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17 Mar 2021

10 Facebook Ad Optimization Hacks To Skyrocket Your Conversions In 2023

10 Facebook Ad Optimization Hacks To Skyrocket Your Conversions In 2023

Facebook advertisement emerged as an impressive digital marketing tool that has helped thousands of businesses promote their products and services online. 

If set up correctly, these ads can be the biggest asset for your company. On the flip side, these ads can cost you more than their worth if you fail to optimize them properly.

When we talk about Facebook ad optimization 2021, many businesses mainly focus on creating a Facebook audience or installing a Facebook pixel. But Facebook ad optimization is a lot more than these basic concepts. You may especially want to upscale your optimization efforts if you're optimizing your campaigns for conversions.

This post is about the Facebook ad optimization hacks that can skyrocket your conversions in 2021 and beyond.

What Are Facebook Ads?

Simply put, Facebook Ads are paid messages from online ventures written in their brand voice. Facebook ads target users based on their demographics, interests, and profile information.

The purpose of creating Facebook ads is to remind customers of your offerings and increase the odds of a visitor returning to your website to purchase something.

How Do Facebook Ads Work?

Facebook ads can appear in the newsfeed of both web and mobile users. Businesses choose Facebook ads to promote their products because they aren't expensive like other digital advertising campaigns. You can create and run a Facebook ad campaign if you're on a tight budget.

Another reason businesses prefer this medium is that it enables you to micro-target a specific group of people.

Clever, isn't it?

Getting Started

Creating Facebook ads is easier than you think. Here is a 5-step process you need to follow to set up ecommerce Facebook ads and manage them.

Step 1 - Choose Your Goal

The first step to creating Facebook ads is to set your goal. Find answers to the questions 'What's the most important objective you want to achieve  from running a Facebook ad campaign?'

Step 2 - Choose Your Audience

The next step is to choose your target audience. Know more about the people you want to reach.

Step 3 - Choose Where You Want To Run Your Ads

Where do you want to run your ad? Do you want to display it on multiple social media platforms or Facebook only?

Step 4 - Set Your Budget

Set your daily/lifetime budget.

Step 5 - Choose A Format

You can display your ad in different formats, including a carousel, slideshow, canvas ad, etc. You can also choose to show a single image or video or multiple images or videos.

Benefits Of Facebook Ads

Businesses can't ignore Facebook. It's huge. With more than 2.80 billion users, Facebook is quickly becoming the go-to platform for digital marketers and SMM experts.

Robust Analytics

When it comes to reports and analytics, Facebook has no limits. You will never have to depend on assumptions about what's working and what's not. Whether it's conversions or other social media metrics, everything is traceable through the Facebook Ads Manager.


The biggest perk of using Facebook ads is its capability to micro-target a specific group of buyers. You can target your audience based on their interests, demographics, and more.

When we talk about conversions, audience quality is of the utmost importance. Facebook ads allow you to target the right audience at the right time. 


You can customize your ad according to your unique needs and objectives. Whether your goal is to improve website clicks or engagement or drive sales, Facebook ads can be your safest bid.

The key here is to create something that represents your brand values and unique voice.

Retargeting Opportunities

Retargeting is an effective way to reach out to your target audience. People who have visited your website earlier will see your ads on Facebook. If you're also promoting your brand on other social media platforms, there's a possibility that they take action after seeing your ad consecutively for the second or third time. 

Better Conversions

Did you know Facebook's CTR is constantly improving due to the better advertising tools they've introduced in the past few years? Many businesses, including prominent brands and retail giants, are learning how to use these ads to their benefit.

With Facebook ads, businesses can now better target their audiences, making it possible to increase organic reach and conversions.

Lead Generation

Facebook's 'lookalike audiences' feature is a savior for businesses that want to generate leads. Once you find people who're showing interest in your products and offers, it's possible to target people with similar interests and buying preferences.

Encourage Customer Loyalty

Facebook business pages allow businesses to interact with their audiences without any intermediary. They can use their profiles to help their followers feel like they belong there. This will lead to better engagement that eventually turns to brand loyalty.

Scale Content Promotion

If your website has premium content, you can use Facebook ads to improve your content reach. Since these ads are designed to reach larger audiences, you'll end up having more traffic on your website.

Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Working

The biggest mistake business owners make is they think Facebook ads work the same as other marketing solutions. But that's not how things work when you promote your products with this channel.

Why? Because people don't use Facebook to buy products. It's a social media channel that people use to interact with their friends, family, and colleagues. 

There are three challenges almost all businesses face using Facebook ads:

1. It's difficult to identify your target audience on Facebook
2. The platform is in the process of refining its algorithm for business users
3. It's not easy to create compelling ads on Facebook that convert

If you're looking to avoid these issues, here are some of our tried-and-tested Facebook ad optimization hacks you can use to skyrocket your ecommerce conversions

10 Facebook Ad Optimization Hacks To Skyrocket Your Conversions In 2023

1. Know Your Objectives

Setting achievable goals is the first step to creating winning Facebook ad campaigns. That means ensuring your campaign objectives are correct and in line with your business goals.

