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09 Feb 2022

Valentine's Day 2023: Woo Your Customers With These Swoon-Worthy Email Campaign Ideas

Valentine's Day 2023: Woo Your Customers With These Swoon-Worthy Email Campaign Ideas

Love is in the air!

Do you remember how exciting it is to receive love letters in 4th grade? Receiving secret love notes slipped inside your locker was the best part of the day.

And the day of love is fast approaching. So let your customers feel the love on Valentine's day! It's the perfect holiday to show your appreciation to them with Valentine's day emails.

After all, Valentine's day is all about building relationships...

And as an ecommerce brand, it's also the perfect event to send your customers love letters.


Send them a Valentine's day email!

Send them a Valentine's day email!

And this year's Valentine's day is special for ecommerce businesses like yours. You wanna know why?

Well, keep reading...

Because in today's blog post, I will tell you crucial reasons why you need to launch a Valentine's Day email campaign. And how to do it successfully.

Are you ready to form a love connection with your customers?

Let's get started!

12 Lovely Valentine's Day Email Campaign Ideas For 2022

The generous trend is only going up! Did you know that consumers spent $21.8 billion on gifts on last year's Valentine's day? And with the ongoing pandemic, 39% of consumers buy gifts online.

Here's the point... Your customers will be looking for the perfect gift to give their loved ones. A Valentine's day email campaign is ideal for catching their attention.

So check out the following ideas to keep in mind for your Valentine's day email marketing.

Let's begin...

1. Segment Your Email List

Segment Your Email List

Last Valentine's day, men spent $6.2 billion more than women.

You can use this data to your advantage. So, use all your customer data to segment your contact list.

For instance, you can create two different Valentine's day newsletters. And send it separately to men and women. You may also want to send your Valentine's email by age, location, or group.

Targeting also makes your Valentine's day email so much more appealing. You don't want to waste your customers' time with an incompatible Valentine's day promotion! A relevant subject line will entice them to read your Valentine's day email.

But a word of warning... Incorrectly segmenting via gender can be a sensitive issue. So be careful, as you might make some of your customers feel estranged.

On your Valentine's day email, you can also...

2. Share A Love Story

Want to know how to catch your customer's attention? Sell the dream with a love story!

Everyone loves a happily ever after. Share a love story in your email!

How so?

Here's an excellent example.

Quiz About Which Chocolates Suit Your Customer

If you make handmade chocolates, you can recount the story behind your recipes. You can also add a quiz about which chocolates suit your customer on your Valentine's day email.

Wanna spread the love beyond your email marketing campaign?

Create a Valentine's day hashtag your subscribers can use on social media. This will encourage them to share their love story with you.

For instance, Twitter gives you a set of top keywords you can use to reach out to your followers.

Share A Love Story

Not only do you create a better connection with your loyal customers. But you are also widening your reach to potential customers.

Isn't that nice?

Up next, start crafting for your Valentine's day and...

3. Create An Interactive Valentine's Day Email

Valentine's day is a fun-filled day, so continue the festiveness in your email marketing.

Just like great example above, you can add more quizzes with your Valentine's email. Add fun videos and GIFs to amp up your Valentine's day email.

Just take a look at Uncommongood's email. Isn't it cute?

Create An Interactive Valentine's Day Email


It makes your email marketing more special. Plus, your customers will enjoy it more. They won't miss out on your email campaign in the future.

Don't forget that Valentine's day is not all about romantic relationships. It's about all loving relationships! What I'm saying is...

4. Don't Forget About The Single People

Celebrate love of all kinds. Encourage self-love for single people, too.

Get your solo subscribers to treat themselves with special offers, especially for them. Or, give them gift ideas for family members and friends on your Valentine's day email.

Don't Forget About The Single People

Don't think it's worth it?

Well, the majority of consumers are single. And they also pamper themselves on Valentine's day. You see, single men dropped $71, while single women spent $40 on February 14th.

Also, don't forget to...

5. Remind Last-Minute Shoppers With Retargeting Valentine's Day Emails

Finding the ideal gift for your Valentine can be a challenge. That's why a lot of people wait until the last minute to buy Valentine's day gifts.

So, there are a couple of ways to help your customers celebrate Valentine's day.

The first thing you can do is create a message tailored to Valentine's day email for abandoned carts. Send it out days before Valentine's day. You can remind your customers that it's almost D-day and it's time to buy the perfect gifts.

