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11 Aug 2021

How To Optimize Landing Pages To Generate Leads

How To Optimize Landing Pages To Generate Leads

Stop… please don’t leave!

This is how marketers scream when they see people not converting on their landing pages.

You’ve experienced that too, haven’t you?

That’s the reason you are here today! And you are at the right place to find landing page optimization tips.

Optimizing landing pages is not rocket science. But, it’s not as simple as placing a button on the homepage to capture leads.

For landing pages to generate leads, marketers need to adopt a strategic approach... 

You want that too, am I correct?

So, in today’s blog post, we’ll go over some easy and quick ways that will help you optimize your landing pages to generate leads.

Ready? Let’s start…

10 Effective Landing Page Optimization Tips To Generate (MORE!) Leads

1. Write Better Headlines

Do you know the difference between effective marketing and efficient marketing?

Effective marketing is where the marketer makes the business look smart. Efficient marketing is where the marketer makes the customers feel smart.

The first tip is to make your customers experience positive energy. You have to make them feel happy, excited, and even appreciated!

The question is…

How are you going to do that?

Of course, you won’t chant ballads to make your visitors feel good. But hey…you can use powerful headlines to do that.

Write headlines that focus on the customer’s goal. Do not talk about the problem. Instead, suggest a solution in your offers. Shopify does this well. Its landing page suggests starting a business anywhere, anytime.

It entices the visitors to take action.

Do your headlines do the same?

If not, then start working on your headlines. Improve their copies so that they motivate the visitors to take action.

But… people will only focus on the headlines if they aren’t distracted by other elements.

Thus, our next tip is about simplifying the landing page...

2. Simplify Your Landing Page

What do you want visitors to do on your landing page?

Do you want them to fill out a form? Or do you want them to watch a video?

Whatever you want your audience to do, give them a path to do it. What we’re saying here is to focus on the action you want visitors to take. Don’t distract them with other elements or options.

All the bad landing pages have one thing in common: too many options for the visitors.

Never, we repeat, never clutter your landing page. Keep it simple and add only those elements that you need.

Let’s take an example:

Suppose you want your visitors to watch a video. In that case, you’ll display a video in the center and not the form. Likewise, if you want visitors to fill out the form, you must position the form in the center.

Adding images, videos, animations, or extra elements will distract visitors.

Keep your pages simple and design them with traffic sources in mind.

Keep reading to learn more about it...

3. Segment Traffic Source By Channel

Another great tip on the list is to design your landing pages according to the traffic channels. And for that, first, you need to segment your traffic channel.

Segmenting traffic sources will help you identify the strength of each channel. For example, a marketer may get heavy traffic from emails while the traffic from Google Ads is next to nothing. 

Understanding traffic sources will allow you to adjust the landing page's information. You can focus on channels that bring the prospective audience to your webpage. By improving the landing page of that channel, you’ll score more leads.

Email traffic should have a different landing page than Facebook ads traffic. The traffic that generates from email wouldn’t have to fill in the form as they’ve already signed up.

However, the website must present the traffic from Facebook ads with an email sign-up form. 

Irrespective of the channels, there is a similarity in all landing pages.

The landing pages must look like continuity to visitors from a traffic source.

Let’s talk more about it in the following tip...

4. Use Consistent Design

Your offers, design, and elements should be the same on your traffic source and landing page. Visitors must experience continuity from the traffic channel on your landing page. Let’s clarify it with the help of an example:

Suppose you post a colorful picture on Facebook. The post offers a free 14-day trial to the users who sign up on the website. If a person clicks on the link, he should land on a page that offers the same thing.

But that’s not it…the colors, fonts, pictures, etc., should also be like the Facebook post.

The same designs on landing pages and traffic sources can increase conversion rates.

If your design is not aligned, the customer might feel alien on the landing page….

And you know what happens next, right?

Hint: the close button on the browser.

Once the customer decides to stay on the landing page, make irresistible offers and present a form.

But, make sure that your form's length is worthy of your offer.

Let’s discuss it more…

5. Pitch Your Offer And Align Your Form's Length To Your Offer

Give an excellent reason to visitors to share their information with you. If your offers aren’t valuable, visitors won’t fill up your form.

