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01 Apr 2022

SEO Branding: How To Skyrocket Your Brand Recognition Through Search Engine Optimization

SEO Branding: How To Skyrocket Your Brand Recognition Through Search Engine Optimization

If your eCommerce site does not appear on search engine results, does it even exist?

Spoiler alert... It doesn't!

Today, it's not a surprise that consumers usually visit Google search to look for stuff they need or want.

Google Search

And the better you rank, the more people recognize your brand.

Also, it's not as easy as it was back in the early days of the internet.

Business owners used to just cramp their landing pages with relevant keywords. They splatter their brand name everywhere they can to secure that sweet, sweet high SERP ranking.

But now, search engines are much smarter. They go over your site speed, design, mobile-friendliness, content, etc.

As their technology gets more complex, brand owners also need to get smarter when it comes to their digital marketing.

That's where search engine optimization enters. SEO strategies can boost your brand recognition against your competitors on search engine results pages.

In simpler words, search engine optimization is the foundation for your brand recognition.

Before we dive deep, let's answer...


What Is Brand Recognition?

Brand recognition is also known as brand awareness. In a nutshell, it's how your target customers recognize your brand identity.

For example, you need to ask yourself...

Are my customers familiar with my logo? Can they pick my products out of all the other brand's products out in the market? How do they perceive my brand identity?

If your answers to the questions are positive, you're on the right track. But if not, then you need to work more on your brand awareness.

To start, you need to be familiar with the 5 stages of brand recognition. Knowing how your customers go from one stage to another can hone your brand recognition skills.

  1. Brand Rejection - Your customer has a negative experience with your brand and will try not to buy again.
  2. Brand Non-recognition - A consumer is not familiar with your brand. Most of your target audience will be in this stage.
  3. Brand Recognition - A buyer is familiar with your brand and your products or services. This means they would choose your brand over one that is not familiar to them.
  4. Brand Preference - Your customer chooses your product over your competitors.
  5. Brand Loyalty - Your customer becomes accustomed to your brand, and will keep choosing your brand over others.

Once you boost your brand awareness, you can shoot your customers up to be loyal to your brand.

And an SEO strategy is a MUST when it comes to building brand awareness.

Continue reading to know...


SEO Branding: How Can SEO Optimize Your Brand Identity?

A well-thought-out SEO strategy can make or break your brand strategy to build brand awareness. This is because...


1. SEO Can Make You Rank Higher On Search Engines Results Pages

Brand recognition starts up your sales funnel.

In simpler words, you won't have customers if they don't know your brand exists.


Your SEO strategy can improve your visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) such as Google. You can even introduce your business to consumers who don't know about you yet.

That means you can reach more customers searching online. This will naturally lead to more traffic to your website.

Speaking of website traffic, another way your SEO strategies can increase brand awareness is...


2. SEO Can Attract More Clicks To Your Site

Even if you rank higher on Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs, not getting any traffic at all will make your efforts worthless! Plus, your first-page ranking will not last long with no clicks.

But with SEO strategies, you can drive more search traffic to your eCommerce site.

How so?

When you optimize your site to attract existing customers and search engines alike with high-quality content... then more prospective customers will click, too.

A marketing strategy with SEO in mind increases brand awareness as...


3. SEO Can Increase Conversion Of Site Visitors

There are a couple of ways SEO can convert your potential customers.

The first one happens when you reach potential customers by ranking higher on SERPs. You can connect with them at every stage of their purchasing decisions.

Even if they're just starting their research on products or about to buy, you will be first on their minds.

The second way is by optimizing your online presence. You can zero in on your local area. If you're a small business owner, this optimization can give you an additional edge.

After all, you would be able to engage with consumers that are about to convert in your area.

Don't all of these benefits sound exciting? I think so, too!

Let's get to the main event!


How To Boost Your Brand Identity Through SEO?


1. Use Link Building Strategy

So, what exactly is link building?

It's getting other websites to link back to your own site through hyperlinks. Search engines will then use them to "crawl" your web pages. It can also act as a guide for users when visiting your website.

