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07 Jan 2022

7 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Ads Click-Through Rate

7 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Ads Click-Through Rate

Picture this...

You're scrolling on your Facebook newsfeed...

Then you see your friend's Christmas family pictures, parties, and some cute little cats fighting over a piece of yarn.

Then you saw an ad. This is from a brand you've never heard of.

But here's the catch...

The ad has no exciting call-to-action... bland copy... and makes you want to toss it out the window.

So you decided to scroll past it and continue liking your friends' posts.

Now, think about it...

Can you imagine the same thing happening to your Facebook ads? No, right? Nobody wants that.

That's why today, we're going to discuss ways on how you can increase your Facebook Ads Click-Through Rate!

So, what are we waiting for? Let's get this show down the road!

What's Facebook Ads And Click-Through Rate?

What's Facebook Ads And Click-Through Rate?

From the term itself, Facebook Ads is a form of advertisement through social media giant Facebook... which allows you to spread your messages and reach your target audience.

But what is CTR or Click-Through Rate?

According to Facebook, CTR shows the number of people who click on your ads. This is one of the metrics you need to measure when you create an ad. This is different from people who merely saw your ads.

So, when your target audience gets interested in your ads, and clicks on them... you get a higher CTR or Click-Through Rate.

But wait...

Why Do You Need To Increase Your Click-Through Rate?

Why Do You Need To Increase Your Click-Through Rate?

1. Drive More Traffic To Your Website

One of the reasons why business owners put up an ad on Facebook is to increase website traffic. And the higher the Click-Through Rate is, the more people visit your website.

This is a good benefit because this is one of the goals of your ads... to drive them to your ecommerce store.

That's why you need to make sure your audience clicks on your ads, right? Because this way, you can also...

2. Increase Brand Awareness

When you're advertising on Facebook, what's another goal you have?

Of course, increase your brand awareness! And if you optimize your ads depending on your target demographic, budget, and likes... you can reach more people.

This is good for your brand visibility, and you can measure this through your ad impressions. And once you achieve that, you can...

3. Boost Your Sales

If you're paying a sum for your Facebook ads, making sales is probably the best ROI or Return on Investment.

Of course, this is such a great benefit. And you can achieve this through making effective Facebook ads that will reach the right people!

Sounds exciting, right? Now, let's talk about...

What Is A Good Click-Through Rate For Facebook Ads?

What Is A Good Click-Through Rate For Facebook Ads?

To see if your Facebook ad campaigns are performing well generally, you need to know your industry benchmark.

But according to Wordstream, the average Click-Through Rate is 0.09%. This is already across all industries.

So, there's also a different average for videos. The average Facebook ads CTR for videos ranges between 1.05% and 3.42%. And it depends on the age of users.

Don't worry. These are some tips to help you achieve the benchmark! ?

7 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Ads Click-Through Rate

1. Have A Scroll-Stopping Offer

If you want to entice your target audience and make them click on your ad... make sure you have an incredible offer.

You can't capture their interest if you don't create a scroll-stopping offer. That's how you can gain their clicks and increase your Click-Through Rate.

And here are some offers you can make:

  • Free Shipping
  • Discount Codes
  • Buy Two For The Price Of One
  • Seasonal Products
  • Special Discounts

Remember... you have to know what they want so you can come up with the best possible offers.

Now, this leads us to our next tip...

2. Write A Compelling Copy

Writing a compelling copy is essential because it will help the audience decide if they want to take action.

You need to craft an ad copy that sparks emotions... like curiosity, FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), or even excitement.

The thing is, your copy should make your target audience feel something so they would click on your Facebook ad.

Here are some tips for doing this:

  • Speak their language. When writing your Facebook ad copy, it's helpful to speak their language because they would understand what you meant in your ad.
  • Include your killer value proposition. Your audience needs to know how your products can benefit you. If you solve their problem, they might click on your ad.

So, the next time you write your ad copy, make sure they're clear and concise to attract prospects.

Another way to increase your Click-Through Rate is...

3. Narrow Down Your Target Demographics

Your business doesn't have "everyone" as its target audience.

Because when you're creating your Facebook ad campaigns... you need to choose your demographics or audience targeting on your Ads Manager.

So, you need to know who the right people will receive your ad well. This is one way to increase your Click-Through Rate.

But take note... you should know this as you build your business. Identifying your target market or audience will play a big role in the success of your ecommerce store in the long run.

