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10 Feb 2022

What to Sell on Valentine's Day 2022?

What to Sell on Valentine's Day 2022?

Do you believe that love can move mountains? I do.

Well, love doesn't just move mountains... I believe that love can boost eCommerce sales too... especially on Valentine's Day.

Because Valentine's Day spending is projected to reach 24 billion dollars in the United States this 2022... a substantial increase from the previous years.

This proves that Valentine's Day remains one of the most profitable annual events for ecommerce brands.

Since most Valentine's Day shoppers buy gifts online...

Your February revenue is all about Valentine's Day sales...

Last year, on Valentine's Day, online shopping soared! A whopping 38% of Valentine's Day gifts were bought online.

Valentine's Day Gifts


This implies that this year's Valentine's Day offers ecommerce businesses a huge opportunity... to generate sales.

During the weeks leading up to Valentine's Day, you can see an increase in ecommerce conversion and sales.

So why not leverage on this Valentine period?

But you need to anticipate... the heavy influx of shoppers looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for their friends and loved ones.

On this blog, I'll help you find out which Valentine's Day gifts are the most popular. And of course, which you should sell in your ecommerce store.

But before we jump into the nitty-gritty of this blog post... it is important that you figure out who your shoppers are.

Who are they?

Types Of Shoppers For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Planners ♥

They are your well-prepared shoppers who start buying gifts even before the Valentine holiday starts. You need to be one step ahead of these shoppers.

They have high standards and expectations. And they are seeking a seamless experience on your online store.

The second type of shopper is...

The Mobile Shopper ♥

The surge in mobile purchases during the weekend preceding February 14 suggests that many shoppers search for Valentine's Day gifts... no matter where, when, or what they're doing.

So the mobile shopper is always on the go for shopping.

There is no stopping this type of shopper from finding the perfect gift... except a poor mobile experience.

So, the question is... is your ecommerce store ready for them?

And the last type of shopper...

The Last-Minute Shopper ♥

This type of shopper may not be a trendsetter, but still, have the right intentions. They don't want to forget their loved ones on Valentine's Day...

And take note, businesses tend to experience the most traffic and orders on Valentine's Eve... so make way! They may be last minute, but your business needs them too! So roll out the red carpet!

Now, let's get to the main point of this blog post... what to sell on valentines day 2022

Here are Popular Valentine's Day Gift Ideas to Sell Online

Let me start with...

Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

The following are some great gift ideas for the lovely ladies celebrating Valentine's Day.

1. Stylish Lingerie

It would be impossible to compile a list of Valentine's Day gifts without this HOT item. I suggest you create a quirky lingerie gift set for your customers.

I know it can be an outrageous gift but trust me, she'll like it ? So add this to your Valentine inventory.

Also, you can suggest your customers add a personal touch to their gifts. Put a big smile on her face by writing a note that says, "Be Mine." This will make her blush and giggle with delight.

Good suggestion, right? So the next one is popular...

2. Custom Hoodie for Her

Do you remember how women have always wanted to borrow hoodies from their partners... or brothers?

Now, it's becoming a trend for women of all ages. Personalized oversized hoodies for women make excellent gifts. So you might be interested to add it to your ecommerce store collection.

Be creative. Have it printed with your customers' personalized messages. One good design idea: Have it personalized with the words, "Significant Other" or "Borrowed his hoodie ?". Try it... it's so much fun.

This will surely delight your customers. And they will remember your store long after Valentine's Day is over.

Next up...

3. Make-Up

During Valentine's Month/Week, make-up products are in high demand. This is why some make-up brands launched their Valentine's collection of cosmetics yearly. And Valentine's make-up collections sell well during Valentine's month.

Take a look at this Valentine Make-Up collection from a Kylie cosmetics.

Kylie Cosmetics

The next one is oh so romantic...

4. Heart Necklace

It's no secret that girls love jewelry. For the boys who want to make their girls happy... heart necklaces make a lovely gift.

This is the type of item that will make your customer's heart melt! And customized heart necklaces with the names of loved ones are the most popular types.

So, go ahead! Consider offering heart necklaces in your online shop.


Next... your store should have this...

