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16 May 2022

Find Out How Facebook Can Help You Generate Leads Quickly (And Tips To Make Your Content More Effective!)

Find Out How Facebook Can Help You Generate Leads Quickly (And Tips To Make Your Content More Effective!)

Growing your business is not a one-and-done kind of thing.

And that includes constantly generating leads to expand your business.

Of course, the digital world is evolving.

Because you can use social media to generate your leads.

Facebook, specifically.

And today...

  • You'll find out how Facebook can be your friend in lead generation.
  • You'll learn how to create lead ads through Facebook advertising.
  • We'll discuss other types of lead generation.

Now, name one thing you see when scrolling through your Facebook news feed.

Cute animals.

Friends having engagement parties.

A family member is acquiring a new property.

Videos or ads for new products.


For sure, there's at least one of these on your feed. You see dozens of content posted by family, friends, and pages.

But let me ask you this...

Which one stands out the most for you? Which content grabs your attention and makes you take action?

Once you have your answer, think of your target customers and business.

How would you capture their attention and get more leads?

Fret not, because we'll get into that later.

But before the juicy part, let's first discuss...


What Is Lead Generation?

Lead Generation is the process of cultivating your prospective customers into actual ones.

It's fostering potential clients to become paying customers by collecting their information.

In this case, they're the ones giving them to you through filling out a lead form.

And you'll learn how to do it later.

For now, let's talk about...


What Are The Types Of Leads?

There are different types of leads for every customer.

You will identify each potential customer where they fit in these categories.

First, we have...


1. Cold Leads

These people are not yet showing any signs of interest in your eCommerce business.

You have their contact details that you probably got when they signed up for your freebies or newsletters.

Usually, cold leads are the hardest to convert into customers because they're not interested in making any transactions yet.

So, you need to exert more effort into them than your...


2. Warm Leads

Unlike cold leads, warm leads have shown interest in your eCommerce business.

What are these "interests," anyway?

They might follow your page on social media, click on your ads, or sign up for your newsletter.

They just haven't made a purchase yet.

Of course, you still need to exert effort to make them purchase!

But don't forget to nurture your...


3. Hot Leads

Hot leads are close to being your customers.

They've already shown interest in your business. They already understand what you do and how you can help them.

While there are still some things hindering them from fully committing, like budget... they're still considering making a transaction with you.

So, it's your call to create Facebook lead ads that will turn them into customers.

But why do you even need to come up with lead-generation tactics?

Here are the...


Benefits Of Lead Generation For Your Business

You wouldn't need to exert time, effort, and energy for nothing.

Because one of the benefits of lead generation is...


1. More Potential Customers

Once you captured their contact information, it means they've already interacted with your eCommerce business.

They're no stranger to your brand anymore.

It's easier to convert a cold lead than a Facebook user who hasn't done anything to interact with your brand.

So, whether they're cold, warm, or hot leads... you can create content that speaks to them that will turn them into customers.

And making it easier to...


2. Expand Your Customer Base

As an eCommerce business owner, customer acquisition is a continuous effort.

And by acquiring more customers, you are also expanding your customer base.

Not only that, but your sales number will increase, too.

Who doesn't want that?

So, lead generation is a must for your business if you want to expand your customer base.

And to add to that, generating leads helps you...


3. Grow Your Online Presence

Think of it...

If you're generating leads through social media or any digital marketing tactic, it means your eCommerce brand is getting seen across the social media platform.

And this gives you more chances to strengthen your online presence to continue generating leads using Facebook.

Now, I'm sure you're asking...

How can Facebook help you generate leads?


5 Ways Facebook Can Help You Generate Leads

5 Ways Facebook Can Help You Generate Leads


1. You Can Create Custom Audiences

One of the rules in marketing is to know your target audience... if you don't want your effort to get lost and received by the wrong people.

So, when running a Facebook business page and campaigns, it's important to create custom audiences to reach the right people.

Luckily, Facebook lets you create custom audiences.

It's a targeting option to help you find specific audiences among Facebook users.

According to Facebook, you can create Custom Audiences of people who already know your business by using sources such as your customer list, website traffic or app engagement on Facebook.

