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31 Dec 2021

10 Ecommerce Trends You Should Watch Out For in 2024

10 Ecommerce Trends You Should Watch Out For in 2024

Since you were a teenager, how many times have you changed your fashion statement?

Nobody remains an 'emo' forever! It was just a phase, after all.


And you're not the only one that changes through the season. Ecommerce practices change every year.

Here's my main point...

You have to keep up with ecommerce trends. Once you can keep up, you can adapt to the evolving ecommerce trends.

But it's not easy. In fact, it could be overwhelming.

You need to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the customers. As well as your competition also trying out the latest trends.

That's a lot to handle!

Thankfully, I have prepared a list of the 10 most important 2024 ecommerce trends to watch out for.

Psst... stay tuned for a surprise at the end!

These top ecommerce trends will influence online retail globally not just in 2024... But also within the next few years.

But, before I proceed, let me tell you why this is important...

Importance of Knowing Ecommerce Trends

Importance of Knowing Ecommerce Trends

  • Ecommerce is becoming increasingly competitive. Staying up-to-date on ecommerce trends is crucial to staying competitive.
  • Trends should be monitored. Your ecommerce store will fall far behind if you fail to stay current with ecommerce trends.
  • It is crucial to identify and adapt to these trends as quickly as possible. By doing so, your ecommerce brand can stay ahead of your competitors.

So, we are now moving to the year 2024. And in order to achieve future success, you must look ahead.

That's why it is important to know the trends in the ecommerce industry.

So without further ado, let's see what they are!

10 Ecommerce Trends You Should Watch Out For In 2024

1. Green Is In

Green Is In

You might be surprised to learn that being environmentally friendly influences online sales.

According to Nielsen, sustainable products across all categories show higher growth rates.

And consumers agree... green is in!

As green consumerism sweeps the nation, brands should ride the trend.

Thus, as the focus shifts to environmental sustainability, ecommerce business owners must follow.

See if you can observe environmentally-friendly practices.

To begin with, identify where you can improve your sustainability.

Here is a list of some actions that consumers may want you to take:

The Eco Steps Consumers Most Want Brands To Take


It is becoming important for brands to be more eco-conscious... as consumers become more concerned about the environment.

This will be one of the most significant ecommerce trends in 2024.

Next up...

2. Online Shopping Gets Social

The social media landscape has changed. No longer is it a channel by which people just connect with one another.

Social media platforms have been used to expand brands' target audiences. And...

"Buy buttons," have been incorporated into platforms like Facebook, Instagram and yes, TikTok!

And several online stores have forged connections with social media...

This enabled customers to make purchases through these ecommerce platforms..

Surely, a boom in social commerce will occur this 2024.

Let's get to the third trend...

3. AI for More Personalized Shopping Experience

Artificial Intelligence is a growing trend among businesses.

Businesses that are looking at improving workflows and processes.

 The same holds true for ecommerce businesses. 

Retailers were among the first to see the benefits of using AI in their marketing strategies.

And it's not surprising that online sellers are expected to spend a whopping $7.3 billion on AI by 2022.

The increase is due to business owners' desire to offer personalized customer service.

The next one is phenomenal...

4. Mobile Shopping

Mobile shopping has also become a notable trend in ecommerce. Mobile users have made 79% of their online purchases via their mobile phones.

A flood of mobile devices has led to an increase in their use in recent years.

Mobile Shopping


And there is no doubt you will agree...

That mobile devices have gained popularity among online shoppers.

It made online shopping even more convenient.

This means that mobile commerce will continue to play a big role in the ecommerce industry.

So you have to make your ecommerce site mobile-friendly.

You could be losing out on potential sales if you do not have a mobile-friendly ecommerce site.

What are you waiting for? Act now!

We're halfway now so hold on...

5. More Payment Options

It will also continue to be a trend to offer customers multiple payment options. This is for convenience.

Contactless payments make the checkout process easier and more efficient.

Therefore, it is smart to offer a wide range of payment methods. This will satisfy individual customer needs on your ecommerce site.

This also increases your conversion.

And what's more?

Providing customers with multiple financing choices during checkout will become a trend.

