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21 Mar 2021

Seven Ways To Find The Most Profitable And Trending Products To Sell Online

Seven Ways To Find The Most Profitable And Trending Products To Sell Online

The global ecommerce market is expected to hit $24.3 trillion by 2025. Platforms like Shopify, WordPress, and WooCommerce have made it easy for business-minded people to start and run their businesses online.

You need three things to succeed in the digital marketplace:

1. Trending products to sell online
2. The skills to promote those products
3. The willingness to move forward and succeed

Despite the growth in the ecommerce sector, the entrepreneur's success depends on the seller's ability to find in-demand products.

Coming up with unique and profitable product ideas is a little tricky, though. It often feels like whatever you're choosing is already being sold by the other sellers.

It is also a fact that the competition in the popular ecommerce product categories is already massive, leaving less room for new sellers to choose a profitable product to sell.

So today, we're going to share a methodical approach to identifying the trendiest and most profitable products to sell online

Product Selection Process

The process begins by setting certain guidelines. Since selling products online is different from selling in a physical store, you want to choose products that are feasible for online selling and attract typical online buyers.

Here are a few things you must consider before choosing profitable and trending products to sell in your ecommerce store:

  • Choose a product that is not fragile and can be shipped to long-distance destinations without the risk of breakage and damage
  • Choose products that do not take up much space
  • Choose products whose inherent value should be unknown
  • Choose classic products that do not lose worth over time
  • Do not choose seasonal products like Christmas gifts or Halloween costumes that are bought only during a specific time of the year
  • Do not pick exorbitantly expensive products

It's also crucial to ask yourself a few questions before deciding on the trending products to sell in 2021.

✔ Have I selected a niche with related products to help me expand my business after some time?

✔ Can my products be personalized according to customer's requirements?

✔ Are my products consumable and have a reasonable shelf value?

✔ Does my chosen niche have an established fan base?

Types Of Products You Can Sell Online

Nice-To-Have Products

Nice-to-have products are those that do not offer any benefit but satisfy impulsive needs.

Customers buy them because they offer instant pleasure. Let's take an example of fidget spinners here. Hundreds of thousands of pieces sold out all over the world. But the trend fell off in no time.

The biggest issue with these products is that they go out of fashion quickly, and you can't expect long-term gains. 

Products That Addresses An Emotional Need

A second product category has long-term benefits and addresses the emotional needs of a buyer. The only issue with such types of products is it is not easy to quantify their benefits.

Many people buy airborne, assuming it benefits them somehow. But there are no known benefits of this product.

Products That Solve An Immediate Need

Some products are designed to solve an immediate need. Laser hair growth products are the biggest example.

When you know you're losing hair, you won't mind paying tons of money to get them back. You got that, right?

The good news is, that you can earn money regardless of the type of product you choose to sell online. The only secret formula for success is to execute your selling plan accurately.

Things To Consider Before Choosing An Ecommerce Product To Sell Online

Choose Products That Solve A Customer Pain Point

A product that solves a customer's pain point will always be trending and profitable. Take an example of ibuprofen here. People buy this medicine to cure headaches and body pains. The brand knows everybody goes through these issues at some point, and they introduced a product that addresses a pain point of a general buyer. 

Choose Products You’re Passionate About

Choosing a product based on your liking can go a long way. Setting up and running an online business is a tedious job, and you'll be more inclined toward success if you're passionate about what you sell in your online store.

Eric Bandholz from Beardbrand and Moorea Seal are the biggest examples. They both chose to go with their passion and achieved immense success in whatever they did. 

Consider Your Experience

Turning your experience into a business is the smartest move one can make to succeed as an online seller. Whether you hold technical knowledge of tech and gadgets, or you're familiar with different types of fabrics and silhouettes, you can use this knowledge to find profitable and trending products online.

Read Reviews On Existing Products

Whether you're looking for profitable product ideas to sell in your already established store or you want to find trending products for your new store, there is a plethora of information you can get from product reviews.

If your store is experiencing traction in recent days, you can see what's wrong with your offers by analyzing customer reviews listed on your website. Pay special attention to complaints and negative feedback you receive on your existing products.

If you're starting out, you can review other brands' review pages to see what customers have to say about the products you're willing to sell in your store.

Always Be On The Lookout

A million-dollar tip indeed. Keep an open eye so that you can grab the most interesting ideas the moment they pop up in the ecommerce landscape. Invest in research-based product research tools, like Debutify's Product Research Tool, to keep yourself updated with fresh and trending product ideas.

