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01 Feb 2022

Keep An Eye On These Ecommerce Website Trends In 2023!

Keep An Eye On These Ecommerce Website Trends In 2023!

What does a good website and pornography have in common?

The answer is design.

According to the management expert Gary Hamel, great design is like Justice Potter Stewart's famous definition of pornography... "You know it when you see it. You want it, too. ?"

This means that the human eye appreciates things that are beautifully designed. Good design captivates us.

And beautifully designed things call us to touch them and reach for them. Beauty moves us.

The same goes with your ecommerce store.

If you want your customers to be attracted to you website you need to entice them with your well designed website.

Attractive website designs play a huge role in every brand's success because...

Beautiful website design can transform your products from average to "premium".

Maybe you're thinking about redesigning your current ecommerce website. Or perhaps you will launch a new one to keep up with ecommerce trends this 2023.

Because if you are...

I will walk you through some of The Top Ecommerce Website Trends in 2023.

But, before we get to the juicy part. Let me give you the reasons...

Why Do You Need To Know The Latest Website Design Trends

Why Do You Need To Know The Latest Website Design Trends

Upgraded Technology

Internet technology is a field that is constantly changing and developing. Ecommerce brands need to have a site that loads faster, simpler, lighter, and more secure.

You have to embrace new technologies relevant to your business so that you'll be able to offer your customers the best-personalized shopping experience.

You will also be earning a good reputation and eventually... good profits ?

The next one is vital...

For Branding

Your website should reflect the changes you make to your brand, even if they are just minimal fixes and changes.

Your website is the first thing your customers see. Thus, your customer draws their first impression from it. That's why you need to make sure your website clearly reflects your brand.

Remember: First Impressions lasts?

The third reason is a no-brainer...

To Keep Up with Website Design Trends

When you fail to keep up with website design trends, your business will lose customers in no time. And If you stop attracting new ones, your business may suffer, which is even worse.

An updated website design can help you attract new customers.

Now, trends aren't just about color schemes and shapes. Website design encompasses so much more than these aspects.

Recently, we've seen a trend toward uncluttered design. Cleaner, simpler websites are everywhere. Furthermore, motion User Interface (UI) is gaining a lot of traction.

If you want to follow these trends, you need to take a cautious and smart approach... so you don't overdo it.


To Improve The Loading Speed

A slow-loading website is caused by a number of factors.

Web design, cluttered interfaces, large images, and video files, and outdated slow themes... all contribute to this issue.

Now, you won't be able to keep visitors if your ecommerce website loads too slowly. It will also affect its visibility.

You must find out what latest tools and technology you can use to speed up your site. It will also help a lot to optimize your images... and your website.

Good thing Debutify theme helps you optimize your ecommerce site. And since slow loading pages annoy most shoppers... you can make use of Page Speed Booster Add-On.

With the Page Speed Booster add-on, your site loads faster which then increases your conversion rate.

It's all possible to improve your website's loading speed, visibility, search engine ranking, and ultimately your conversion rate...

That's why staying current on the latest website trends is important.?

The next reason...

It's All About Data Security

Website servers store users' personal and financial information digitally. For instance, your healthcare provider may store your medical history on their servers.

And old security measures will crumble under modern hacking techniques. Sometimes, even a year-old technology may already be outdated.

You should keep up with the newest methods of website data protection. Make sure it meets the latest standards and is regularly updated.

Moving on, you want to keep up with the top website trends. Right? so you want to have more...

Optimizing Your Website for Mobile Devices

Statista says that 52.2% of all website traffic comes from mobile devices. This led to the development of what we now call mobile-first website development.

The term implies that there are websites that are designed for mobile devices. Then later, adapted to be viewed on desktop browsers.

But having a mobile app isn't enough. Your website still needs to be mobile-friendly because, for one, mobile users are everywhere.

If you don't comply, you risk losing a lot of potential customers... especially the so-called mobile shoppers who participate in the mobile commerce trends.

Yes, mobile shopping is definitely IN.

So your business website should be optimized as soon as possible for mobile. Especially, if it has been around for several years.

An old site may not display correctly on a mobile device due to technology limitations. So the best option is to have a revamp of your old website.

Besides, who doesn't do mobile shopping nowadays?

Last one...

Boost Your Search Engine Ranking

About every half year, Google's search engine algorithms are changed. But smaller changes can occur at any time. Occasionally, we experience iterations every few weeks.

So you should start tracking those. And in order to rank higher than your competitors, it's important to refresh your website regularly... as changes in search algorithms may affect your ranking.

But using old technologies makes it difficult to comply... with all the new search engine demands. So you should take note of this and start taking action.

Because search engines tend to rank sites that are updated frequently higher... keeping your website updated is essential.

So now that you know why you need to keep up with the website trends, let me take you to...

The Top Ecommerce Website Trends In 2023...

1. VR Experience

Websites will increasingly offer VR experiences in the future. VR (Virtual Reality) refers to immersive visual environments.

VR can refer to 360-degree videos, 360-degree photos, or product demos. Or it can refer to more complex "headset" VR enabled by certain devices.

Ecommerce platforms can make use of these advanced technologies. This is also for the enhancement of multisensory online experiences. But there are simpler methods as well.

Using abstract forms and interactive elements in your layouts will be a good idea. It will contribute to a more pleasant customer experience.

For instance, if an online visitor clicks the order confirmation button... you can create a pleasant sound to improve your UI design. Or you can create beautiful background images. Or maybe you can create hover effects that show users some moving images when they hover over the image.