We'd suggest you focus on one goal at a time. Your priorities will change over time depending on the needs of your business. Make sure you tweak your strategy from time to time to witness noticeable conversions and sales.

While it's not easy to create a comprehensive list of goals one might need to achieve while running their Facebook campaigns, there are some common goals almost every business wants to attain in the long-run. Some of those goals include:

  • Get more traffic
  • Get more messages
  • Get more sales
  • Get more leads

So the first thing you may want to do is create a list of objectives you want to achieve through your Facebook ad campaign.

2. Install Facebook Pixel

After creating a list of goals, the next step you should focus on is installing Facebook's tracking pixel on your site.

What Is Facebook Pixel?

It is a short code snippet you can embed into your website to gain valuable insights into how people interact with your site.

You can also include Facebook pixels in your popup campaigns to optimize your ad campaigns further.

3. Optimize Your Likes And Shares

The likes and shares you get on your Facebook posts and ads serve as social proof. If you're getting likes and shares on your posts, that means people are admiring your offers.

There are two ways you can create Facebook ads for your business - create ads from scratch or leverage the 'Use Existing Post' option.

Have you ever wondered how some ads manage to get hundreds of thousands of likes and shares under their ads? That's because most of them use the 'Use Existing Post' option to optimize their shares and likes.

The 'Use Existing Post' feature provides businesses with an opportunity to optimize their ads' likes and shares by gathering all the campaign's post engagements under one ad.

4. Leverage FTO

No matter how effective your campaign strategy is, it will take some time for your campaign to take-off and deliver results. Especially if you have a limited budget, you have to give the entire process some time before it starts returning some noticeable results. That's where the FTO strategy comes in.

FTO stands for Fast Take Off. Here are a few things you have to do while implementing FTO tactics to optimize your Facebook ads campaign.

  • Set a budget daily and keep it a little more than your anticipated budget
  • Avoid using the Accelerated Delivery option as it will drive the platform's attention toward speed rather than quality or cost
  • You can adjust everything once your ads have 10K+ impressions
  • You can also adjust your cost according to your planned budget once your campaign takes-off

5. Optimize Content And Images

Attractive images and videos add more value to your Facebook ads. They also improve engagement and minimize ads cost. Your goal is to include high-quality and relevant images that make the entire look of your post appealing.

Businesses that sell clothing and other fashion articles should practice this strategy as it will help them better portray their collections.

Similar to images, it is also critical to optimize your content for the right keywords. Write to-the-point meaningful content and add relevant headings to improve the overall readability score of your content.

6. Optimize Your Ad Placement

Did you know your ad placement can have a massive impact on your conversions? Also, it significantly impacts your overall ad costs. According to data collected by AdEspresso's data, your CPC can improve up to 550% depending upon your ad placement strategies.

First and most importantly, you should determine the placement of your top-performing ads. Check into your Ads Manager and leverage the Breakdown menu to classify your ad placement in terms of performance.

7. Research Your Competition

Transparency is the one factor that differentiates Facebook from other social media platforms. We truly admire how Facebook has struggled over time to ensure transparency of their user's data.

You can also use this to your benefit. Open Ad library, and search for ads by your competitor's name to see what they have been running successfully. 

You can tweak your campaigns accordingly, following the secret formula for success your competitors have been using.

8. Use Geo-Targeting

If you're a physical store looking to promote your business using Facebook ads, you may want to include Facebook's geo-targeting option.

Geo-targeting enables you to showcase ads to customers within a specific geographic area. With geo-targeting, you can create local awareness without having to spend extra on your ads.

9. A/B Test Your Ideas

Facebook ads are relatively a new market entrant. That is why it is critical to know what works best for your campaign and what isn't. The best way you can test the efficacy of your campaigns is by running a quick A/B test.

A few things you can split test for your ad campaigns include your ad copy, bidding, ad placement, ad design, and images.

Read our guide on "A Practical Guide To A/B Testing For A Successful Ecommerce Store" to know more about the entire A/B testing concept for an eCommerce store.  

10. Be Creative

Sounds like an obvious one, right? It surely is. It is also the most important thing you must do when you're creating a Facebook ads campaign for your business. People love attractive and engaging ads, and this is the first thing they observe even before noticing what that ad is all about.

Make sure you think out of the box and infuse an element of creativity into your ads to drive user's attention.

Over To You!

While Facebook ads are becoming increasingly popular amongst online business communities, it's also becoming a highly competitive space. Unless you have a solid strategy in place, it will be difficult for you to get things right.

We hope this post has cleared some of your doubts about Facebook marketing. You can also spice up your Facebook ads campaign by installing some of our conversion add-ons. You'll be surprised to see how effective this combination could be for your conversions and ROI.

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