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30 Sep 2020

The Ultimate Guide To Increasing Conversions With Effective Ecommerce Product Videos

The Ultimate Guide To Increasing Conversions With Effective Ecommerce Product Videos

Given the fierce competition in the eCommerce industry, you need to find a way to stand out. But that’s easier said than done.

Even in your niche, securing a small slice of the market all to yourself is difficult. Therefore, you need to come up with a marketing strategy that trumps what your opponents are offering to the audience.

One of the best ways to market your eCommerce brand is through video. Visual content catches the eye, moving pictures even more so.

From the earliest days of marketing, video marketing has been around in the form of television commercials. Now that digital marketing is all the rage, peddling visual content on the internet is one of - if not the - most effective form of getting your brand known.

Therefore, you need to create excellent eCommerce videos for higher conversions. And we’re repeating it; making compelling eCommerce videos is easier said than done. It’s more than pointing your phone camera at your product and hitting the record. No. You need to craft a video marketing strategy to ensure that your content puts that of your competitors to shame.

Various product videos have different benefits. Therefore, you need to have a firm handle on how to create and share them.

This article will guide you through the various methods and tips you should use to eCommerce product videos to generate a buzz for your brand, leading to more sales. Your online shop should appealingly display product videos, encouraging visitors to your site to check out the products.

Which Types Of Ecommerce Product Videos Should You Consider?

Types Of Ecommerce Product Videos

We’ve already established that video marketing is something you should get into if you want to boost your online store’s growth. However, you shouldn’t jump in willy nilly.

You need to know the different types of eCommerce product videos into which you should sink your investment. Should you go for explainer videos? Or are you more interested in videos that show off the different product features and aspects? Regardless,

we’ll provide a list of the different types of video content that you should add to your content marketing strategy. They include:

  • Explainer videos, also known as tutorials
  • Product demos
  • Testimonials from previous buyers
  • Product reviews
  • Paid video ads
  • Product reveal videos
  • Product unboxing videos
  • Behind-the-scenes videos

From this list, choose the types of videos that will fit in well with your kind of online business to increase your chances of success in the market. The numbers back this up. 8 out of 10 marketers say that video content directly helped in increasing sales. Not only that, using the right kind of videos will attract more customers, increasing traffic to your site and heightening the chances of converting.

The Debutify Theme is well-optimized to convert the traffic that comes to your site. If you pair that up with video content, you’ll significantly increase your chances of turning visitors into buyers. Now, let’s look at how you can make effective eCommerce product videos.

How To Make eCommerce Product Videos To Increase Sales

If you’ve created an excellent online store, you need to make sure that all that effort doesn’t go to waste. There are plenty of beautiful online shops that aren’t attracting or converting any visitors. With video, you can avoid becoming them.

After all, 9 in 10 customers find videos helpful when they’re shopping. Of those same 10 online shoppers, 6 watch a video before buying a product from a store. Here is how you can take advantage of this situation to put your online store on the road to success.

Know Who Your Customers Are

Before you can put your video marketing strategy into action, you need to know who you’re making those videos for. Otherwise, you might post video content that your customers don’t really care about. Worse still, it might put them off your brand, something that will make your competition feel all warm and good on the inside.

Therefore, you need to carry out some market research to find out everything you can about your ideal customer. Look through your mentions on social media, conduct online surveys, and read through reviews.

All this gives you invaluable information on what your audience is like and what they expect from you. Use this information to build a buyer persona.

This is a fictional buyer that has all the characteristics of what you consider your ideal buyer. So, before you craft any piece of video content, try to find out if it appeals to your ideal customer.

If it does, go ahead and create the video, infusing your brand voice so that potential customers can relate to it.

At the same time, they’ll also identify your brand easily. Now that you know who your customers are and what they want, we can move on.

Play On The Audience’s Emotions

When customers are shopping, they rarely make decisions using clear-cut logic. They rely on that feeling in their gut, something that tells them this is a good thing to add to their carts.

Emotions play a significant role in the online shopping experience. For instance, there’s no step-by-step reasoning when it comes to impulse buys. It’s all feelings. 

Therefore, this provides you with a chance to get a foot in the door. Add various emotional cues to your videos. You’ll have the audience hooked, making them listen to your message more attentively.

Let’s look at the different ways you can use emotion in your eCommerce product videos to increase conversions.

Make The Video Genuine, Not A Commercial

In this overly digital era, people are bombarded with ads from all directions. They find them on every website, their social media feeds, and every other aspect of their online presence.