This makes it easier for you to target users who might be interested in your business to generate leads.

Then once you find the right people and leads, you have a higher chance of converting them into customers!

Another way Facebook can help you is...


2. You Can Run Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads can help you reach people who have already visited your eCommerce website but haven't made a transaction.

For example, I visited Nespresso's website to look for available coffee pods.

I didn't make a transaction. I just browsed my options.

When I went to Facebook, I saw this ad.

Nespresso Retargeting Ads

It's because I visited their website.

Now, I can see their retargeting ads that serve as a reminder for me to come back to their website.

So, how can retargeting ads help you generate leads?

As I said, retargeting ads are for users who have interacted with or visited your eCommerce website. They're already aware and involved with your brand.

They just need a reminder.

Once you run a retargeting campaign, you can send them back to your website to turn them into leads using your landing page.

Such a helpful way, right?

But there's another one...


3. You Can Take Advantage Of Facebook Leads Ads

What's the best way to generate leads using Facebook?

By creating Facebook Lead Ads, of course.

Facebook Leads Ads

As you can see, this ad is sponsored, and it says, "Form On Facebook."

This is more convenient for your target customers because you don't need to redirect and drive them away from Facebook to get more leads.

To create a Facebook leads ad, click "Get More Leads"- when you promote your post.

Then choose how you want to collect their information. It can be on Facebook or your website. Customize other details after that.

Now, you're ready to collect leads easily!

But here's another way Facebook can help you...


4. Facebook Is A Platform For Content Distribution

Facebook has 1.96 billion daily active users.

If you have a blog post on your website that aims to collect leads, Facebook can be a vehicle that will drive potential customers to your website.

You can promote your website content on Facebook using the ads and custom audience.

You can also use an organic marketing tactic with an established Facebook page.

The platform can not help you generate more leads by sharing your content.

It can also help your target customers learn more about your products and industry.

So, with the proper targeting and content... you can totally reach your target audience on Facebook and generate more leads.

And last but not least...


5. Video Marketing Is Big On Facebook

Did you know that 500 million users watch videos on Facebook?

Yep! Every. Single. Day.

If you produce an eye-catching, scroll-stopping video... our target audience can notice your content, too.

How can you turn them into leads, though?

You can generate more leads through videos if you have an effective video marketing strategy in place.

Once you choose the best video type that suits your target market's needs, they might take action.

Or if you have a powerful copy that supports your video content and a link to where they can fill out their form.

Okay, are you wondering how to implement these five ways and get better results?

Keep on reading!


3 Quick And Easy Tips To Turn Potential Customers Into Leads

3 Quick And Easy Tips To Turn Potential Customers Into Leads


1. Use An Uncomplicated Form

Sometimes, customers can be digitally impatient.

And even if they want something so bad, they might not pursue it if it's too time-consuming.

So, one way to generate them into leads is by using an uncomplicated lead form on your landing page.

Ask the most important questions and optimize your landing page.

If you're catering to other businesses, you can ask about the company's name, the nature of their business, and the number of employees they have.

If you're selling to consumers, you can ask about their name, location, contact number, email address, and other information that will help you identify them and use them in your market research.

Get straight to the point.

Both parties can save more time and get the relevant information needed.

Another tip is...

2. Give Them Incentives

Want them to sign up? Give an incentive or lead magnet.

It can be a freebie, e-book, discount, or anything that will entice your target customers to sign up.

Doing this will help you generate leads because who doesn't like free stuff, right?

Just make sure to offer something they want and need so you can attract them.

To make it easier for them to sign up, you can use Debutify's Newsletter Pop-Up Add-On to capture their email right away!

Newsletter Pop-Up

You can easily customize it to suit your offers.

And lastly...


3. Write A Powerful Copy

Even if you have entertaining content, it's still essential to have a powerful copy that will convince your target customers to be your leads.

It's also one of the first things they'll see when scrolling on the news feed.

So, your caption has to be catchy and informative.

After telling them all the details they need to know, don't forget to tell them what they have to do next through a CTA or Call-To-Action.

This will help you generate leads because the next action is clear.

Ready to reach more people on Facebook?


Turn Your Target Audience Into Leads Using Facebook!

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