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13 Mar 2021

Top 14 Tools That'll Help You Build A High Converting Landing Page

Top 14 Tools That'll Help You Build A High Converting Landing Page

Landing pages are an integral element of your marketing and sales funnel. CRO experts have generated more than $1000,000 for Moz with only one landing page, a few powerful emails, and a winning CTA.

There are several ways you can use landing pages to your benefit. They can be used to collect email addresses for your email marketing campaigns. Some ecommerce stores also use them as sales pages to generate leads.

While creating a high-converting landing page sounds like an easy task, a small mistake can significantly impact your conversion rate.

Remember, developing killer landing pages is different from creating a blog post or any other generic page. But if done right, it can be an ultimate game-changer for your sales funnel. 

Research by Hubspot reveals that landing pages convert at 5% to 10%, but you can take this figure up to 30% with the right optimization.

Although landing pages are such an essential part of your ecommerce digital marketing strategy, many online sellers are resistant to using them in different situations. That's because they are not very easy to create.

If you're also afraid of creating landing pages for your store, we have good news for you.

There are many landing page builder tools that you can use to increase your conversion rates.

Before we reveal the best landing page tools for 2021, first have a look at the definition and different types of landing pages. 

What Is A Landing Page?

A landing page is a standalone web page that serves a single purpose. In other words, it is the next step toward a prospect converting into a customer.

A typical landing page consists of a special deal, offer, or piece of information that is distinct from any other page on your site.

Unlike a home page that includes a little bit of info about everything, a landing page makes it easy for visitors to predict what outcome they can expect when they click on the CTA button.

Landing Page - Types

Lead Generation

Lead generation landing pages are designed to collect data through data capture forms. These pages are usually used in the middle of the funnel and enable visitors to evaluate your offers. 


Click-through landing pages do not require any form. Instead, they include a robust CTA button to encourage visitors to proceed with the buying process. These pages act as an intermediary between your ad and the landing page where you want your visitors to land for further information.

Sales Page

Sales pages are one of the most complex types of landing pages. The purpose of these pages is to convince prospects to buy. From design to CTA and final copy, these pages need a touch of proficiency.

Splash Page

Splash pages are the most basic types of landing pages. These pages are designed to provide basic information to site visitors.  The good thing about these pages is that you can use them at any stage of your sales funnel. These pages consist of a brief copy, a few images, and a simple CTA button.

Viral Pages

Viral landing pages are designed to create brand awareness. The content on these pages should be highly relevant, with plenty of links to a company page or website. You can also add images and videos to engage visitors on these pages.

Why Use Landing Pages?

There are many benefits of creating killer landing pages for your website - brand awareness, increased traffic, and improved search engine visibility are to name a few. 

Some other benefits include:

  • They promote new products 
  • Promote a positive first impression
  • They build trust
  • They support your business goals
  • They help gather useful data 
  • They improve your paid search campaigns
  • They improve your email campaigns

Essentials Of A High-Converting Landing Page

First and foremost, your home page should not serve as your landing page. Your goal is to create personalized pages where your prospects can land and benefit from the offers you have promised them in your content.

Here are a few things you should consider before you create landing pages for your website.

They Focus On Offers, Not The Brand

People visiting your landing pages are here for a purpose. Failing to fulfill their expectations may result in a risk of losing a massive chunk of potential customers who can eventually become your regular customers and brand advocates. Do not brag about your company on your landing pages. Instead, keep your focus on the offers you have promised in the first place. 

They’re Targeted With Clean CTAs To Drive Action

CTAs are an essential component of your landing pages. Make sure you add simple yet highly action-driven CTAs at the right places.

They Gather Information About Your Site Visitors And Customers

Your landing pages give you in-depth insights into your buyer's demographics and buying preferences. Carefully examine the CTAs they clicked so that you create a more personalized offer afterward.

There are two ways you can get landing pages for your website done - hire a developer or create one for yourself. The former option is more time-consuming and expensive. The latter requires technical proficiency. However, you can do it yourself using some of the best landing page tools available online.

Top 14 Tools That’ll Help You Build A Highly Converting Landing Page

1. LeadPages

LeadPages is an easy-to-use tool that you can use to build stunning opt-in campaigns. Many of the prominent bloggers also use this landing page software to capture leads and drive conversions.

You can use the basic plan if you want to design and create landing pages only. But if you're looking to invest in some advanced features, such as A/B testing and Leadboxes, you have to grab one of their high-tier plans.


  • Mobile-responsive pages
  • A/B testing
  • Seamlessly work with other tools
  • Integrable with WordPress
  • Over 160+ unique templates

2. Unbounce

Another high-converting landing page tool is Unbounce. As its name suggests, this tool is designed to reduce bounce rates and boost conversions.

With Unbounce, you can build and test custom landing pages, improve your campaigns, and edit pages to make them mobile-friendly.

