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07 Feb 2021

Seven Effective Influencer Marketing Platforms You Can Use To Grow Your Ecommerce Store

Seven Effective Influencer Marketing Platforms You Can Use To Grow Your Ecommerce Store

Unlike other forms of marketing, influencer marketing is relatively the latest form of marketing. It enables ecommerce businesses to sell their products through influencers who already have a massive fan following on prominent social media networks, and other platforms.

The scope of influencer marketing campaigns is broad. These campaigns are generally run on a global basis.

With influencer marketing evolving as an industry, more and more companies, and individuals, offer their expertise to grow ecommerce businesses across different sectors.

What an influencer marketing platform does is simplify the process, for both online businesses and agencies, when they collaborate with influencers on Instagram,Facebook, or even LinkedIn.

What Is An Influencer Marketing Platform?

Simply put, an influencer marketing platform is software designed to help businesses with their ecommerce influencer marketing campaigns. The purpose of these programs is to provide discovery tools for ecommerce businesses and influencer marketing agencies.

Some programs feature an opt-in method for influencers. This approach allows the influencer marketing platform’s employees to vet influencers and assure that they’re reliable and interested in working with the brands.

Some advanced-level tools come with databases of influencers that businesses can use for their future collaborations. These programs also include different features, including relationship management, third-party analytics, and more.

How Does An Influencer Marketing Platform Work?

The biggest perk of using an influencer marketing platform is that it offers ecommerce businesses a direct way to connect with potential influencers. Also, these platforms assist influencers in monetizing their social media profiles.

These influencer marketing platforms provide each influencer listed on their program with a profile. The profile contains the contact information of an influencer along with their social media statistics.

Ecommerce businesses looking for influencers can use filters to identify the right partners who can market products and services on their behalf.

The process doesn’t end here. Once a brand finds an influencer with the right audience, the platform begins to supply statistics that a brand can use to measure the progress of its campaign.

Below are some of the key areas that effective influencer marketing platforms mainly focus on:

Discovery: Effective influencer marketing platforms come with an in-built search feature that allows businesses to find the right influencer for their needs. The brand can search based on follower count, demographics, etc.

Contract Management: These platforms play a role of an intermediary and negotiate terms on behalf of the brand with the influencer.

Content Management: Another perk of using these influencer marketing platforms is they manage ad text and other graphic elements for the brand.

Promotion of Ad Content: Brands can also use these platforms to amplify their impact on social media by using paid ads and promotions.

Handling of a Payment Process: Influencer marketing platforms also handle payment and compensation affairs on behalf of the brand. This includes tax compliance, e-payments, escrowing, etc.

Analytics and Reporting: Last but not least, brands can use influencer marketing platforms to track the progress of their influencer marketing campaigns.

We have created a list of the top-7 effective influencer marketing platforms that you can use today to grow your ecommerce store in 2023 and beyond.

Seven Effective Influencer Marketing Platforms You Can Use To Grow To Your Ecommerce Store

1. Grin

Grin is a popular influencer marketing software designed specifically for ecommerce businesses.

This program is an all-inclusive solution that comes with a wide range of user-friendly features, including outreach, relationship marketing, product seeding, affiliate links, content marketing, analytics and reporting, and more.

Grin is easy to set up and use. With this software, you can handle multiple influencer campaigns without any difficulty.

If you’re looking for software that can streamline every aspect of your influencer marketing management process, then Grin can be your safest bid.

Key features include:

  • Powerful search function
  • ROI tracking
  • Relationship management
  • Social media integration


2. Influsoft

Influsoft is another effective influencer marketing software that is designed by top influencer marketing experts.

Influsoft comes with tailored modules for brands and agencies that enable them to optimize and streamline their marketing workflow.

There is an influencer CRM, task and deliverable management feature, internet messaging facility, and more.

In addition to that, you can also benefit from campaign tracking and goal analysis features. Influsoft offers some of the best tools for tailored agencies, including exportable profiles and contract management.

Key features include:

  • AI-powered authenticity analyzer
  • Social media integration
  • End to end influencer management campaign
  • Fraud detection reports


3. Trend

Next on our list is Trend that helps connect brands and influencers who want to produce premium-quality User Generated Content (UGC).

From sourcing to sharing and scaling influencer-generated content, Trend has got you covered. The software charges a fixed price of $100/campaign.

Key features include:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Huge influencer database
  • Excellent customer service
  • Content management


4. Moburst

When it comes to mobile app influencer marketing, there is no platform as effective as Moburst. The software specializes in helping brands achieve their mobile marketing goals by leveraging a data-driven approach.

