Rush of Sell The Trend - Centralized Dropshipping Product Research

Today we’re looking at Sell the trend, and are joined by its figurehead Rush, who explains the origin of this all encompassing, A.I driven product research tool. One of the key takeaways on this episode is that we talk about ranking the different reasons a product is sellable, we certainly have talked about these factors before but never got into which one is the most important, its a big takeaway for me and should give you a sense of the kind of knowledge available from this centralized research platform. 

Rachid "Rush" Wehbi has been building data driven applications for years.  From developing mission critical platforms for the financial industry all the way to cellular based platforms for the music industry. He has over 15 years of software and technology experience and is the founder and CEO of Sell The Trend, an ecommerce application providing access to millions of trending products, a full suite of automation tools as well as complete end to end order fulfillment.



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