Unbounce is a feature-rich tool that enables users to drag elements from the side menu and drop them at a desired place on the landing page.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Drag and drop feature
  • User-friendly plugins

3. Instapage

With over 200 out-of-the-box template designs, Instapage is one of the best landing page tools available to date. With this tool, you can build mobile-responsive pages to capture your visitor's attention and increase conversions.

Whether you're a blogger or a small agency, this tool is perfect for you. Instapage is incredibly easy to install and use.


  • Easy installation 
  • User-friendly interface
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Friendly plugins
  • Customizable
  • Over 200 stunning templates

4. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels has been around for quite some time now. This tool is beneficial for custom landing page building and enables you to create and test different marketing funnels. 

There's a range of prebuilt templates that you can use to create stunning landing pages.

The type of funnel you should build depends on your goals. Here are a few funnel types you can create with ClickFunnels.


  • Opt-in funnels
  • Lead generation funnels
  • Sales page funnels

5. Hubspot

Hubspot is our personal favorite for several reasons. It is an enterprise marketing solution that comes with a range of features for new and established businesses.

Their landing page tool is designed to capture leads with forms in a simple format.


  • A/B testing
  • Content creation and SEO
  • Simple templates
  • Excellent customer support
  • Advanced marketing features, including CRM and email marketing

6. Launchrock

Launchrock is another feature-rich landing page software that doesn't work like other conventional tools. This solution is primarily used to create 'coming soon pages.

If you're a startup, this tool can be your safest bid. With Launchrock, you can attract your potential customers by showing a glimpse of what they can expect from your brand.

The good thing about this tool is that it is easy to set up and use. All you need to do is pick a theme and edit a message according to your needs.


  • Mobile-responsive landing pages
  • Customer data and analytics
  • Easy-to-use editor 
  • Fully featured dashboard
  • Plenty of templates to choose from

7. Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a robust landing page software that features a drag-and-drop editor and an array of eye-catching template designs. Thrive Architect, is pretty much customizable to ensure your visitors get a consistent experience whenever they enter your website.


  • More than 150 pre-built templates
  • Different layouts supporting different WordPress themes
  • Plenty of conversion-focused features
  • Excellent loading time
  • Fast and customizable
  • Undo and redo functions

8. Hello Bar

Many popular websites and business owners have benefitted from Hello Bar. It is a thin bar that is showcased on top of your landing page. Hello, Bar provides impeccable results when combined with a clear call-to-action (CTAs). Doing so will drive traffic to your website without any additional effort.

Some businesses also use this bar to display discounts and free delivery status.


  • Hello Bar ads
  • Social media sharing options
  • Conversion features
  • Analytics
  • A/B testing

9. Optimize Press

OptimizePress is an effective WordPress theme and plugin that comes with a wide range of marketing-focused features for new and old websites.

The new version comes with everything you need to customize web pages for your business.


  • Lots of attractive templates are available
  • Fast editor for seamless customization
  • Access to the marketplace for additional options
  • A wide range of useful functions and features

10. Systeme.io

Systeme.io is an all-inclusive marketing platform that is designed to automate the entire marketing funnel.

If you're planning to launch a business or start a blog, you can use Systeme.io to create stunning landing pages for your website.

This software is easy to set up and use and comes with a myriad of features to make landing page building a breeze.


  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • User-friendly interface
  • Mobile-responsive
  • Blogging capabilities
  • A/B testing
  • Industry-specific landing page templates

11. Wishpond

WishPond is a robust landing page software that is both feature-rich and user-friendly. This software comes with many useful features, including a drag-and-drop builder, A/B testing, analytics, email automation, and more.


  • Pre-designed templates
  • A/B testing
  • A powerful suite of marketing automation tools
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Live chat support

12. Ucraft

Are you looking for a landing page builder that can transform your ideas into a living reality? Look nowhere. ucraft is a website-building tool that can be used by businesses and bloggers to create a slick website without using a single line of code.


  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Form creation and page design
  • Simple and attractive pre-designed templates

13. GetResponse

GetRespose enables you to create high-converting and mobile-responsive landing pages for your website. This software also comes with email marketing and webinar functionalities to help you reach your audience and increase conversions.

GetResponse also allows you to work with other tools, such as Shopify and WordPress.

There is a drag-and-drop feature that makes it easy for the user to move content around.


  • Analytics
  • Thousands of templates and stock images are available
  • A/B testing
  • Seamlessly integrates with other platforms and tools

14. ShortStack

Are you looking for something unconventional? Try ShortStack. Create cool landing pages to host contests using popular social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

ShortStack also enables you to collect user-generated content. You can also automate emails using this software to lead captures.


  • Email automation
  • Easy to use, fast editor
  • Collect UGC
  • A range of templates to help you host social media contests

There you have it - Top 14 Tools That’ll Help You Build a Highly Converting Landing Page. Creating a winning landing page is essential if you want to take your business to new heights of success.

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