So, let me tell you which ways can help you optimize your target demographic.

  • Create a buyer persona. Creating a buyer persona includes determining your target audience's location, age, interest, hobbies, etc... If you have it, you can refer to it once you're setting up your Facebook ad.
  • Check your Audience Insights. This allows you to see a breakdown of your demographics. This helps you identify who are your current audience, which you can use to optimize your ad.

Knowing your target demographics is beneficial in increasing your Click-Through Rate. Why? Because you're going to tap into the RIGHT people.

The next thing you need to do is...

4. Use A Strong Call To Action

A CTA or Call To Action is what you can use to make your customers act now. You can also find this on websites and a regular Facebook post aside from your ad.

So if you don't want Facebook users to just scroll past your ad, you need to think this through. How are you going to prompt them to act immediately?

Of course, you need to create a sense of urgency. And you can do this by using Call To Action words that would make them click that ad.

Here are some examples of CTA you can use to help you increase your CTR:

  • Limited Time Only
  • Get It Now
  • First 10 Customers Only
  • Ends Tomorrow!
  • Buy Now Before It's Gone!

I mean... don't you just want to click the ad when you read these? Your customers would probably feel the same way.

That's why don't forget to create a strong Call To Action on your Facebook Ad campaigns!

Another thing you need to remember is...

5. Use Pleasant Images

Did you know that photos on Facebook have an 87% interaction rate? This is much higher as compared to other types of posts, like texts.

That's why using pleasant images is one of my Facebook ads tips. Because this is another way to make your audience feel something about your Facebook ads.

Humans are visual creatures. So, this will help you communicate your messaging. And when a prospect scrolls upon your ad with an image, they already know what's it about.

Hence, using visually-appealing images can help you increase your Facebook ads CTR. But here are some things you can take note of:

  • Incorporate your brand identity. As I said above, if you want to establish your brand... you need to use the visual elements that will help them recognize your brand moving forward.
  • Showcase your offer. Do you have a Christmas holiday offer? Limited discounts? Use graphic designs that will make it pop to entice your prospects!

Facebook users scroll past dozens of content in a day. Visually-appealing content can help them stop scrolling and check your ad campaign.

Now, let's hop on to the next one...

6. Choose The Right Format

Facebook Advertising offers different types of formats that will be great for your ad campaign.

Having these options will help you achieve your campaign objectives... because you can choose which format can work best on your Facebook ad.

Here are different types of Facebook ads format:

  1. Image ads. Image ads are simple and straightforward. That's why you need to create highly-engaging images to make Facebook users click on your ad.
  2. Video ads. You can use video ads to create a brand story or ad campaigns that will spark emotions. Or share information. Whatever it is you're trying to achieve, really. This is effective because more Facebook users are consuming videos.
  3. Stories ads. While your prospects are viewing stories on their mobile devices, they might come across your ads and feel the need to take action. But that's achievable if you create immersive content.
  4. Messenger ads. These ads are placed in the inbox of your target audience. Facebook will place the ads on people who are more likely to drive results.
  5. Carousel ads. These are ads with 10 images or videos in an ad. It has different links for each carousel, and you can arrange the visuals based on your liking. These are great if you have multiple products to promote.
  6. Slideshow ads. As compared to video ads, slideshow ads are lighter clips that will help you showcase your brand.
  7. Collection ads. A fast-loading and informative ad? Yes, please! Collection ads allow Facebook users to browse your products within the platform. Then, they will get redirected to your landing page.

With these options, you wouldn't have a hard time choosing an ad format! Now, you just have to select the one that's going to work best with your ad objective. Right?

And last but not least...

7. Try A/B Split Testing

Some business owners might overlook this... but A/B testing is an important way to ensure the efficiency of your ad.

But what is A/B testing, anyway?

It's testing different ads to see which one works better. Sometimes, it can be the same ad... but you can choose a different demographic for each.

So, if you see a significant difference in results, this will help you determine which direction to take the next time you create an ad.

Now... how can you do this?

  • Try different ad formats and demographics. As you can see above, there are different ad formats to choose from. You can try image vs videos and see which one performs better. If you like... or try to target a different age group.
  • Check your Ads Manager. To see your campaigns' results or ad clicks, always check your Ads Manager. This is so you can also start analyzing the results as early as possible.

The key to increasing your Click-Through Rate is experimenting! Don't be afraid if you don't get immediate results.

So, are you ready to implement these Facebook ad campaign tips?

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