Websites can use VR to serve useful content to visitors. And this may be in a way that encourages them to make purchasing decisions.

Ikea's website makes use of VR technology so that they can take their customers for a virtual tour.

VR Experience

It's a fun way to engage with your audience and give them an online experience they will never forget.

Next up...

2. Unconventional Layouts

A well-designed layout enhances the aesthetic appeal of a website. Businesses often use ecommerce platforms like Shopify to do this. Often, they provide a range of standard design templates and themes. This simplifies online store building. And unique design techniques help ecommerce businesses stand out.

The third one...

3. Toggle Between Dark and Light Mode

Your web design should have color schemes for both light and dark modes. Adding this feature to your website enhances the user experience.

This proves that switching between modes won't impact visibility. Online customers enjoy having control over apps and websites.

A lot of devices and sites support this feature. So it's a worthwhile option to consider.

Let's take a look at the next trend...

4. Micro Animation

Using micro animations is a new web design trend for websites and ecommerce sites. This can definitely enhance shoppers' experiences.

Micro animations can also make your site more entertaining and playful. This is because online visitors can easily interact with your website. They enjoy it. Plus, the fact that this technology can give users a taste and a glimpse of your products.

Some online retailers like "alo" have already begun using micro animations. This is how they show shoppers how their clothes move and fit on a real human.

Micro Animation

We're halfway now! Read on...

5. Conversational Commerce

This can also be called chat commerce. It is a way for online retailers to leverage the power of conversation to sell their products.

It doesn't matter how the conversation is delivered to a potential customer... through a chat, a voice assistant, or a messaging platform.

The goal is to move the potential customer through the sales funnel fast. At the same time, being helpful, relevant, and personalized. 

Whether the customer wants to contact you via Facebook, Messenger, Chat, or WhatsApp... as a business, you need to be wherever your customer is... across sales channels.

An example is Kettlebell Kings. Kettlebell Kings simplifies its customer service on their website as well as their Facebook page... with the help of a chatbot,

And through the chatbot, the company generates leads by enticing visitors to sign up. They urge visitors to work out with them so they can improve their training skills.

Great marketing strategy, right?

Conversational Commerce

Let's go to the next important trend...

6. Personalized Website Content

Almost every website tracks our browsing history and knows where we are.

The most innovative websites will show clients some dynamic content. And mind you, it's not generic content made for everyone.

These are custom content created for users returning to your website for a second or third time. This is based on past user behavior. Or it can be based on visitors' information and location.

This is not new. This happens every time you search on Google. For example, if you search for a nearby salon in New York. You will see different results than users in other cities.

You can also provide customers with recent products they have viewed.

This will be more helpful for both you and your target audience.

Even more important for ecommerce website owners to have this personalized content. Because this can provide a better and more personalized experience.

And can help increase ecommerce sales in the long run.

So online shoppers are more likely to expect personalized website content in the coming months. And it will become an even greater focus for a successful online presence this year.

Personalized Website Content

(This is an example of personalized content according to geolocation from Ikea's website.)

Let's go to the next trend...

7. Minimalistic Design

Designing a website with minimal elements isn't a new trend. It's been around for some time.

But over the years, it has been associated with a lot of white space. And it doesn't have to be that way.

Nevertheless, 2022 may see website designers experimenting with colorful minimalist designs. And colorful minimalism will likely dominate.

Let me give you an example...

Minimalism or Flat web design is used throughout this minimalist website. As part of the homepage, there are different sections...

Minimalistic Design

Each of which has a large image as the background. And to make these images look less monotonous, a parallax scrolling effect was used.

#8 is interesting...

8. Retro Design

As the web advances, designers are increasingly going back to old retro styles. Cliché but true that... What's old is new again.

Modern designers are reusing design concepts from decades ago. Retro designs are making a comeback in the digital space.

Visually, retro design styles appeal to users because they evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Combining that emotion with a modern interface and user patterns... makes for a user experience that's hard to resist.

How can you resist this design? The retro-modern style relies on muted hues and color overlays as a counterpoint to color trends.

You can create an ultra-trendy look by combining vintage fonts with contemporary imagery.

The result? See for yourself.

Retro Design

Let me go to the 9th trend...

9. Voice Interface

Voice chatbots are changing web design.

Although voice-activated interfaces are not common in most websites... they aren't likely to disappear in the very near future.

As websites integrate voice search as an alternative to traditional text searches, we will see more and more websites using this new technology.

And watch out for voice shopping... it will be a memorable ecommerce trend.

We're almost done...

10. Large Buttons

Include large buttons on your website to improve usability. You can improve user experience by making all your websites' versions feature large buttons.

The navigation will be easier and features will be even more accessible to those who shop online.

My final pick is...

11. Interactive Texts

This takes the use of text to the next level. Some designers have been working on innovative ways to make their next move and interact with the user.

An example is these interactive texts from Pest Stop Boys. This is by far the most vibrant, colorful, and fun pest control company website I've ever seen.

Interactive Texts

There you have it...

Watch Out For These Ecommerce websites Trends This 2023...

We live in a world filled with a multitude of websites. And I know you'll agree with me... successful ones are those that stand out and remain competitive.

But changes are constant in ecommerce trends... and so is the look of your ecommerce site. This can be difficult to keep up with.

But that's where Debutify can come in handy.

Debutify enhances your ecommerce store's "look and feels" while also increasing revenue.

You can also use Debutify's Page Booster Add-On to improve your website's loading speed. This helps increase your conversion rate and in turn, drives your AOV up and boosts your profits as well.

Keep Up With The Latest Ecommerce Website Trends with Debutify!

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