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14 Nov 2022

TikTok Marketing Case Study Examples To Inspire You

TikTok Marketing Case Study Examples To Inspire You

TikTok is not just for entertainment. It's not only for dancing videos, comedy skits, etc. It's also a tool to grow your audience and achieve your business goals.

But because the trends are changing so fast... it's hard to keep up as a brand. So, you need to come up with other ways to stand out. Even if that means not joining the trends.

You don't need to join the trend if you can start your own trend and properly utilize TikTok to grow your account!

And if you have little to no clue how, don't worry because you'll learn...

  • Why do you need to use TikTok?
  • 3 Brands that smashed their TikTok marketing game

Before we start, let's talk about what TikTok marketing is first. If you don't know, it's using the social media platform TikTok to market or promote your brand.

TikTok allows users to upload videos from 15 seconds up to 10 minutes. Now, let's get started!


Why do you need to use TikTok for marketing?

Why do you need to use TikTok for marketing?


1. Collaborate with influencers

TikTok has a lot of content creators you can collaborate with for influencer marketing. And it doesn't matter how many followers they got.

Did you know that micro-influencers on TikTok have a 17.96% average engagement rate? This is high because micro followers have less than 15,000 followers.

So, this also proves you don't always need to collaborate with mega influencers to get the best results for your business. There are plenty of TikTok influencers to work with.

As long as you collaborate with influencers who can produce quality content and convey your brand message... you're doing the right thing.


2. Be creative

Creativity is one of the factors that will make your TikTok grow. And you can do that through TikTok. How? You can upload short-form videos that showcase your brand and products.

You can do it however you want to! You can use trending sounds, audio, or other ideas to entertain and educate TikTok users.

See? You can unleash your creativity through TikTok and humanize your brand so more people will discover your TikTok videos.


3. Engage with other users

Engaging with other users will also boost your discoverability. You can interact with people within the same niche. Or, you can engage with your target customers.

Engagement is essential in building customer relationships. So, make sure to interact with your audience and reply to those who leave comments on your TikTok account.

Since you already know the benefits of TikTok marketing, let's see some...


3 TikTok marketing studies that will inspire you

Here are some examples...


1. Tenengroup

Tenengroup is an eCommerce house with different brands. They pulled off a successful campaign for one of their brands, MYKA. It's a handmade jewelry maker.

And for the holiday season, they knew that reaching the target audience wouldn't be easy. So, they came up with a strategy. One of their objectives is to lower the cost per action of CPA.

So, they dedicated a tailored strategy for MYKA's TikTok account. They created TikTok videos that will showcase MYKA's products and make them discoverable on the For You page.

Tenengroup also utilized TikTok ads by targeting the relevant audience. But one of their smartest moves was excluding those who had already purchased and completed their payments in the last two weeks.

This means the paid ads wouldn't target people who have already purchased. They also created retargeting ads for users who had taken actions on their website and watched at least 6 seconds of their videos.



Tenengroup was successful for this Father's Day campaign. They were able to decrease the cost per action (CPA) by 53%. The conversion rate also increased by 52%.

If Tenengroup inspired you, another one is...


2. Wet n wild

Wet n wild is a cosmetics brand. So, you've probably heard of them. They launched a new mascara, so they utilized TikTok to increase their brand awareness.

They went all out because they used a branded hashtag challenge, in-feed ads, custom sound, TikTok creators, and more. All of this is to drive brand awareness for the launch of Big Poppa mascara.

Wet n wild


So, what did they do? First, one of the best TikTok influencers and artists, JVKE, created the audio for this campaign. It's called "Big Poppa Heart Stoppa" and was used for the mascara launch.

Then, JVKE posted a video documenting the process of how he created the audio. The artist replied to the comment of wet n wild, saying, "make a sound for the queens."

The results? 1.5 million videos were created for the challenge. Also, there was a 13.7% TopView engagement rate and a 9.6% increase in brand awareness.

You see, the TikTok community surely participated in this challenge. And just imagine the amount of user-generated content for this campaign.

They also utilized TikTok influencers, like Bella Poarch, who gained 3.3 million likes for her #BiggerIsBetter video. This proves that TikTok influencer marketing is effective.

Overall, this is a successful TikTok influencer marketing campaign.

From working with an artist with millions of followers on TikTok to collaborating with the best influencers... this was a successful campaign.

Speaking of which...


3. Scotts

Scotts is not new to the lawn-care industry, as their products are sold in major retailers across the US. But they wanted to reach the younger demographic. And they knew TikTok could help them.

So, they launched probably one of the biggest branded hashtag challenges on TikTok... #DoTheScottsSlide!

They brought their Super Bowl commercial to TikTok, and actor John Travolta was one of the influential people to lead the challenge with his daughter, Ella.



This was a fantastic campaign because the challenge had 2 billion views in just two days! Not only that, but TikTok users created 1.4 million videos. And the engagement rate was 19%.

Another great result was John Travolta gained 1 million followers through this challenge. So it's not only Scotts who benefitted from this TikTok influencer campaign.

So, what are you waiting for?


Launch your TikTok marketing campaign and get inspired by these brands!

Launching your own TikTok campaign sounds intimidating... but with the right goal and strategy, you can also smash it like these brands!

Who knows? You might have viral TikTok videos that will make your brand more discoverable to your potential customers. And to help you in crafting the right strategy, here is...


The ultimate TikTok marketing guide for your brand!

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