Because of its proprietary tools and access to the leading technologies, Moburst can successfully monitor millions of queries daily.

Key features include:

  • Monitoring and managing different mobile campaigns
  • Data analysis
  • App store optimization 360’
  • UX/UI design
  • A/B testing
  • Influencer marketing campaigns
  • Video productions
  • Push notification strategy
  • And more...

All in all, ecommerce businesses that are looking to boost conversions and increase engagement and retention through performance-driven influencer marketing strategies should give Moburst a try.


5. Upfluence - Influencer Marketing Platform

Upfluence is another cloud-based influencer discovery software that allows businesses to successfully monitor and run their influencer marketing campaigns.

With this tool, brands can find information about influencers and generate post-project reports.

Upfluence also enables businesses to access its massive database that includes contact information and performance statistics of top influencers.

Key features include:

  • Influencer database and bios
  • Advanced search functions
  • Regular updates
  • Generated engagements
  • Contacting tools
  • Real-time tracking


6. Yoke Network

Yoke is known for its extensive network of influencers that enables brands to win on TikTok using data-driven influencer marketing campaigns.

The platform includes more than 2000+ influencers on some of the prominent social networking channels, including Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram.

This influencer marketing platform is ideal for businesses that want to create brand awareness and performance-centric campaigns.

Key features include:

  • Tailored content creation by proficient and experienced content creators
  • CPI-powered influencer campaigns designed for different social media networks


7. NeoReach

NeoReach is another powerful influencer marketing software that enables ecommerce businesses and agencies to build and control their influencer marketing network. 

The platform welcomes influencers, social media contributors, and content creators to subscribe to its 3-million+ growing community.

Businesses can use this platform to search through NeoReach’s extensive database to find the influencers with the right audience. NeoReach also includes super-functional filters that users can use to find influencers based on demographics, brand affinity, and more.

Key features include:

  • API
  • Activity dashboard
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Content management
  • Data import and export
  • Campaign segmentation

A Few More (As Extras)!

SDA Media

SDA Media is known for its state-of-the-art performance-driven features. This influencer marketing platform is used and admired by top brands. The company works to ensure that it successfully maintains profitable partnerships for its clients.

This platform was launched back in 2013 and since then the company and its employees have worked hard to break the conventional agency model to replace it with result-centric approaches and marketing campaigns.

The company strives to be honest and fast. Top-notch service and continuous improvements are the core values associated with SDA Media.

BRIVAL and GUST are the two proprietary assets of this platform.

Key features include:

  • Timely updates
  • Offers solution that integrates into MMPs
  • Premium-quality content creation
  • Ability to reach millions of users with every single post



Businesses and advertisers looking to launch successful and quick influencer marketing campaigns should give #Paid a try.

The platform keeps users informed using both email and SMS mediums.

The platform itself is extremely easy to use. You can upload that directly using any file-sharing platform.

What sets #Paid apart from others is its excellent customer service. Deep ecommerce data analytics allows advertisers and brands to keep an eye on their progress. The Audience information feature makes it easy to compare the strengths and weaknesses of each option.

Key features include:

  • Campaign segmentation
  • Workflow capability
  • Data import/export
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Search and collaboration
  • Influencer scoring
  • Audience analysis



Tagger is an efficient influencer marketing tool that comes with a wide range of content marketing and research and analytics tools.

It has more than 3 million global influencers that enable clients to identify profitable influencer collaborations and track their campaign’s success.

There’s a customer-friendly dashboard that you can use to organize and streamline all of your influencer marketing efforts

In addition to that, there’s a powerful search feature that helps brands and advertisers to search for the best possible influencers fit for their brands.

Apart from that, you can also track all key metrics, including conversions, CPE, and audience data with this tool.

Key features include:

  • Competitive analysis
  • Content insights
  • Power search function and filter
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Content stats
  • Contract management
  • Project management
  • Communication tools
  • Search demographics
  • And more...



Hypr is an AI-powered influencer marketing platform that provides online businesses with audience demographics that helps them grow their ecommerce business and increase conversions.

Key features include:

  • The ability to search using demographics
  • Easy onboarding
  • Excellent customer service
  • Content insights
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Help identify useful keywords and hashtags
  • Easy segmentation

These effective influencer marketing platforms are all feature-rich and customer-centric. Here, the key is to identify the platform that aligns well with your business niche and requirements.

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