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16 Nov 2021

Discover These 3 Powerful Secrets To Enjoy More Sales For Your Ecommerce Store... Starting Today!

Discover These 3 Powerful Secrets To Enjoy More Sales For Your Ecommerce Store... Starting Today!

If you're a business owner who has spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars to promote your online store and wants to increase sales and profit, then this blog is for you!

Because I know you want to bring in more customers...

Get them to buy more...

And to increase their buying frequency...

Am I right?

And that's because you are missing THREE crucial ingredients...

But today, that will change.

Because these ingredients will help you achieve your goals as a business owner.

The best part? You don't need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to start implementing these!

I know that excites you, so let's dive into action!

Here's my first tip...

1. Maximize your Average Order Value (AOV)

Maximize your Average Order Value (AOV)

Average Order Value (AOV) represents the average value of purchases made over a defined period.   

AOV measures how much customers spend on average, every time they order.

To calculate your store’s AOV, you'll have the following formula:

Average Order Value Formula

Let's say for the month of October, your total online store’s revenue is $20000, and suppose you had 1,000 orders.

So, $20,000 divided by 1,000 = $20

So this means, October’s monthly AOV is $20.

You can determine AOV on the basis of sales per order.

It's not based on sales per customer.

Although a customer comes back and orders multiple times, each order is counted separately in the AOV.

Average Order Value is a yardstick that is vital for online stores.

And every ecommerce brand owner should know...

It is essential in order to understand your customers’ purchasing habits.

It also affects every business decision such as product pricing, advertising expenses, store themes and layout, and more.

So make sure you maximize your average order value.

It will help you assess your overall ecommerce marketing efforts.

Now you're probably wondering...

"How can you increase your average order value?"

Here are some proven techniques you can try to increase your Average Order Value (AOV):

1. Discount Coupons

Who doesn't like discounts, right?

That's why it's an effective way to attract customers to purchase more. This is usually in the form of a Promo Code.

In an interesting study by PayPal and comScore, 27% of the participants would abandon their shopping basket to search for discount codes.

Sounds interesting, right?

Why not get started today? Why not offer your customers a discount coupon.  

Aside from that, you can also create...

2. Offer Bundle

You can bundle 2 or 3 of your products at a discounted price.

For example, "Get these 3 blouses for $20" is a great come-on strategy. Right?

3. Free shipping

You can do this by offering free shipping for a minimum purchase,

Who doesn't want that?

Like, for example, "For a minimum purchase, you get free shipping."

4. Upselling

Upselling is when you entice your customers to spend a little more for a more upgraded alternative product.

Example: “For $10 more you can have this beautiful dress. Add to cart now!”

Moving on...

5. Cross-selling

Cross-selling is when you encourage your customers to buy different (but related) products.

Example:  “People who bought this dress also bought this necklace”

Effective? You better try it. ?

6. Donations for advocacy

You can tie up with a Non-profit organization here.

And offer your customers the chance to help in a worthwhile project.

And lastly...

7. 7-Day Return Policy or Money-Back Guarantee

An ecommerce returns policy includes everything you want your customers to know about your return policy process.

It should clearly explain what your buyers can or cannot return within a certain period.

This return policy protects both the customer and you as an ecommerce business owner.

It guards your business against scams and fraudulent activities, inappropriate returns, etc. 

A 7-day return policy or even a Money-Back Guarantee will sure attract more buyers!

These are proven effective strategies for increasing your AOV.

Test all these and figure out what works in your ecommerce business.

Now that you know how to maximize your average order value, it's time to move on to the next.

2. Plan Your Sales Promotions Strategically

Plan Your Sales Promotions Strategically

Survey says, up to 50% of consumers buy only if there's a promo.

That's why online buyers are suckers for good deals before they consider buying a product.

So as a brand owner, you want more revenue.

And sales promos can give you the edge you want that will help you hit your sales target.

So, planning out your store's promo campaigns is a very important factor.

It definitely helps increase your ecommerce site's sales and what's more?

When you plan this out properly, a promotional campaign can help gain new customers and keep old ones coming back for more.

A well-planned promotion has these important features:

  1. It is aimed at a specific audience. - This isn't new. However, you may fail to put it into practice. And one reason why ecommerce businesses fail is that owners fail to target a specific market.
  2. It arouses interest.- Keeping your promos exciting is a no-brainer.
  3. It generates sales.- Well, this is the ultimate goal, right? So, you need to have...
  4. Sense of urgency- Need I say more? You need to create that FOMO in your customers!