Use Link-Building Strategy

So, let me teach you a simple math equation:

More backlinks = higher SERP ranking.

You see, search engines love it when websites use link building. It says to them that your brand has authenticity and credibility. It goes to show that your brand is useful, too.

But before you plan on cramming backlinks for your link building, you need to know this...

Make sure to only use relevant websites. Use links that have relevant content, show credibility and are appealing. The content you use will also reflect your brand identity.   

When we talk about using SEO for your brand image, a keyword strategy always comes up.

So go ahead and...


2. Enhance Relevant SEO Keywords

So, how else do you boost your brand awareness?

Don't forget to focus on your organic visibility on search results.

And you can attain this by using keyword phrases and/or keywords. Using relevant target keywords can appeal to website crawlers. These crawlers are responsible for ranking sites.

Here's the first thing you need to do...


Write down a list of words you think people are searching for that are related to your brand.

Then, you can do keyword research for your SEO branding.

Utilize keyword research tools to further analyze search queries and your niche keywords.

For instance, you can use a free tool like Google Keyword Planner to check your SEO keywords' search volume. You can also use other tools like Ahrefs to look for competitors' branded keywords.

Also, focus on long-tail keywords instead of short-tail keywords.

Yes, the latter has more search volume; but they don't get that many conversion rates. Long-tail keywords are closer to your niche, which leads to better conversion rates.

Non-branded keywords are all well and good.

But also take advantage of branded search terms. These are search queries that contain your brand name.

Your target audience that types your particular brand name in the search bar means one thing: They have the search intent of buying from you.

Lastly, keep your customers' search intent in mind. See to it that your brand is ready for voice search, too.

Boosting brand awareness also includes content marketing. Keep going and...


3. Create Valuable Content

Now that we've talked about long-tail keywords, you need to create content from your research.

And I'm not talking about random content you just find lying around, either. Your content should be the right one for your target audience.

You see, creating the right kind of content can rev a consumer's brand awareness. It can be the push they need to go through their buying decision.

Begin optimizing your content marketing with simple search results. Look over what your target audience might search for that relates to your brand.

Go over the search results and ask yourself...

What type of content is ranking high? Online reviews, other local businesses, or blog posts? What do their websites look like? Do they include paid ads such as Google ads?

Next, model your content to your researched data. See to it that it's well-written and there are no typos.

Make sure to also keep your content updated. That includes your backlinks, visuals, and statistics.

Keep up with search engine algorithms and...


4. Utilize Social Media Platforms

As you know, SEO is the perfect way to bring in organic traffic.

But sometimes, growing in congested digital marketing channels can be slow-going. So it doesn't hurt to integrate other marketing tools into the mix.

Enter social media marketing.

Together with SEO, you can further boost your brand awareness. As well as connect deeper with your audience.

Don't forget: search engines index all kinds of social media content, as well. That means your content should be SEO-friendly and is easily identifiable with your brand.

To do this, create engaging content in various forms.

You can do text posts, video clips, and even infographics. Check which type of content resonates with your audience the most.

Plus, keep trends in mind to combine them into your niche.

Be consistent with your posting by creating a content calendar. This will help you get maximum visibility.

And last but not least, you should...


5. Optimize User Experience

Yep, user experience has a heavy influence on your search engine ranking. In turn, it also greatly affects your brand awareness.

Let me give you a perfect situation:

Suppose a user visits your eCommerce site. They go from one page to another. Even your FAQ page!

They easily navigate your site with no hassle at all. In fact, they find your site aesthetically appealing and easy on the eyes.

All in all, your visitor had a good user experience.

Your site's fast loading speed, security, and functionality turned you into a paying customer.

And these are five sure-fire ways to utilize SEO to boost brand awareness!

So start brewing your marketing strategy with...


SEO + Digital Marketing = Amped Up Brand Recognition!

Start with one or two strategies for your eCommerce business.

Once you begin, keep an eye on your conversion rates with tools such as Google Analytics. It'll help you keep track of the not-so-optimized parts of your site.

And keep up on the updates!

Staying relevant on search engines is how customers can discover your brand... and fall in love with you.

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Use SEO to the max and...

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