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28 Aug 2021

7 Guaranteed Tricks That'll Practically Triple Your Sales and Conversions (And How To Move Customers Down The Ecommerce Conversion Funnel)

7 Guaranteed Tricks That'll Practically Triple Your Sales and Conversions (And How To Move Customers Down The Ecommerce Conversion Funnel)

Nope! They don’t. Not all site visitors convert into customers.

That's what I hear from a lot of store owners. People come to the store, wander around, explore products, and then they just vanish!

Why does that happen?

Let’s say it’s because we are living in a fast-paced era.

Where people are hooked on their phones and have become proactive. They use a smart approach to find information and new products online. Googling everything they want.

Maybe you have a strong SEO and people visit your website from SERPs.

But... there's a good chance that people who visit your website might bounce right away.


Well, there can be hundreds of reasons for this. For example:

  • They might receive a call from their bosses;
  • Cellphones’ battery is low;
  • And a lot more.

Whatever the case, you cannot always convert the customer on the first visit.

But, what you can do is push them into your eCommerce conversion funnel.

Let’s talk more about it...

What is an eCommerce Conversion Funnel?

A conversion funnel shows the journey of your customers from awareness to conversion.

Every company has a different eCommerce conversion funnel. It depends upon the business’s products and audience. But the stages of each conversion funnel remain the same.

The only difference is some companies have shorter eCommerce funnels. While some businesses have long and complex funnels.

For example, a business that sells low-priced items will have a shorter funnel. As the price will not act as friction for conversion. People rarely think much when the price is low.

So, what are the different stages of an ecommerce conversion funnel?

Ecommerce Conversion Funnel Stages

The following are the 4 main stages of the eCommerce conversion funnel:

Ecommerce Conversion Funnel Stages

1. Awareness

This is the first stage of the conversion funnel. This stage is wide, and many people enter it. In this stage, prospects learn about your business and your products.

They can learn about your business from any source. For example, prospects can view your ad, a social media post, or hear about it from a friend.

Since this is the first stage of the funnel, it is important to inform your prospects about what you do.

The best way of doing that is to publish free information on your website. Like creating informative blog posts, videos, infographics, etc.

After awareness, we have the interest stage.

2. Interest 

Now, once the audience knows you, it’s time to push them a little to the second stage. At this stage, you keep the audience hooked on the websites’ content.

You can present them with a newsletter subscription option to capture their emails.

Next, you can also send informative and entertaining content to the subscriber.

So, you can stimulate the desire of your prospect.

3. Desire

This is an important stage for marketers like you. This is where you entice the prospects to buy the goods.

And how do you do that?

Focus on your product benefits. Talk about how your products can help solve the prospect’s issue.

Okay now, focusing on benefits and rambling about features are 2 different things. The prospects do not want to hear or read about the specifications of products, nope!

Make them believe that buying the product will be the best decision for them.

The best way to do this is by displaying the reviews of the customers. Place them strategically on your website. So that they don’t go unnoticed by the visitors.

When visitors see positive reviews, it tempts them to buy the product and avail of the same benefits.

If the visitor decides to buy the product, he’ll move down to the action stage

4. Action 

Time to seal the deal!

This is where the prospect will finally turn into your customer. He is a few steps away to confirm his order and share his payment information.

If... everything goes right.

The most painful thing for you is to see people abandoning loaded carts. You don’t want that in your nightmares, right?

So, you need to ensure that nothing goes wrong after the customer clicks ‘Buy Now.’ If the checkout process is not smooth, you know what will happen next.

We’ve discussed all the four main stages of the funnel. I am sure you're all wondering:

Is the creation of an eCommerce funnel important?

Very good question!

Why don’t we discuss it below?

Importance of eCommerce Sales Funnel

Having an ecommerce sales funnel shows the marketer which stage needs optimization to boost conversions.

For instance, the awareness stage might show that Google ads send many prospects to the store. 

Or, Instagram plays a fantastic role in arousing the interest of the audience. Likewise, the action stage can show the problems that lead to cart abandonment, etc. 

By having a clear picture of the audience’s journey, a marketer can take proper measures for improving conversion.

Now, I am going to talk about how you can optimize your conversion funnel. 

I’ve gathered seven tried and tested tips that will help you boost conversions and drive sales.

So, are you ready to boost conversions on your website?

What are you waiting for? Let’s dive in…

7 Guaranteed Tricks That'll Practically Triple Your Sales and Conversions

1. Add a Pop-up To Your Site

Do you know the average conversion rate for all pop-ups?