The fact that many people use ad-block software goes to show how fed up they are with this pestering. Therefore, the last thing you should do is create an eCommerce product video that’s directly advertising your product.

Customers will quickly identify it as an ad and lose all interest in it. Be creative with your video content. Engage with the audience without seeming to sell.

In other words, your video should contain as much authenticity as you can to connect with your potential buyers at a deeper level.

Make The Audience Feel Something

When the audience watches your video content, it should draw out certain feelings in them. As we stated earlier, feelings play a crucial role in online shoppers’ buying decisions. If you want your audience to connect with you, your video should have an element of sadness.

On the other hand, happy videos encourage the viewer to share.

In this case, your brand name will spread, increasing traffic to your online store. When your video elicits fear or surprise, potential customers become desperate to try out your offerings.

All in all, add these various kinds of emotional elements into your video content, depending on your video marketing strategy goal.

Tell A Story

Piece the two previous emotional features together to create a coherent story. In other words, don’t make video sales and add an emotional theme to it. With it at the back of your mind, you can weave a story that your audience can connect with.

The great thing about telling stories in your videos is that the audience will forget that it’s a marketing ploy. As they’re following the storyline, they’ll inadvertently pick up on the different features your product or brand has to offer.

The story format also makes it easy for them to understand any crucial complex information you might want to pass along. Additionally, if you tell a great story, your potential customers are more likely to remember it. If they need anything in your niche, they’ll always check out what you have to offer because your brand is still in their minds.

Add Ecommerce Product Videos To Your Landing Pages

When crafting landing pages for products, several online store owners focus on the copy. And this isn’t wrong in any way. After all, potential customers want to know more about the product you’re offering.

However, some people don’t really care for blocks of text. It all seems drab and there’s a chance that they don’t understand anything. Video is a great way to let these non-readers know more about the product easily. Watching a video doesn’t require any reading comprehension, and the message comes across more clearly.

Also, the video is better at conveying those emotions we spoke about earlier. Earlier on, we also talked about how people are more likely to buy when they watch a video about a product. So, having the video right there on the product landing page will increase conversions and sales.

If you’re running your online store on Shopify, you can use the free Debutify Theme because it allows you to add video product descriptions alongside the copy. Here's the download link.

Create Videos Reviewing Products

Before customers buy anything, they need to know that it works. In the real world, this is the same as buyers trying samples to ensure that they do what it says on the box.

However, there’s no way buyers can try out every product they want to buy in the digital world. The next best thing is to hear about it from people who have already had experience with the product.

You can review your own product, but the customer might think that you’re biased. And of course, you are. You need to sell as many as possible for your brand to succeed.

The most viable option here is to use testimonials from people who have actually bought the product. 9 in 10 consumers under 35 refer to reviews before they add the item to their carts. And since this is the same group of people who do a lot of online shopping, you have to cater to their wishes. Another option is to use experts in your field to review the product. If your product is a bit technical, it makes sense for you to add a video of an expert reviewing your product.

Perhaps one of the most effective eCommerce product videos is where brands use influencers to review products. Influencers have a massive following of people interested in a particular segment, say, technology or fashion. If you partner with an influencer to make product videos, you’ll have a dedicated following viewing your product.

They’ll also check it out because they trust the influencer’s opinion.

Make Use Of Your Social Media Presence

Social Media Presence

Adding product videos and reviews on your website is all nice and dandy. Still, there’s a big chance that very few people will see that content. If you want to make good use of that video content, present it to as many eyes as possible.

One sure way to do this is by using social media. Platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are excellent at presenting video content to their users.

Create accounts on these platforms, grow your following, and present your video content. Social media marketing enables you to reach out to thousands of your potential customers in a few keystrokes.

Take a read of our guide on "Social Media Marketing Tips For Your Shopify Store" to learn how you can make use of your social media presence to present Product Videos and Increasing Conversions. 

In Conclusion

The importance of using eCommerce product videos for higher conversions can’t be overstated. As a result, you need to ensure that you hit all the marks to ensure that your video marketing strategy is successful.

We’ve shown you a handful of tips you can use to make effective eCommerce product videos. Remember, add a call-to-action to each video, ensuring that you convert views into sales.

To embed videos on your website, one usually needs to know how to have some experience with code.

However, the Debutify theme allows you to upload eCommerce product videos in one click. Download the top converting Shopify theme Debutify for free.  

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