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26 Nov 2021

Stickers in 2023: How to Create and Sell Them Online

Stickers in 2023: How to Create and Sell Them Online

When you were a kid, did you adorn your books, notebooks, and pencil cases with stickers?

Don’t even try to deny it...

Because I used to do that too. I used to do that as a way to express myself. It's also a fun way to showcase my sticker collection.

Decades later, stickers are still popular.

They're all around online marketplaces!

And, based on trends tracked by eRank on Etsy, stickers were among September 2021's top-searched items in the marketplace.

Stickers are definitely a trending item right now. Probably because it's versatile and you can use it anywhere. You can use it to decorate everyday objects, whether on laptops, phone cases, notebooks, or even in your cars.

And the most important part, selling stickers is a good business!

Now, look at some more reasons to sell stickers online...

Why You Should Make And Sell Stickers?

Why You Should Make And Sell Stickers?

Today, you can buy a wide range of high-quality, unique, and artistic pieces of stickers online.

  1. With a sticker business, you can enter the world of entrepreneurship quickly and inexpensively but lucratively.
  2. Stickers have endless potential. You can turn any piece of artwork into a sticker. Whether it is an illustration or scripted text or photos, you can have it in different shapes and sizes too.
  3. In terms of business costs, stickers are cheaper than other goods.
  4. Stickers don't require a huge place for storage.
  5. The printing cost is less than $1- so it's cheap.
  6. Shipping is not a problem too. For most orders, a small envelope will suffice.

Now that you know the potential and the reasons for selling stickers, the question is...

How to make and sell stickers online?

First things, first. Let me start by discussing...

The Types of Stickers That You Can Make:

The Types of Stickers That You Can Make

Depending on the material of the sticker, stickers may have a completely different look and feel.

Some common types of stickers include:

  • Matte
  • Clear
  • Glossy paper or vinyl
  • Prismatic
  • Holographic
  • Mirrored
  • Holographic glitter

Stickers printed on different materials will look different.

For instance, If you're designing a bolder design, you might want holographic stickers over matte stickers.

It might be a good idea to experiment with different finishes before settling on a particular type.

Moving on...

Let me share with you...

How To Make And Sell Stickers Online?

How To Make And Sell Stickers Online?

Creating Stickers

There are several ways to create stickers: you can create them yourself (from scratch) by simply drawing them, combining clipart into stickers, or buying ready-made stickers to sell.

Let me walk you through the process...

Materials You Will Need:

In order to create your own stickers, you'll have to buy these:

  • Printer
  • Sticker Paper
  • Drawing Tools: Ipad & pencil or Tablet
  • Cutting Tools
  • Design software

It's easy to make your own graphics with clip arts, icons in some free tools like:

Take note that if you chose to outsource both the printing and design processes, your cost would depend on the price the retailer charges you.

1. Design Your Own Stickers

You do not have to be an artist to design stickers, nor do you need expensive software.

Here's how to design stickers to sell:

Choosing the exact design of your stickers is the most challenging part of starting a sticker business.

With so many options, your first challenge will be figuring out what kind of stickers best represent your brand and style.

You should also consider your own identity and personality, along with what you enjoy drawing and creating.

It l takes some time and, if you don't have the skills in drawing, you will need tons of patience!

It's also a good idea to browse other sticker shops for inspiration, but don't copy.

If you create unique pieces, it will help your business stand out and attract customers.

And, it will be worth it since you'll have sticker designs that are 100% original and unique.

As a result, you stand out right away!

2. Put Your Art Out There

Procreate is a common choice, any digital art program, such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, or a free program like GIMP, can be used to create stickers.

3. Take Time To Discover Your Niche

Spend time finding your style and niche. This is important because this involves your target market. Who are you selling your stickers to?

Also, take scalability into account. If your niche is too small, only a few customers will be willing to buy your stickers.

4. You Can Also Try To Buy Designs

This is the easiest way.

You can even buy sticker templates if you want to create stickers in a hurry or if you are in the middle of a creative slump.  

But, the stickers you get won't be unique unless you pay a premium for custom designs that are exclusive to your brand.

And you know, the sticker market is so saturated.

It is best to come up with something unique while keeping up with the trends, so to speak.

Now, it's time to...

5. Print Your Stickers

Here, you can choose from two main types of printers:

  • Inkjet Printers:

The most common choice for sellers who want to print stickers at home is an inkjet printer because it's more accessible and cheaper than a laser printer.

However, you can easily use up a lot of ink if you print full prints or images that are extremely saturated on inkjet printers. That can be too costly.

  • Laser Printers:

As opposed to inkjet, laser printers use polymer coatings instead of ink so It won't rub off and it won't fade. It is smudge-proof and your stickers will have good quality.

