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28 Oct 2022

9 Content Ideas for Instagram You Can Post To Increase Engagements

9 Content Ideas for Instagram You Can Post To Increase Engagements

Did you know that Instagram has 1.4 billion users in 2022? That's why more and more business owners make sure to use Instagram in social media marketing.

That probably includes you... but the question is, do you know what to post on Instagram that will help you gain engagements?

You may already have an Instagram marketing strategy for your business. But posting content is not a one-time thing. You need to have a lot of content ideas in store for your Instagram page.

Not only that, but you also need to find the right content that will boost your reach and engagements. And that's what you're here for!

You'll learn...

  • What is Instagram marketing?
  • What are the benefits of Instagram marketing you can't resist?
  • 9 Instagram content ideas for your business page

Let's get started. Shall we?


What is Instagram marketing?

This is a type of social media marketing. Instagram marketing means using the platform to market or promote your products. This is one of the most used platforms by brand owners.

You can find your audience on Instagram because there are over a billion users. So, Instagram should be a part of your marketing strategy.

Now, let's discuss...


What are the benefits of Instagram marketing?

What are the benefits of Instagram marketing?

Instagram has...


1. Many tools available

Since Instagram is visual-centric, they're constantly putting out updates for creators and business owners. So, you can utilize these to make the most out of Instagram.

Some Instagram tools available are:

  • Professional Dashboard
  • Insights
  • Upload multiple images
  • Instagram Shopping
  • Instagram Ads
  • Scheduling posts

Yep, you can now schedule Instagram posts from your social media content calendar. You see, this platform has most of the things you need to make Instagram marketing smooth for your business.

Another reason is you can...


2. Strengthen brand identity

Again, Instagram is visual-centric. Unlike other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you can't upload purely text posts.

You can only post images and videos. And this allows you to showcase your brand identity. You can use appealing visuals that embody your brand.

This is good for your business because you can attract more target audiences. You can also make your brand more recognizable. And lastly...


3. Build customer relationships

Social media brings us closer to our families and friends. And the same goes for your business and customers. You can easily connect with your existing customers and vice versa.

If they have concerns, they can message you. You can show them appreciation by engaging with them, too. Or find creators for your influencer marketing strategy.

Since you already know some of the benefits of Instagram marketing, here are...


9 Content ideas for your Instagram page


1. Conduct a contest or a giveaway

Running contests and giveaways are excellent ways to gain followers and engagements. You can reach your untapped audience and interact with existing ones.

This is an effective marketing strategy because you are giving something to people. And, of course, who doesn't like receiving free products, right?

Just be strategic with your contest's mechanics. Ask your followers to follow you, leave a comment, and tag you to join the giveaway. That's how you can benefit from it.

The next creative idea is...


2. Post some behind-the-scenes videos

You can take your customers with you through BTS or behind the scene content. You can give them a sneak peek of what it's like running a business.

This includes packaging, working, order fulfillment, and more. Don't feel limited by what you can post. Try to experiment with the format and content.

Some brand owners even include an emotional touch in their posts. They share their humble beginnings and where they are now to inspire others.

You can also...


3. Promote your products

Non-promotional and creative Instagram posts are great... but of course, you need to promote your products as well. After all, you need to gain customers.

But this doesn't have to happen often. You can still post mixed content on your social media calendar so Instagram users won't get tired of seeing the same thing.

Another content idea is to...


4. Share user-generated content

If you want to pursue more customers to buy your products... you need to post user-generated content as well.

If you have no idea what it is, user-generated content talks about your brand's online content made by users or customers.

Some examples of user-generated content on Instagram are images and videos posted on Instagram stories, Reels, or static posts.

There are some things to remember when posting user-generated content. First, don't forget to ask for their permission. Next, give them credit, like this example from LARQ's Instagram.

Share user-generated content

So, make sure to add credits because your customers own their content.


5. Post product tutorials

Product tutorials will give potential and existing customers more knowledge about your products. This is also to inform them of how your products work.

You can post a tutorial showing how to activate or assemble your products. Or, you can give them ideas on how to use them. Here's an example from GODESS' Instagram:

Post product tutorials

GODESS sells claw clips, so they posted this tutorial using their product. Doing so can also entice potential customers into buying your products.

The next one is essential...


6. Show how your brand makes the world a better place

Consumers now expect more from brands, such as sustainability and transparency. They want to know what your company is doing to contribute to the environment.

So, don't be afraid to show your brand's initiatives. Share your brand mission and what are the steps you're taking that will benefit the greater good. Here's an example from Loop's Instagram:

Show how your brand makes the world a better place

They shared how their partners are helping them achieve a waste-free future, which is good news for customers who want the same.

Next is...


7. Educate your customers

This is similar to tutorials, but this has a broader range. Why? Because you can educate your customers about your industry.

For example, you're selling perfumes. You can post content that educates customers on the best types of fragrances based on their personality. This way, they know what to buy from you.

Or, let's say you're providing financial services. You can educate your target clients about recession, the economy, or anything about finance.

Customers also need to learn from you. They don't want to feel like you only want them to buy products or services. They want something valuable, too.

You can create educational content through short-form videos on Reels or carousel posts. You can also repurpose a blog post if you have one.

But aside from valuable content, your audience also wants to relate to your brand...


8. Share relatable memes

The internet is fast-paced. There are new emerging trends every day, so brands are sometimes keeping up. You can share memes on Instagram that your audience can relate to.

Another example is from LARQ.

Share relatable memes

When the "Little miss..." trend was on the rise, they made sure to hop on it, but they made it relatable to their target customers. They're selling water bottles, so they tailored the memes to their audience.

That's what you should do, too. Make sure to edit the memes into something your target and existing customers can relate to.

But don't forget to give credit to the owners of the assets or ideas if necessary. And double-check if the trend is appropriate to hop into. This will save your brand from a PR nightmare. The last one is...


9. Share customer reviews

Once you get reviews from your customers on your website or social media... share them on Instagram. You can take a screenshot or create a graphic image highlighting the review.

Just make sure to ask for permission before sharing their reviews. Some customers want to protect their identity, and they own their reviews.

Sharing reviews will strengthen your brand's social proof. These will entice target customers to buy your products, especially if they're still hesitant.

So, what are you waiting for?


Steal these Instagram post ideas and gain more engagements!

Thinking of content ideas that work requires a lot of inspiration, strategic moves, and creativity. There will be times when you're stuck in a content rut.

But these content suggestions will give you some ideas on what to post. But if you run out of ideas, go back to basics and ask yourself: what's your goal?

If you know what you want to achieve, it's easier to create Instagram content to post. If you're wondering how to create an effective strategy...


Create an effective Instagram marketing strategy for your eCommerce business!


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