Here are seven ways to find the most profitable and trending products to sell online.

Seven Ways To Find The Most Profitable And Trending Products To Sell Online

1. Follow Google Trends

Google Trend is a free-to-use tool that enables online sellers to discover the trending products their prospects are interested in. If you have a product idea in mind, Google Trends is a perfect tool to measure its viability.

For example, if you want to sell AirPods online, enter the main keyword in the available field, and you'll get a result showcasing the popularity of the product over time.

This tool also allows business owners to condense the results based on different factors, including location and time.

By identifying products that are valued by your target audience, you can create more targeted campaigns and, all in all, improve your offers. 

The good thing about Google Trend is that you can use it for other marketing purposes as well, including in-paid search, SEO, content marketing, and more.

2. Monitor Social Networking Platforms

Social media is an ideal platform that enables you to see what specific products are trending the most. Many users share their experiences with different brands on prominent social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and highlight their favorite products.

If you'd like to sell tech gadgets online, checking the social media pages of brands dealing with tech-related products can help you identify the trends and choose your products accordingly.

Make sure you regularly follow influencers working in your niche and also observe relevant hashtags.

Wishlist sites like My Wish Board can also serve as a gold mine for sellers looking for trending and profitable product ideas for their online business.

3. Check Popular Platforms

Leading marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay, are perfect places to discover profitable products. Browse these sites and click on options like 'most wished for' and 'best sellers' that display preferred customer choices and demands.

Even Amazon's product pages showcase the 'Best Seller's Rank' to help customers discover what's hot and trending in a specific product category. That goes without saying that you can also use this information to your advantage.

To step up your product research game, you can also use research tools created by these platforms like Jungle Scout, eBay Top Products, and Etsy Trending Items. 

4. Conduct Competitive Analysis

Similar to the physical marketplace, ecommerce also requires sellers to spy on their competitors and tweak their strategies accordingly. If many sellers are selling the same product as yours, it wouldn't be easy for you to make sales and conversions.

Also, increased competition may require you to lower your prices to close more deals.

Dealing with such issues requires you to choose a niche with relatively lower competition. It's also critical to select products that are not sold by the big brands.

One of the ways you can identify such low-competition products is by comparing sold products against the most searched products on search engines.

Choose products that are multi-purpose in nature and can be marketed in different ways.

5. Find Opportunities In Keywords

Did you know that organic traffic from search engines is the best source to discover new and trending product ideas? Hunting for keyword opportunities refers to searching for items based on what people are typing in their search boxes.

Product research based on this approach revolves around the number of searches per month and the competition associated with those searches. 

Business owners implementing this technique need to have a basic understanding of SEO and keyword research knowledge. 

There are many keyword research tools (both paid and free) that you can use to keep track of average keyword searches. 

6. Conduct Litmus Test

Product validation occurs when your buyers swipe their credit cards, and real money is involved. However, the involvement of investment from potential buyers before a business delivers anything is more crucial than anything else.

Even the best product won't do any good if it is not well-received by anyone. If you already know your niche but are not currently able to invest in it, curtail your upfront investment. We'd suggest you test the market using different tools

7. Start Your Hunt With Related Products

If you're passionate about any specific product, start searching for related products in that category. Amazon is a useful resource as it enables you to validate the product affinity on its product and category pages.

If you're using Amazon to search for related products, pay attention to items buyers usually purchase as a package. Also, examine products that buyers purchase on a routine basis.

Recommended products by Amazon and sponsored items can also help you search for the best trending and profitable products in your favorite category.

Top 3 Trending Products To Sell

Personal Hygiene Products

The current Covid crisis has significantly increased the demand for personal hygiene products. Items, such as hand soaps, sanitizers, and facial tissues, have gained immense popularity in the past year or so. If you want to play safe, then this niche can be your safest bid.

Home Cleaners

Again, we have witnessed a noticeable rise in the sales of home cleaning products and disinfectants. People are making every possible effort to clean their homes the right way during these challenging times. Since covid apparently seems to stay with us for some more time, home cleaning products are going to stay with us too. 

Tech Gadgets

With more and more people working remotely, the need for tech gadgets is only going to rise in the coming years. Whether smartphones, tablets, or laptops, people invest in tech gadgets to carry forward their office tasks.

Similarly, the trend of buying video games has also seen a sharp turn in the current pandemic. Teenagers are buying more PS4s, PS5s, and other devices to kill their time during lockdowns.

Wrapping Up

We have tried our best to cover all the essential aspects of finding the most trending and profitable products in 2021.

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