It’s 3.09%. And if you use the pop-ups the right way, you can increase the conversion rate to 9.28%.

Pop-ups are a great way to catch your visitors' attention and make an irresistible offer.

Use the following tips to make your pop-ups are effective:

  • Make it easy for the person to close the pop-up.
  • Use a cookie so that a pop-up appears once for every user.
  • Do not display many pop-ups. It will irritate the user, and he’ll hit the close button of the browser.
  • Test many offers: Offer PDFs, discount codes, free goodies, free trials, etc.

If the customer likes your offer, he’ll agree to sign up for your newsletter.

Never miss an email address again by using Debutify's Newsletter pop-up add-on.

Besides that, make sure you...

2. Keep Your Forms Short

Long forms are big turnoffs for the people.

If your offers tempt people to enter their email addresses. Don’t make them change their decision because of a long-form.

Keep your forms short and remove unnecessary fields. Ask for the information that you need to send the promotional email to subscribers.

Asking for emails and names is enough.

Asking for more can change the person’s mind.

But what if your visitors don’t trust you enough to share their details?

That's where social proof helps the most!

3. Display Social Proof

Do you buy from new websites that you stumble across?

Or, you first do your research and then buy from them?

People will do the same with your website. If they visit your website for the first time, the chances of conversions are thin.

So, convince first-time visitors you’re trustworthy and the best.

Social proof is the best way to keep visitors interested in your brand.

Hence, display customer testimonials on your landing pages. Let the visitors see what people say about you.

You can also add the logos of the famous brands that are your customers. When people see popular brands as your customer, they’ll trust you easily.

Or you can also display the number of customers you have like Shopify does:

Take Debutify's example as well... It displays the number of brands that are using it to grow their businesses. As shown in the image below:

Debutify displaying the number of customers

In the same manner, you can flaunt your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) or any other 'flaunt-worthy' stat to make an irresistible offer to the customers.

Once you have your visitors’ attention, make sure that they focus on taking the right action.

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To help you triple your sales and conversion, you need to...

4. Remove Distractions 

Will your prospect make the right decision if your landing page pulls him in many directions?

I don’t think he’ll focus on taking action. Instead, he’ll get distracted by other things. So, make sure that your landing pages are clear and short.

Only add those elements which are necessary for the person to take action. An ideal landing page has the following elements:

  • Headings and subheadings
  • Product features
  • Customer reviews
  • High-resolution product picture

That’s it! 

Oh wait, you need one more thing on your landing pages…

A compelling CTA!

5. Make Your CTAs Powerful

Boring and common CTAs like Sign Up, Start Trial, etc., will not bring the best conversions.

Your CTAs should be powerful enough to tempt the customer to click on them.

Thus, use action-oriented CTA copies. Start the copy with an affirmation, as it creates a positive experience for the person.

For example, instead of writing, ‘Get Discount.’ 

Write ‘I Want My Discount!

Try to use action words to increase conversions.

But what if the customer has a few queries before he clicks the CTA?

No problem!

Live chat features can help you with that.

6. Add Live Chat To Your Website

Sometimes visitors are on the fence about buying your product.

They have a few questions and queries that stop them from hitting the CTA. But don’t worry! Live chat can be your savior for such moments.

Live chat tools are easy to integrate into your website. You can place it on your website so that people can connect with you at any time of the day.

You can answer the queries of your prospects and give them a little push to become your customers.

If the visitors have their answers, they’ll proceed towards the checkout page.

Now, remember…

Checkout is the last stage between you and the revenue.

Make sure it's smooth and easy for your customers.

7. Make Checkout Process Easy and Breezy

Once the person has filled his cart, make the checkout process easy for him. Keep your order confirmation forms short. Do not add unnecessary fields.

Display a progress bar on the top of the screen. It will show the customers how much of the process remains to checkout from the website.

Oh, and don’t forget… keep multiple payment channels. You wouldn’t want customers to leave because of the absence of a payment channel.

Also, be very clear about your delivery details.

The shorter the checkout process, the lesser the chance of cart abandonment.

So, keep it short, sweet, and simple to earn your profit!

Go On… Boost Your Sales!!!

So that’s it for today!

Seven simple and easy-peasy tips to boost conversions and drive sales.

So, what are you waiting for? Use the above tips to optimize your sales funnel and set your Shopify sales on fire...

As a matter of fact, 198,878+ Ecommerce businesses trust Debutify for their Shopify stores.

It’s time that you do it too!

Debutify's features will help you apply the above-mentioned conversion tips & tricks with ultimate ease... And then it's about time you will start witnessing your sales chart going up high in the sky!

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