Below are smart ways to succeed in your ecommerce promotions:

1. Make Sure To Communicate Your Promotion

Once you planned out your promotions, you need to communicate them to your customers at the right time.

To do this, you can...

2. Use Your Social Media

How are you going to do that? Easy...

  • Create excitement by giving hints about the upcoming promo deals
  • Create the best deals for special occasions like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, and all the important days.
  • Give a countdown to your promo campaign. This creates the thrill on your brand before the expected date of promotion.

The next one is interesting...

3. Use Cart Countdown To Build Hype

A Cart countdown encourages buyers to purchase their desired discounted item before the sale or promo deal ends.

This next one may be overlooked but it's important...

4. Email Marketing

E-mail is one of the surest ways to bring in customers to your online store. Email marketing is still 40% effective compared to social media marketing.

This only proves, creating an effective e-mail campaign can get you on top of your campaign strategies at any season.

So what are you waiting for?

Send a thoughtful, well-written follow-up email with attractive incentives to encourage repeat purchases.

This can entice the customers to keep coming back to your store.

Next up.

5. Use a Sales Funnel

A sales funnel takes a potential buyer from traffic, then moves them through the sales process to become a customer.

Ecommerce biz should use sales funnels to convert cold traffic into new customers through creative offers and incentives. Your online brand needs an excellent sales funnel

You can learn more about how to run and manage your sales funnel here.

We're halfway there, so don't dare miss the following tips.

6. Improve Your Ecommerce site's Speed and Performance

Work it out with your team to make sure your website is in tip-top form with its tested speed and performance.

Why is it important?

Because your eCommerce promotional strategies will only be as good as your ecommerce site's performance.

Take note, it only takes 0.05 seconds for a prospect to form a great impression on your website and decide whether or not to stay.

And, 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site that gave a lousy experience.

Now, it's time to...

7. Level Up On Your Shopify Store's Theme

Choose a theme that’s customizable, fast to load, mobile-friendly, and easy to integrate. That said, you can't go wrong with Debutify themes.

Read on...

8. Create More Landing Pages

Landing pages are a must to enhance your e-commerce promo strategies.

More landing pages mean you can target customers and run more effective campaigns so you can attract more customers at less cost.

9. Make Store Enhancements Before Your Promo Campaign Begins

Keep ad copy, graphics, overall look and branding fresh and upgraded.

Make sure all these match the rest of your ecommerce site content.

And lastly,

10. Have An Interesting Call-To-Action

Use a very clear CTA.

It will amp your customer's adrenaline to buy.

Use action words that tell your shoppers what exactly they need to do next.

Great examples are Get this item now, add to cart, or buy now.

If you're using a CTA on a button, make sure it's visible.

Looking for a great way to encourage your customers to click that add-to-card button? Then, why don't you try Debutify's Add-to-Cart Animation add-on?

This can help you level up the overall impact of your site. Click here to know more.

And would you look at that?

We're down to the last thing you can do to boost e-commerce sales.

3. Create A Custom Checkout Experience

Create A Custom Checkout Experience

An ecommerce site with complicated check-out disappoints customers.

Statistics have documented a huge average rate of 68.8% of shopping cart abandonment in e-commerce sites.

And you bet, doing it wrong leads to a lot of lost sales.

Debutify can help you customize the style of your checkout pages.

You can put your company logo, select preferred colors, or use fonts to go with the checkout.

You can also use Debutify's Trust Badge Add-On which can help add more credibility to your store.

Just a few reminders:

  • You might be tempted to add multiple colors, but take it easy. As the saying goes, less is more.
  • The checkout pages are used by customers to enter payment and shipping info for their orders. And you don't want to make this information hard to read.
  • You don't want to distract your customers from proceeding to the most important part of the sales process.

Applying simple steps like these will make the checkout process convenient for your customers.


You've got to design a checkout process that closes the deal!

In this case, Debutify's Dynamic Checkout Button can help you get that sale.

So what are you waiting for?

Don't Be Afraid To Close That Sale, Optimize Your Store

When you're optimizing your Shopify store, what's one thing your customer wants before they hit the 'Check Out' button?

Hmm... any guesses?

A fast-loading and customizable theme!

Yep, you read that right!

The good thing is... Debutify offers a clean code, and fast-loading theme to help you boost your sales!

There are over 50+ add-ons and features that matter to the growth of your business.

Sounds exciting, right?

With effective planning and innovation, and a little help from Debutify, you can definitely take your e-commerce business to the next level.

So what are you waiting for?

Boost Your Ecommerce Sales Now With Debutify!

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