The downside is that laser printers and their inks are pricey.

But, the initial investment might be higher, but in the long run, it will be worth it.

Now, after printing, it's time to cut out your stickers...

6. Cutting Out Your Stickers

You can use 2 types of cutting tools:

In terms of cutting tools, either of these two is a good choice because these are the most commonly used ones.

Plus, there are dozens of YouTube videos out there that use these tools.

There are plenty of DIY tutorials to help you out ?

Now, let's go to the next important part...

What Is The Best Way to Sell Stickers Online?

What Is The Best Way to Sell Stickers Online?

You can sell stickers online in different ways:

  • If you have the creativity, you can start making stickers on your own, print them and sell them online and have them shipped. Starting an online store whether in Etsy or Shopify, etc. is the easiest and the cheapest way to start selling stickers online.
  • You can sell digital files - If you have the skills in design, selling sticker files can be lucrative! You just have to design once, and selling is repeated continuously over and over again.
  • Re-selling - You can do this if you want to cut costs and save time. You can also ask a supplier to custom design stickers for you.
  • You can also make use of dropshipping to do all the work for you.
  • You can also start your own ecommerce website selling stickers!

Owning your own ecommerce website gives you complete control over the entire process, from

designing to a domain name to marketing to sales and promotions.

Let me give you some more options on where to sell your stickers:

Here are good places to sell stickers:

Sell your stickers on Etsy.

On Etsy, you can find a variety of stickers for sale, as it is a marketplace for crafters and vintage shops. Etsy gives you a standard storefront on which to list your products.

Although Etsy is easy to set up, you have only a few options to customize it in order to make your

shop pop up.

You've got to make sure your product descriptions are great, you've got high-quality photos and your listings are optimized.

One good option is to...

Create your own Shopify store and sell stickers.

With Shopify, you can truly build your brand from the ground up and determine exactly how your customers will interact with your shop.

Your Shopify account is billed monthly, depending on which plan you choose. Once your account is created, you can have your own domain name and be able to manage and customize it how you see fit.

Plus, you can use a lot of beautiful, professionally designed templates to make your store really stand out.

Good thing, Debutify can help you do that with its over 50+ Add-Ons! There is no doubt that your store will stand out!

The challenge with your own website is you have to be in charge of marketing. It can be accomplished with tools like social media, working with influencers, or through email and SMS campaigns.

Now let's go to the most important part...

Pricing Your Stickers

Pricing Your Stickers

I know it's difficult but you'll have to put a price on your own art now.

Moreover, you also have to consider your artistic talent and experience. When you are just starting, check the market to ensure your prices are within a reasonable range.

Typically, stickers sold online cost between a dollar to $6 but can be more expensive for more intricate or large designs.

So comparing prices and sticker sizes between sticker shops is a good way to get an idea of how to price your stickers.

In addition, you should consider the costs of your materials, labor, and packaging.

Speaking of packaging, let me go right to it...


Packaging can add personality to your product, much more to your brand.

It is an excellent way to increase sales, but keep in mind that your packaging will also add to your production costs.

You can create fun packaging that makes your sticker look like a wonderful gift when you deliver it to your customer. 

You may personalize it by including a short, handwritten thank you card.

Or you may want to include a cute freebie to go with it.

There are also some creative packaging options, like tissue wrappers and ribbons to make it memorable to your customers.

This will also help you make a brand statement.

But, remember to keep your costs down. If it drains all your profits, beautiful packaging is of no use.

And it's wise to consider protection rather than aesthetics.

Don't sacrifice package protection for style. If you want to spice up your packaging, opt for low-cost but durable rigid white envelopes.

You can add extra protection by placing your stickers in cello bags and wrapping them in tissue paper tied in fine rope for a touch of art.

The last phase of sticker business is...


Selling stickers is a breeze because they're so easy to ship. In most cases, all you'll need is a stamp which saves customers' money on shipping costs.

There are some customers who may want faster delivery and tracking as an option, you may offer first class shipping.

When sending stickers, make sure you use rigid mailing envelopes which won't bend and damage your stickers.

You can also put a "Do Not Bend" label on the envelopes to secure the stickers.

And...You're done!

You can start small and keep growing, improving your art, and adding new designs while building a loyal following.

There you have it! Why don't you give it a go...

If you are looking to start a business or add another lucrative business this coming year 2022,

consider selling stickers...

Start Putting Your Art Out There And Start Selling Stickers Online!

Now, having learned everything you need to know to start your own sticker shop, from designing to selling to shipping...

Get ready to take action!

Turn your creativity and passion to work and turn it into a lucrative business.

Start your Sticker Business Today and Grow In No Time!

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