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05 Aug 2022

Best Product Survey Questions For Your eCommerce Business

Best Product Survey Questions For Your eCommerce Business

Building a product is no joke.

You spend hours, days, weeks, months... or even years building a product that's ready for the market.

But how would you know if your target market loves your products? How would you know their thoughts?

The answer is...

Through product surveys!

And one of the most valuable things you can get from your customers is not their money.

It's their insights and feelings about your products. And product surveys will help you learn more about them!

So, in this blog, you'll learn about...

  • What are product surveys?
  • How will product surveys help your eCommerce store?
  • How to conduct a product survey in easy ways?
  • What are the best product survey questions for you to get the right answers?

Are you ready? Let's jump right in!


What Is A Product Survey?

Product Survey

A survey is a way of researching how and what a certain group of people thinks or feels about a topic.

So, a product survey is researching what the target market thinks about a product, company, or service. Product surveys will help you gather feedback.

There are different types of product surveys, such as:

  • Online surveys
  • One-on-one interviews
  • Email surveys
  • Telephone surveys

These are some ways to gather feedback from your customers.

You're probably wondering...


Why Are Product Surveys Important?

Product surveys are a great way to get feedback from your customers.

And this feedback will help you...


1. Improve Your Products

Once you get customer feedback, you can use those insights to improve your products.

If they don't like something about your products or service, improve it.

They don't like your packaging? Try to develop a new one.

Do they want a new version of a product? Come up with a new one.

Once they see that you're changing the things they didn't like about them, they will feel valued.

And valued customers can eventually turn into loyal customers!

Not only will it help improve your products but product surveys can...


2. Make Strategic Decisions

It's important to think of an excellent way to conduct a product survey so you can make strategic decisions.

Your customers can make or break your business.

So, their insights should guide you in your decisions.

Do they find it hard to navigate your website? Optimize it.

Do they think your delivery is taking too long? Update your logistics management process.

That is the great thing about product surveys...

You can make changes to your business that can...


3. Increase Customer Satisfaction

Once you improve your products or services based on your product surveys, your customers will be happy.

And happy customers will increase your customer satisfaction rate.

Sounds good, isn't it?

When you know what makes your customers happy, you need to do it to make them happy!

It will also help you increase your Net Promoter Score.

But before we get to the best product survey questions, you need to learn...


How To Conduct A Product Survey?

How To Conduct A Product Survey?

Conducting a product survey requires you to...


1. Know Your Goal

Because to have a successful feedback survey, you need to set a goal to make sure you'll reach it.

So... What's the goal of your product survey?

Here are some goals of product surveys:

  • Determine your customer satisfaction rate
  • Product research
  • Market research
  • Identify your market's purchase likelihood
  • Get testimonials or feedback

If you want to know how satisfied your customers are, you can create customer satisfaction surveys.

Or, if you want to conduct product or market research, a more in-depth survey is needed.

Again, know your goal first. Planning will be easier once you do.

After that, you need to...


2. Choose A Platform

Since you already know your goal, you can choose a platform that will help you reach that.

Here are some platforms to conduct a product survey:

  • Email marketing
  • One-on-one interviews
  • Website
  • App
  • Third-party survey platforms

The platform you'll choose depends on the goal of your survey.

For example, you want to know how happy your customers are with your service. You can have an in-app star or emoji rating system to make it more convenient.

Or, if you want to get a testimonial... email marketing, website forms, or one-on-one interviews can be your best shot.

Again, identify your goal first. Because this will also help you...


3. Ask The Right Questions

You can't get the answer you need if you don't ask the right questions.

If you want to get their insights, ask questions that will get it.

Consider the questions as the backbone of your product survey.

But no matter what your goal is, here are some product survey questions to ask your target customers.


10 Product Surveys to Ask Your Existing And Potential Customers

To get the answers you need to improve your products and services, these are some questions you can ask.


1. How Satisfied Are You With Our Product?

Some customers are too lazy to answer questions that require long-form answers.

Asking this is straightforward. You're not beating around the bush, so you'll also get a no-fluff answer.

To make it easier for your customers to answer this question, you can have a star or emoji rating system.

This will give you their overall feelings or insights about your product.

Another question is...


2. How Was The Delivery Process?

Sometimes, you can't control the delivery of your products physically.

But knowing how they feel about the delivery will help you make better choices.

If they're not satisfied with the delivery, you might need to look for another courier or adjust your shipping times.

The next one is...


3. How Would You Rate Our Customer Service?

Another way to measure customer satisfaction is through this question.

Did they have a lot of queries before purchasing the products? How you addressed their concerns will reflect on their answers.

Remember, customer service is an important factor in your business.

Another interesting question is...


4. How Likely Are You To Recommend This Product?

Word-of-mouth marketing is powerful.

It means your existing customers will talk about your products to your target audience... who can be their peers or families.

And the great thing about this is your potential customers trust their recommendations.

In fact, 93% said that families and friends influence their purchasing decisions. They trust them more than influencers or brands.

So, you need to ensure that they will recommend you to other people by enhancing your strategies.

Wait, another customer satisfaction survey question is...


5. How Was Your Online Shopping Experience?

This determines how smooth their shopping experience is.

If the survey responses indicate that they didn't have a seamless shopping experience, you need to optimize your website for a smoother process.

Double-check your checkout process, payment gateways, product pages, and anything that affects your customer's shopping experience.

The next question you can ask is...


6. What Can We Improve In Our Product?

There's always room for improvement. And that includes your products.

With this question, customers can share their ideas about what can be improved.

Do they not like the packaging? You can change it.

Did the product meet their needs? If not, ask them what to improve.

Customers are the ones using your products. They know what they need and you have to make sure their needs are met.

And if you want to know why you stand out from the competition, you can ask...


7. Why Did You Choose Our Product Over Competitors?

Knowing your value proposition as a business is important.

But there's a gold mine of information that lies behind the reason why your customers chose you over your competitors.

And when you know why they chose you over other eCommerce brands, you can use that to enhance your brand message.

Their answers are what make you unique and stand out in the market.

Speaking of being unique...


8. What's Your Favorite Thing About Our Product?

If you know what's their favorite product feature, it'll help you enhance that feature.

And you can improve other features that aren't their "favorites."

Here's another one...


9. If We Release A New Product, How Likely Are You To Purchase?

Are you planning to release a new product? Ask them if they're willing to purchase.

This will help you gauge the demand for your product.

Because you don't want to waste money and time building a product your target customers don't want.

And to add to that question, you also need to ask...


10. How Much Are You Willing To Pay For Our Product?

This will guide your pricing strategies.

How? Because your pricing might not reflect your target customers' income or purchase power.

Of course, you don't need to lowball your prices. You still need to keep in mind your capital and other business expenses in building a product.

Once you know their answers, you can meet your customers in the middle.

Now that you have some of the


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