drop shipping e-commerce strategies that they completely forget about the easy ways of saving money. 

Quality scores help you track your progress in terms of dropshipping paid ads and rankings. Luckily, there are many ways you can improve your Google Quality Score. 

First and most importantly, create ads that are closely linked to your researched keywords. In addition, build optimized landing pages so that customers can land on their desired pages.

Optimize Your Feed

It takes Google no time to pause your ads if your feed isn't updated. So instead of throwing your inventory as it is, make sure you invest time in optimizing your descriptions. 

Invest In Retargeting

If you don't have proper retargeting strategies in place, then you're significantly missing out on dropshipping revenue.

According to invespcro, you could win over 15% of your customers back who wanted to purchase from your website but didn't complete the transaction. 

Remarketing makes it easier for your website visitors to remember your brand. And you can easily get their attention back with an additional deal or discount. 

Import Your Google Ads To Bing

Did you know you can reach 20% of the market using Bing? Bing ads are not only easy to create, but this platform also makes it easier for store owners to get sales with dropshipping using affordable search campaigns. 

Also, it is the default search engine for Mozilla, and many users having Mozilla as their default browser are not willing to switch to Google for their everyday search. 

Prioritize Your Campaigns Based on Gross Margin

Prioritize Your Campaigns

While you can witness great results by updating your ad groups, it isn't the only element of your dropshipping paid ad campaigns that need your attention. 

It may be time to completely revamp your paid ad campaigns on the basis of the gross margin factor. 

This enables you to bid more competitively on products that offer a better return on investment for your dropshipping store.

Track Conversions For Better Performance

If you have a lead generation website, then you can retarget click traffic to boost sales. However, you need suitable conversion tracking strategies if you run a dropshipping store. 

The idea is to incorporate a code snippet into your confirmation page that can help you track product-specific metrics.

As you move forward, you can better understand what specific ad groups are generating more revenue than others. 

Lower Your Bids

Some keywords are worth investing in, while others are not easy to compete with. Brand names like Adidas and Nike are highly competitive, meaning you could end up paying lots of money on clicks that may or may not bring conversions. 

Here it is important to understand that over 40% of the click comes from the first two or three ads on the page. This lends an opportunity to your dropshipping store to benefit from the third or fourth position instead of targeting the first two positions. 

Make sure you carefully examine each ad group in your paid search campaign to see if it is consistent with your goals and driving the desired results. 

Final Words

Whether you're an experienced drop shipping merchant looking to improve your active paid ad campaigns or you're just getting your feet wet in the world of e-commerce, the above-listed points will help you optimize your paid ad search campaigns. 

What dropshipping paid ads strategies do you follow to increase conversion and get more sales?

How about sharing some of your dropshipping secrets with your fellow online sellers here? Feel free to drop your suggestions and feedback in the comments section below. We would love to know about your personal experiences!

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