Once your headlines have caught the user’s attention, make tempting offers. Your offers should be so appealing that visitors have no choice but to click the CTA.

For instance, you can offer a 15-day free trial to your visitors in exchange for their emails. Or you can offer them a discount code, free eBook, etc., to entice them to fill out the forms.

But…remember the information you want from visitors shouldn’t outweigh your offer because users are going to weigh the information and your offer. If your offer outweighs it, they’ll give you their details.

For example:

You offer a 5% discount code to your visitor. In return, you ask for a lot of information like his name, age, address, email, occupation, birth date, etc.

Do you think the visitor will enter so much of his information for a 5% discount? I don’t think so…

Hence, always align your form length to your offers. This way, you won’t drive down your conversions.

Up next is…

6. Make The Page Scannable

Truth Bomb: Users only read 20% of the content on a web page!

Thus, stop writing long paragraphs for people to read. Because trust us, they won’t!

So, does that mean you should stop writing?

Nope! You still have your work cut out for you…

What you have to do is make your landing page scannable. Make it easier for users to glance at the page and understand what it’s about.

Divide your information into small chunks so that it’s easier for people to digest. Use bullet pointers to divide your content.

You can also use interesting infographics instead of written information. Visual aids are great for conveying messages. The brain processes them faster than text.

Talking about the brain…don’t make your visitors think: Where is the button? Or where to click?

7. Make Your Buttons Look Like Buttons!

CTAs are the most important element of a landing page. If a person hits it, your hard work pays off. But if they don’t, you lose conversions.

So, don’t experiment with your buttons or try to make them look cute. Because trust us, if the buttons don’t look like buttons, nobody would click on them.

Make your call-to-actions (CTAs) bold, bright, and stand out on your webpage. Use a contrasting color with the background. Also, don’t use fancy fonts for writing CTA copy. The person won’t take action if he’s unable to read and understand the copy.

Also, don’t sound bossy with your CTA copy. Avoid using boring words, like ‘Submit,’ ‘Sign Up,’ ‘Subscribe.’

Instead, use the following phrases for your button copy:

  • Sign Me Up!
  • Yes, I Am In!
  • Keep Me Updated!
  • Join Us!
  • Try for FREE!

Try to talk to the users, not their devices.

Want something more powerful to make visitors click CTA without giving much thought?

Use ‘FOMO’…here’s how you can do it...

8. Use FOMO

Give people a good reason to avail of the offer NOW instead of sometime later. The best way to use fear of missing out is by keeping your offers time-based or limited.

When people have restricted time to think, they make quick decisions. Contrary to this, if they have no time limit, they’ll delay in taking action.

So, how do you put FOMO to use?

It’s simple!

All you have to do is include words that create a sense of urgency. Such as:

  • Limited time offer
  • Get Free Trial NOW
  • Hurry Up! 2 seats left
  • Get your Special Discount

You can also display a countdown timer to make the visitors hurry up.

We’re almost done optimizing the landing page!

Two more steps and your page will work like a magnet to attract high-quality leads...

9. QA Your Landing Pages

Duh… it’s obvious!

I know…I know…

It’s a must to check your webpage to correct landing page mistakes. Yet, sometimes, people forget to check their landing pages and run them.

Imagine if you write Sing Up; instead of, Sign Up.

Do you think the user will SING Up? Oops… I mean Sign up, after reading an erroneous CTA copy?

Thus, check your page many times to remove mistakes.

We’re one step away…don’t give up...

10. Make It Load FAST

After creating the best lead-generating landing page, would you want users to leave?

Hell no!

But, believe me, your visitors will leave if the landing page takes forever to load.

Slow-loading websites would ruin all your hard work of optimization. Hence, speed up your landing page to capture more leads.

Go On…Capture LEADS!

There you have it, folks! 10 landing page optimization tips.

Use the tips to create a landing page that generates quality leads.

Oh… and the most important thing!

Don’t forget to test, test… and again test your landing pages.

It would allow you to get an insight into what works best for your website. So, go on, tweak your landing page and collect leads like a pro.

All the best!

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