5. Starry Watch For Women

This is a perfect gift for the woman who puts productivity as a priority. It's best for time-conscious yet fashionable women who never want to go out of style.

Whether it's for a woman of any age or status... this will be a perfect Valentine's Day gift.

This will make a good addition to your online store this Heart's Day.

You can't forget the next item...

6. Scented Candles

It's hard to imagine a romantic dinner without candles. And a host of special occasions call for them, not just on Valentine's Day.

Remember, it is a product that people tend to buy more than once. So stock up on candles and make sure to add a variety for every occasion.

Next on my list...

7. Decorative Pillow

This decorative pillow set is perfect for adding a romantic mood to Valentine's Day celebrations. Provide your customers with a wide selection of pillows. So they can choose one that's right for them. And this will prevent them from going to your competitors.

The next item is trending...

8. Enchanted Sparkly Roses

Roses are a favorite among many but this time... in a unique form. One that doesn't wither. It will be a sweet surprise gift for the romantic woman. And it can make a beautiful decorative piece in the home.

Enchanted Sparkly Roses

Now, If you're buying for the opposite sex...

Valentine Gifts For HIM

These are my top picks for the men...

1. Suitcase

This is an excellent gift for men who love to travel. You can also offer personalized suitcases to make the male population feel extra special.

Next up...

2. Watch for Him

Watches are an ideal gift during Valentine's week because it's more universal and timeless. And your customers will have a wide range of options to choose from.

It's a practical gift for men, women, young and old. Plus, there are many suppliers that are looking for resellers of this popular item.

My next pick...

3. Perfume

Perfumes are good products to sell during this time. They are definitely Valentine's bestsellers. Perfumes can make every man (and woman) feel valued.

In this Valentine period, companies bring out their best products and offer them in limited editions to celebrate Valentine's Day. You can do the same if you are selling the same items.

Next item on my list...

4. Shoes and Apparels

Apparels and shoes are appealing to individuals of all ages. And this is a great time to buy and sell apparel and shoes for HIM.

Matching shirts, coordinated clothes, and shoes make good gifts. Don't forget to offer voucher coupons for clothing and shoes and gift boxes... your customers will surely appreciate it!

On to #5...

5. Sports or Hobby Items

Selecting gifts becomes easier when the recipient has a passion for something. In that case, "gifters" might search for gifts related to hobbies like sports, carpentry, DIY, cooking, or baking.

So you might want to add these items to your ecommerce store. These will surely make the male population happy.

You can't miss this next item...

6. Personalized Items

For Valentine's Day, selling a product that can be personalized is a good idea. People love to pay extra for a personalized gift because it will be much more special for the recipient.

For example, a mug or a picture frame can be customized in numerous ways, such as adding color, custom text, ribbons, and a photo.

This completes my list of Gifts for Him.

But I'm not done yet. Valentine's Day is not only for him and for her. Let's not forget the little ones too. There is no doubt that they expect gifts.

So let me show you...

Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids

1. Fluffy slippers

These are adorable Valentine's Day gifts. They're not just cute... they're also functional.

It's because their warmth and softness make them perfect for wearing during cold winter months. The recipient of this gift will absolutely receive the comfort their feet deserve!

Fluffy slippers

Moving on to the next gift item...

2. Plush Bear

This awesome glowing bear plush is the perfect gift for any kid. It's a teddy bear and a night light in one. It's a real hit this Valentine's Day!

I think it would sell well even during other holidays. And I heard... sales for this product have reached almost $320k according to Sell The Trend!

Go, get some before stocks run out!

Plush Bear

The next products are long-time favorites...

3. Kids' books

In case you're wondering what to sell on valentine's day at school... and yes, you can sell the same on your online store.

Books are packed with friendship, kindness, and love that will brighten a child's smile! This will surely be a great buy for mommy and daddy.

Make sure you have this on hand for this year's Valentine sale. It will surely make a lovely, educational gift for the kiddos!

Kids' books


So you see, Valentine's Day is an excellent opportunity for your online store to soar!

And these are just a few of my suggestions for your ecommerce store. With these Valentine's Day items, you can't go wrong!

 I hope you got ideas from this list of...

The Best-Selling Products to Sell This Valentine’s Day!

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