Another thing you can do is to offer a digital gift card. A voucher can be a lifesaver for last-minute buyers looking for Valentine's gift. Promote it on your email campaign prior to Valentine's day.

Then, they'll just stumble upon a great find for Valentine's day gift.

Speaking of another perfect Valentine's day gift...

6. Gift Your Customers With Valentine's Day Offers

The holidays are a time for special offers. And customers also expect that from you.

So, you can include a special discount on your love letter. Here's what will make it a perfect pair... If possible, you can also add free shipping as an extra gift.

Another Valentine's day gift you can give is a "Buy one, get one free" offer. You can also throw in no additional costs when they return a gift.

Valentine's day sales can further motivate your best customers to start shopping more. These Valentine's day gifts also show that you care about them.

Isn't that the perfect way to say "I love you" to your Valentine? ?

Make your Valentine's day email look like a real love letter and...

7. Use Valentine's Day Colors

Use Valentine's Day Colors

Christmas. Saint Patrick's day. Valentine's day... What do these holidays have in common?

The visuals in these holidays are clearly defined. Red and green for Christmas, leprechaun green for Saint Paddy's day... And of course, shades of red for Valentine's day.

When your customers see reds and pinks on your Valentine's day email templates their minds will immediately make the connection to Valentine's day. You can also use tried and tested symbols. Like hearts and flowers make a classic Valentine's day email.

But don't be afraid to stand out! You can also instill your brand color scheme into your email campaign. Just make sure that your email templates don't clash and are still clean and simple.

Continue your Valentine's day email marketing and...

8. Share Valentine's Day Gift Guide And Wish Lists

Let's face it... Whether you're in a new relationship or in a long one... More than sometimes, it's hard to choose a Valentine's day gift for your loved one.

Here's the point... you can ease that problem for your customers with a Valentine's day gift guide. Give them a nudge to the perfect Valentine's gift with your own gift ideas.

For example, you can include DIY ideas for a date night. Make a list of possible Valentine's day getaways. Just make sure that your gift guides have something to do with your products or services.

Plus, they won't have to browse around your online store. You can't take the chances of them leaving when they could not find what they are looking for.

In addition, complement your Valentine's day emails with "wish lists". That way, your customer's significant other can point out what gifts they want for Valentine's day. It will also lessen returns on your end.

Don't forget to also...

9. Use Your Charm In Your Email Copy

Use Your Charm In Your Email Copy

This is one way for your Valentine's day email campaigns to stand out from others.

What I mean is don't be afraid to make your customers blush. It's a love-filled holiday, so try to include flirty phrases on your Valentine's day campaign.

Bolds subject lines such as "Hello, Gorgeous," or "Will You Be Our Valentine?" can be great one-line openers.

You can also create a product line just for Valentine's day. It will perfectly complement your email copy.

Speaking of a flirty Valentine's day...

10. Create An Enticing Valentine's Day Subject Line

Your subject line is the first thing your customers see. It's kind of like a sneak peek. So go beyond the typical "Happy Valentine's Day" greeting.

Make use of descriptive words to highlight the content of your email marketing campaign. For example, you can add the words "ideal" or "for him/her" on your subject line.

Add words like "only 10 days left" or "expires soon" to urge them to buy immediately.

Lastly, put a twist on it and use emojis that catch your customer's eyes. ❤️??????

To amp up your Valentine's day email campaigns, go ahead and...

11. Spread The Love With Referrals

You know how important email campaigns are to your digital marketing. And you can take Valentine's day to the next level and grow your community.


Get your subscribers to share your Valentine's email with potential customers. So, make your email campaigns shareable. Motivate your customers to "spread the love" on Valentine's day.

You can also add a referral program to encourage them further.

Last but not least...

12. Extend Offers On Confirmation Emails

Why not give your customers more options for Valentine's day?

When they are finished ordering from your online store, an order confirmation appears. You have the chance to upsell with this page. Suggest products or gifts after they place an order.

For instance, your customer orders a set of pajamas. You can follow up with Valentine's email. Include other sleepwear suggestions in your email.

That can attract your customer to return to your store after Valentine's day. So take advantage of it!

And these are Valentine's day email campaign ideas for your customers to have a...

Happy Valentine's Day!

What's the point of this seasonal marketing?

It's to let your customers feel the love!

When your customers feel appreciated and taken care of, they'll keep coming back for more. And when you do it well, they will also share the love with other consumers.

So don't miss the chance to get sappy and connect better with your customers.

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