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29 Aug 2020

6 Practical Tips To Quickly Build Ecommerce Landing Pages That Convert

6 Practical Tips To Quickly Build Ecommerce Landing Pages That Convert

Landing page. Isn’t that the same as the homepage? After all, that’s where visitors land when they visit the site. You couldn’t be further from the truth. Many people use the two terms interchangeably.

However, the two words have distinctive meanings. The homepages are the one-stop shop for all pages of your site. They have links to the various sections of your website. The main use?

To help potential clients find their way around your online store. In this article, we’re more interested in the landing pages.

These are distinct pages whose sole purpose is to capture leads or convert said leads into sales. They usually have one link - the call-to-action (CTA). Therefore, you need to know how to craft the most effective eCommerce landing pages.

They should be good at compelling visitors to do what you want them to at that stage. Below, we’ve laid out several strategies to help you craft high-converting eCommerce landing pages.

Crafting eCommerce landing pages that convert involves using compelling copy and the right layout of the pages. Debutify offers free premium add-ons that give you the perfect layout optimization.

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How To Create eCommerce Landing Pages That Convert

As we’ve already seen, landing pages are essential to the success of your online store. If you’re looking to make sales or build your subscriber list, an optimized landing page is a go-to solution.

You can also use effective eCommerce landing pages to promote a product that you have in the pipeline. By dedicating an entire landing page to the product, you are more likely to increase its sales. That is if you have crafted an optimized page.

Here are the different ways through which you can create high-converting eCommerce landing pages.

Write A Gripping Headline

When a potential customer visits your page, the headline should capture their attention. If your landing page has a bland title, visitors will exit the site as quickly as they came onto it.

Therefore, you need to push some creative power toward crafting a headline that entices customers to stay on your landing page. An ideal landing page headline is short and engaging.

In most cases, it also provides essential information about the product or brand in general. Since the headline is short (ideally not more than 10 words), you need to use your limited text wisely.

The best way to approach this is by stating the brand’s or product’s benefit. Rather than tell the audience what the product is, tell them what it can do for them. The page already shows the product in the photo (more on that later). Mentioning the product in the headline is unnecessary.

Additionally, you’ll be wasting precious headline text. But by getting straight to the product’s benefit, you’ll have the audience hooked. They’ll be more likely to look through the rest of the landing page. And here’s what they see next.

Use A Simple But Comprehensive Subheading

Sometimes the landing page’s primary headline can’t adequately capture what your brand or product is about. High-converting landing pages make use of comprehensive subheadings to shed more light on the brand or product.

However, you should always keep in mind that you shouldn’t overwhelm the audience. Keep the subheading simple. This will require you to call on the creative gods for inspiration. The subheading should provide adequate information to enlighten the reader.

At the same time, this subheading should be short enough to keep the reader on the hook. The copy here should also be more compelling, pushing the customer closer to your intended action.

Add Striking High-Definition Images

Effective eCommerce landing pages use high-quality images to make the page visually appealing and exciting. Add high-definition photos showing the product from unique angles and visual perspectives.

In other words, show off your product in a way that your audience might not have seen before or that often. And by striking and unique photos, we don’t mean you should show off your Photoshop skills. Don’t embellish the picture with unrealistic features or what you consider to be cute filters.

The client is interested in the unadulterated product. Simply put, they want to see the product just the way it is. Adding those other flourishes takes away from the visual brilliance of a clean photo.

Therefore, make sure that you use high-definition photos that show all the small details. Close-ups are especially good at this. Additionally, they provide an angle that customers rarely see. Stock photographs just won’t do. You need to invest in professional photography for your online store.

This way, you’ll achieve all that uniqueness that we’ve been talking about. The free Shopify theme Debutify is built to house top-notch imagery, strikingly displaying it to make your landing pages as unique as possible.

Craft Clear Compelling Copy

A gripping headline, simple but clear subheading, and striking images. This is a recipe for capturing your audience’s attention when they visit your landing page.

Now that you have their attention, tell them what you have to offer. But don’t do it in a matter-of-fact way. Engage them and convince them of your product or brand. What will the product do for them? Can it solve the problems they have in your niche? Answer these questions using language that moves potential buyers closer to making a purchase.

A style of writing that makes your audience want to leave their email address so you can communicate with them later. Crafting this kind of compelling copy requires you to speak directly to the consumer’s psyche.

In short, speak their language. If they can relate to your brand voice, they’re more likely to stick around. Therefore, you have to know your target audience pretty well. In the initial stages of your online business, you probably scouted the market. You got a feel of who you’re targeting.

You created buyer personas representing your ideal customers. If you skipped this step, now is the perfect time to create buyer personas for your eCommerce brand. Now use those personas to inspire how your copy should come across.

Keep in mind, the visitor shouldn’t spend a lot of time reading through your copy. It needs to be straight to the point. And when you present it in a relatable format, you’re in with a chance of increasing conversions.

Put One Main Call-To-Action In The Spotlight

High-converting eCommerce landing pages are successful because they focus on one main call-to-action (CTA). They don’t bombard the visitor with more than one request. When the customer has several options from which to choose, they’ll likely exit the page.

Online shopping is supposed to be an enjoyable and convenient experience for the customer. If you’re giving them more decisions to make, they’ll lose interest and try elsewhere. Therefore, you should include and highlight only one CTA. All the previous tips have been led to this one button or link.

You’ve been conditioning the customers to want to click it. To increase the chances of your visitors clicking the CTA, you should make it a different color from the rest of the landing page’s visual theme. This draws the customer’s eye and makes them more aware of the CTA. The Debutify theme offers premium stylistic elements that make your CTA pop off the page.

Furthermore, use descriptive wording in your call to action. Instead of a simple “Download”, use “Read Full eBook Now”. Rather than using “Buy Now”, add “Add To Cart And Get Free Gift”. These CTAs explicitly tell the customer what will happen when they click. They’re more persuasive.

There’s been a common thread weaving through and binding all these tips together if you’ve noticed. We’ve emphasized keeping all the elements simple but clear. And that brings us to the final thing you should keep in mind to get eCommerce landing pages that convert.

Maintain A Minimalistic Approach To Your Landing Page Design

Your landing page layout shouldn’t distract your potential customers from what you want them to do. Don’t emphasize other links other than your CTA. You might want to display and promote other offers, but this isn’t the place to do it.

Your landing page is there for only one reason - whatever it is that the CTA says. If your website has several sections, you need to understate its presence.

Therefore, ensure that the navigation bar on the landing page is less prominent than on other pages. Yes, you want visitors to still find their way around the site. However, making the navigation bar glaringly visible will steal the shine of the CTA button or link.

When it comes to the actual layout of the landing page, use fewer design elements than you would typically use on home or product pages. The goal is to achieve a clean look.  Minimum text. One bright, hi-res image. A visible and powerful call to action. That’s it!

Moving Forward

These tips should come in handy to create eCommerce landing pages that convert.

Use a clean and minimalistic design containing a unique high-resolution photo next to compelling copy under a gripping headline.

Debutify is the perfect theme to use if you want useful landing pages for your Shopify store. The free high-converting theme offers more than 28 premium add-ons, enabling you to design visually appealing and effective landing pages.

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