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20 Jan 2023

Find Out The Benefits Of LinkedIn Marketing (And 3 Ways To Smash It)

Find Out The Benefits Of LinkedIn Marketing (And 3 Ways To Smash It)

Are you using these social media platforms? Facebook... Instagram... Twitter... and TikTok?

If yes, these social media platforms play a big role in your digital marketing strategy. You can reach your target audience and showcase your products.

But you noticed that your company still feels like it can improve its brand reputation online.

Something is missing, and you know you can still expand. It's not just about showcasing what you sell. You can still build a reputable company on another platform.

And that's through LinkedIn!

Good for you if you're already using it. But if not, stay tuned because we'll discuss...

  • The benefits of LinkedIn marketing
  • Smashing your LinkedIn marketing strategy

And before we dive into it, let me introduce you to LinkedIn if you haven't tried it yet.

So LinkedIn is a professional networking platform. It's not only used for marketing products but also for building connections with people of different professions.

Who knows? You might find your next investors, business partners, or employees here. And LinkedIn is also great for building a professional image, which we'll talk more about later.

So, are you ready? Let's deep dive!


5 Benefits of LinkedIn Marketing

5 Benefits of LinkedIn Marketing

There are several benefits to marketing your business on LinkedIn:


1. Targeted audience

LinkedIn has a highly targeted audience of professionals. This makes it an ideal platform for B2B marketing and business models.

But wait... This doesn't mean LinkedIn is ineffective for DTC, B2C, or product-based businesses. Because one of the main purposes of LinkedIn is for you to make your brand look credible.

Since LinkedIn is a platform with a highly professional user base... It's an effective way to showcase your brand to a targeted audience.

For example, you can reach people who might be interested in your products. Or if you're selling products to professionals, LinkedIn can be a great option.

Not only can you showcase your products... But LinkedIn can also help you find the right job candidate. How? Because LinkedIn also acts as a job-searching platform.

See? LinkedIn has a targeted audience you can take advantage of. This also helps you build a...


2. Professional brand reputation

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform. So promoting your business on the site can help you establish a professional image and build credibility.

As I said in the first one, LinkedIn can make your brand look more credible. Sometimes, it's one of the things consumers or applicants consider when looking into a company. Yep, the LinkedIn pages.

You can build a professional brand image on LinkedIn by posting more about your company. These posts can be your processes, achievements, employee updates, etc.

Having a professional brand reputation increases your brand credibility. And more people can discover you, which leads us to...


3. Increased visibility

By sharing valuable content and participating in LinkedIn groups... You can increase your visibility and reach a larger audience.

That's one of the best things about LinkedIn. It's great for organic reach because when you interact with another user, their connections can also see you.

This will make you more discoverable on LinkedIn. And this benefits you in...


4. Lead generation

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for generating leads for your business. You can attract potential clients and partners to your business by building relationships and sharing valuable content.

Remember, lead generation is beneficial to your brand. You can build your email list, send transactional emails, and convert them into paying customers.

So yes, LinkedIn can help you generate leads. And it's also good for...


5. Enhanced search engine rankings

This is the first page of Google.

This proves that LinkedIn profiles and company pages rank highly in search engine results. So having a solid presence on the site can help improve your search engine rankings.

This is also helpful for potential clients or future customers who are searching for particular products or services. So you need to optimize your LinkedIn profile to appear on search results.

Do these benefits excite you? Now, let's talk about...


3 Ways to smash your LinkedIn marketing strategy


1. Participate in LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn is a community of professionals, job hunters, business owners, etc. They are everywhere. But one way to find your niche is by joining LinkedIn groups.

Joining LinkedIn groups related to your industry is a great way to stay up-to-date on industry news and connect with like-minded professionals.

Share your knowledge and expertise by participating in discussions and starting your own conversations.

Doing so will make you more discoverable and credible, especially if you...


2. Share valuable content

LinkedIn is an excellent platform for sharing content related to your industry. You can share articles, blog posts, and other resources that your network will find valuable.

The best part is you can share your own content. You can share your own research, articles, carousel posts, and more. You can also talk about your brand...

  • What are you doing to make the world a better place?
  • What are the mistakes in your business you don't want others to commit?
  • What are your business' big wins, and how did you achieve them?

Share them on your LinkedIn page! This will help you establish yourself as a thought leader and build credibility. Also, users want to consume content they can learn from.


3. Use LinkedIn advertising

Want to maximize your reach and target more specific groups? Utilizing LinkedIn Ads in your marketing campaign is the answer.

LinkedIn advertising allows you to target specific demographics and industries with your ads. It's easier to reach your target audience.

You can use LinkedIn Ads to promote your products or services and drive website traffic. It's also helpful in finding your ideal clients with the proper targeting and ad.

These tips and benefits tell you to...


Include LinkedIn in your social media marketing strategy!

Overall... the right LinkedIn marketing efforts can help you reach a targeted audience of professionals, build credibility, increase visibility, generate leads, and enhance your search engine rankings.

If you're not yet using LinkedIn in your marketing strategy... It's not too late to start now.

Wondering where to get inspiration? Here are the...


Top LinkedIn influencers to inspire you!

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