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26 Oct 2022

Creating A LinkedIn Marketing Strategy For eCommerce Business Owners

Creating A LinkedIn Marketing Strategy For eCommerce Business Owners

Social media marketing is not just limited to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. Sometimes, there are marketers and business owners who overlook LinkedIn.

One of the reasons is they think it's only for professional people and "serious" posts. But that's not entirely true.

Because you can also hop on LinkedIn with the right marketing strategy. Gone are the days when LinkedIn was strictly professional.

So, LinkedIn should be part of your social media marketing strategy. And later, you'll know why because we'll discuss...

  • What is LinkedIn marketing?
  • What are the benefits of using LinkedIn for your business?
  • 5 Best practices for your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Let's deep dive!


What is LinkedIn marketing?

LinkedIn marketing is using this platform to achieve your marketing goals. Some of them are connecting with key leaders in the industry, generating leads, and looking for clients.

So yep, LinkedIn is not just limited to networking anymore. There are so many things to do on this platform that benefit your business.

Now, why do we even need to exert effort in crafting a strategy? Here are...


3 Benefits of using LinkedIn for your marketing efforts

3 Benefits of using LinkedIn for your marketing efforts

Through LinkedIn, you can...


1. Grow your network

Growing your network is essential in entrepreneurship. You can connect with fellow business owners, marketers, and, who knows... your next staff.

And LinkedIn is the best place to network because professionals are there. So it's easier to network with like-minded people.

Speaking of which...


2. Join a community

Community marketing is also crucial in running a successful business. Lucky for you because LinkedIn is community-driven.

Like-minded professionals can engage with each other. You can also join or build your own LinkedIn group for your industry.

For example, you can create a group like "Business Owners in eCommerce" where you can connect with fellow business owners. That way, it will be easier to make yourself known and...


3. Generate leads

LinkedIn is another way to generate high-quality leads... especially if you're targeting B2B business owners or other professionals.

Lead generation is an essential step in converting target customers into paying ones. That's why LinkedIn can help you do this.

So, I'm sure you want to get to the good part of this blog. Let's now talk about...


5 Best practices in LinkedIn marketing

5 Best practices in LinkedIn marketing

First, you need to...


1. Define your goals

This is important in all areas of digital marketing. You must know what you're trying to achieve before creating a strategy.

Why? Because that will help you have a clearer vision of what you need to do to succeed at your goals. So, the first thing to do is ask yourself...

"What do I want to achieve using LinkedIn?"

If you're not yet sure, here are some goals you can set:

  • Generate leads
  • Connect with entrepreneurs and LinkedIn influencers
  • Recruit staff for your eCommerce brand
  • Convert customers and clients
  • Find clients
  • Build brand awareness

Once you know what you want to achieve... it's easier to create an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy.

For example, let's say you want to generate leads. If that's your goal... you might need to tap on LinkedIn ads to achieve that.

So, define your goals before creating a LinkedIn strategy. This way, you can plan what content to post and the things you need to do.

The next thing you need to do is...


2. Optimize your profile

This includes both your personal LinkedIn profile and company page. You need to optimize them to entice potential customers and connections.

For your personal profile, make sure to:

  • Upload a photo of yourself
  • Use a header that represents you and what you do
  • Add your work history
  • Write a compelling headline
  • Include your contact details
  • Change your URL to make your profile look more professional

Now, for your LinkedIn company page...

  • Use your brand identity for your logo and cover photo
  • Write a summary of your company
  • Include all necessary details, like your location, website, industry, and contact information

It's essential to let users know what your profile and company are about when they visit your LinkedIn page. This will help them decide if they want to follow your page or connect with you.

Another way to be more discoverable is to...


3. Join LinkedIn groups

As I said, LinkedIn is a community-driven platform. And if you join LinkedIn groups, it's easier to be a part of communities.

For example, you want to look for talented marketers and designers to hire. You can join relevant groups related to marketing and design.

You can also learn from joining LinkedIn groups and building your personal brand as a business owner.

You can show your expertise through LinkedIn groups, too. For example, you have business tips. You can join groups for entrepreneurs.

Sometimes, there are LinkedIn groups that allow promotions. So, this is the best way to promote your products or services to a relevant audience.

Just remember to join the right group. Go back to defining your goals. If your goal is to build brand awareness and convert more sales, join groups relevant to your target audience.

But if you want to network with other business owners... join groups like these:

Join LinkedIn groups

Nurturing a community will not make your LinkedIn marketing efforts go to waste. Everybody wants to learn and network.

That will be more effective if you...


4. Create engaging content

This is probably one of the most important LinkedIn marketing tips. Why? Because if you want to attract more target customers and network... you need to create engaging content.

How? Here are some tips to make your LinkedIn posts successful:

  • Create valuable content. Again, most people on LinkedIn are there for their professional agenda. They want to learn, connect, and find opportunities.
  • Be human. This means your posts must be relatable and interactive. Don't post as if an AI did it for you.

Don't forget... content plays a significant role in any social media platform. And you also need a content plan for your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

But how to know if your strategy is working? Well, you have to...


5. Check LinkedIn analytics

This is also applicable to all your digital marketing efforts. This is an effective way to see if your LinkedIn marketing campaign is working.

It's easy to find the analytics of your LinkedIn page. Go to your company page > select Analytics on top > filter the results.

Here are some questions to ask when analyzing your LinkedIn analytics:

  • How many followers did we gain?
  • Why did we gain a lot of followers on this specific date?
  • How many unique page views did we get?
  • What strategy did we implement to cause this spike?
  • How are our competitors doing?

Answer these to ensure that you already know which strategies to implement in your next campaigns.

So... what are you waiting for?


Build a successful LinkedIn marketing strategy with these tips!

It's time to kickstart your LinkedIn marketing! Don't overlook this social media platform because this will benefit you and your business.

But here's another secret to being successful on LinkedIn...

Wondering how? By learning social media marketing! Once you know the best ways to run your social media platforms, crafting the best LinkedIn marketing strategy will be easier. Here's your...


Complete social media marketing guide for business owners!

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