In fact, it will become a must-have.

That's why providing multiple payment options to customers can benefit your ecommerce business.

It increases conversion rates and improves customer satisfaction.

And customers will definitely be glad to pay by whatever method they want.

Let's move on to #6...


6. Live Video Shopping

Watch out for live video shopping as another promising ecommerce trend.

This ecommerce trend is a blend of ecommerce and entertainment.

It is a growing market in China.

China generated $300 billion in sales this year alone and will continue to explode.


Now, we are just getting started with live video shopping in the Western world.

But it's a potential ecommerce trend... as potential customers are enjoying the interaction with business owners.

Nonetheless, live-streaming isn't a one-size-fits-all strategy. So, make sure you find what works for you.

Research is necessary before you can get your toes wet in this specific market...

Well, not only to learn consumer expectations but also to get ahead of the ecommerce game.

7. Voice Shopping

Did you know that over 30% of internet users in the US use voice assistants? They use it for browsing product details or purchasing products.

And... it's also expected that voice commerce sales will reach $40 billion by 2022!

It just shows that online voice shopping is slowly becoming mainstream for next-generation consumers, right?

Because of this, online retailers incorporate voice commerce into their operations.

This enables buyers to purchase easily with just their voices.

No doubt, voice shopping will simplify the purchasing process and...

It is expected that the number of voice shoppers will increase in the coming years.

Moving on...

8. Using Virtual/ Augmented Reality

Virtual reality (VR) can provide customers with a 360-degree view of any product.

This means, your customers get to see how products look in real life through VR.

And Augmented Reality (AR technology) goes into more detail.

This will help the customers determine whether it will meet their needs or not.

Furthermore, many ecommerce trends require customers to make buying decisions based on AR.

Consider the makeup brand Sephora as an example.

Makeup retailer Sephora offers "Sephora Virtual Artists" to its customers ( mostly female).

As part of the feature developed in partnership with AR company ModiFace,

They scan a customer's face, locate the eyes and lips ... and they are able to experiment with different looks.

Now, this makes retail shopping more convenient... as users can search for new products, compare, try them on, and buy them.

In turn, they feel more confident. And their shopping experience is more personalized.

Now, who can turn down this type of trend?

Another trend that's hard to refuse...

9. Chatbots

Automated chatbots will replace human support.

In fact, by 2022, according to Gartner, up to 70% of white-collar workers will interact with chatbots daily.

As a result, brands are able to answer inquiries faster, make faster decisions, and achieve higher growth.

Ecommerce businesses benefit from chatbots. This is due to the high volume of customer support inquiries they receive.

Also because of the increasing need for engaging and personalized shopping.


10. Subscriptions And Loyalty Programs

Customers love ecommerce loyalty programs because they get rewards for repeat purchases.

As a reward, they may receive discounts, cashback, next-purchase coupons, and freebies.

And businesses are using these loyalty programs' data to understand their customers' buying behavior.

Also, You can use this data to present your loyal customers with special offers...

Offers that you can customize for your customer's individual needs.

In turn, this builds a relationship between you and your customers. Also, this encourages them to become advocates of your brand.

There you have it...

But wait... there's one more BONUS!

BONUS: Creative Packaging

The trend of beautiful packaging will never fade away, it is a powerful tool to attract clients.

A product with beautiful and original packaging is more likely to be purchased.

When creating a package, a lot of design work has to go into it, because it should associate with your brand name.

You may also apply #1 here... which is becoming eco-friendly. ?

For 2024, ecommerce trends will focus on creating an enjoyable environment for customers.

And be prepared because this will increase their expectations and demands.

Make sure your business is ready for these changes and growth.

Here’s What You Can Do:

  • You should prepare a solid business plan that outlines your objectives. Otherwise, you could find your business lacking direction. Check your business plan periodically to make sure it is current and ready for growth.
  • Keep an eye on every ecommerce trend: Be aware of any trends in the ecommerce industry and take action. In doing so, you will ensure that your business adapts to change. This will ensure its growth and success.

So that's it...

Keep Up With The Ecommerce Trends!

But hear me out...

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