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Shopify Instagram Marketing 2020: Tips For Increasing Your Sales

icon calendar 2020-03-11 | icon glass 7 min read | icon user Ricky Hayes
Shopify Instagram Marketing 2020: Tips For Increasing Your Sales

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Do you want to increase the online sales of your Shopify store? Do you no longer know which avenue to explore? Social media is a real gold mine, but you have to know which one to use! "Marketers" abound on Facebook, and it is more difficult than ever to stand out.

Meanwhile, more and more online stores are turning to Instagram to sell their products, and this social media is not yet saturated. It's your chance to try Instagram marketing for Shopify.

Instagram And E-commerce Statistics

What could be better than a few "stats" to convince anyone? Here's why Instagram should be considered a (very) serious player when it comes to e-commerce:

  • 500 million daily users on the platform.
  • 90% of Instagram accounts follow at least one company.
  • 72% of users declare having bought a product after having seen it on the application.
  • 68% of Instagram users have a regular engagement rate with brands (unlike 32% for Facebook).
  • 78% of influencers prefer Instagram to other social media to collaborate with companies.

The Essential Strategies

Before thinking of selling your Shopify products on Instagram, it is imperative that your account implements these strategies. This is the foundation required before getting down to business ($)!

Have An Instagram Account In Professional Mode

Instagram Marketing For your business to be credible on Instagram, it must have a professional profile.

There is a "  Switch to a professional account" section in the application settings, and it's super simple! Once this is done, all profile visitors will see relevant information about your business, such as type of business, hours of operation, physical address, and telephone number.

A professional profile is also a must to follow the performance of your account. Access many statistics in real-time on your Stories, on your promoted publications (advertising), and on how your subscribers interact with your page.

A professional Instagram profile also unlocks advanced features for e-commerce, keep reading to find out what it is!

Write A Practical And Catchy Bio

The Instagram bio is one of the few places where you can insert a text link to your Shopify store on the application. It is also the first piece of information that visitors see about your page. It is important to include in your store's bio:

  • A simple and quick summary of the products sold by the store.
  • The main advantage of the store (which sets it apart from the competition) or the products it offers.
  • An interaction/call to action aimed at subscribers. For example: "Identify one of our products to be republished."
  • A link. The link must be current. For example, a link to the most recent promotion, a store that shows the new products, etc. The store must be attractive enough to keep the visitors glued. Beautify it with debutify themes
  • Product photos must be impeccable

Of course, Instagram is a social media that focuses on images. This may seem obvious, but a store that wants to stand out must publish high-quality photos.

This is a prerequisite for any good e-commerce strategy on Instagram. Product photos must grab people's attention before anything else.

First, the attention, then the clicks. Your store's Instagram page should make visitors feel like they're in an actual store.

Taking professional-looking photos is no easy task. Paying for the services of a photographer is not a luxury, but an investment! If your company's Instagram profile includes photos submitted by subscribers, it is important to sort the photos that will be selected so as not to break the page's guidelines.

Use The Right Hashtags

Posts with the highest engagement rate include an average of 5.44 hashtags.

Use a tool like Iconosquare or analyze the hashtags that your competitors are using to give your publications a  boost.

Indeed, using a mixture of popular hashtags and more precise hashtags to increase the visibility of your products on Instagram is simple and effective!

Collaborate With Influencers

To say that influencers are a strategy to use on Instagram is no surprise to anyone.

It may sound obvious, but the key is choosing the right influencers to deliver your business messages. In reality, you must see the services of an influencer as an advertising medium  (such as social media, radio, or television).

Each influencer has a different target audience and a unique way of communicating. You have to find the influencers (or micro-influencers) who have the subscribers and the tone adapted to the customers of your store.

A perfect match between a brand and an influencer makes it possible to pass messages in the form of storytelling that reach people much more than a simple advertising pitch!

No matter the size of their accounts or the number of influencers that your store decides to hire, there are two types of influencers that we find:

  • Paid influencers: This is a formal agreement (contract) between a store and an influencer to create sponsored content. It is a method that can prove to be expensive, but it brings results very quickly and with great precision (since the influencer is selected by the company).
  • Natural influencers: In this situation, the influencer promotes a product, but this promotion comes from an exchange of service/product that favors both parties. It can also come from an influencer find! If he discovers your product naturally and it is a good fit for his target audience, the promotion is free. This method requires less money but more time. Getting the right influencers to see your product at the right time can generate impressive results.

Interact With Comments

Not surprisingly, it is important to interact with the comments of your subscribers. This is the case for all social media.

However, from an e-commerce point of view, it is essential to respond to comments that can lead to a sale.

When a user asks a question about the availability, the price, the color, or the performance of a product, it is because he is close to making a purchase!

Video, video, video, video

Facebook has been working hard for more and more video content for a long time now, and Instagram is no exception.

In addition to allowing companies to be creative, video content in Stories is one of the rare places where it is possible to insert clickable links on Instagram! To add a link to an Instagram Stories, you must have a verified account or have 10,000 subscribers.

Producing quality videos to showcase your products takes more time and resources, but the results speak for themselves:

  • Videos on Instagram generate double engagement compared to photos.
  • The time users spend watching videos has increased by 80% in the past year.
  • Videos posted on Instagram generate twice as many comments as photos.
  • 68% of millennials who use Instagram frequently watch Stories (this number is 49% for Snapchat).
  • The third of the most-watched Stories come from brands.

Configure Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping Adding Instagram Shopping functionality to your account allows your business to have a showcase to display its products.

Specifically, it allows you to add tags to posts or stories on your page. The product identified by a tag reveals this information to subscribers who press it:

  • A picture of the product.
  • A description of the product.
  • The price of the product.
  • A link to the page of your website where you can buy the product.

Here are the steps to install Instagram Shopping :

  • Get your professional profile approved by Instagram.
  • Define a catalog of all your products on Facebook (Instagram uses this same catalog).
  • Wait until your work account is verified by Instagram, and the addition of the Shopping functionality is approved.
  • Activate the Shopping features from your account settings.

When you start using Shopping on your Instagram page, you will certainly do a lot of tests. To guide you, here are some tips to take full advantage of the e-commerce functionality:

  • Identifying the products that are in your images or in your videos (using Shopping tags and hashtags) increases the chances of having your publications highlighted in the "Shop" section of the "Explore" tab on Instagram.
  • Identifying more than one product in a photo (when applicable) increases the engagement rate, and therefore the visibility of this publication.
  • Identifying clear and meaningful product names (rather than a series of numbers) encourages more clicks.

Promote your Instagram page on other platforms (Newsletter, Facebook, your website, etc.). Attracting visitors from multiple sources increases the chances that they will buy your products.

So Is Selling Online Through Instagram Easy?

As you noticed during this reading, giving a boost to your e-commerce site using Instagram is not very complicated.

It's about knowing the features that the application makes available to us and taking advantage of them! It is an extremely solid foundation that many people do not have. Now that you are one of those who know these tricks, you just have to apply them to your situation to see results!

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Written by

Ricky Hayes

Ricky Hayes is the Co-Founder and Head of Marketing at Debutify - free Shopify theme, helping dropshippers build high-converting stores in minutes. He is a passionate entrepreneur running multiple businesses, marketing agencies and mentoring programs.

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