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29 Dec 2021

5 Lessons You Can Learn To Scale Your Business Like Get Maine Lobster Despite Logistic Problems

5 Lessons You Can Learn To Scale Your Business Like Get Maine Lobster Despite Logistic Problems

Thousands of business owners try to scale their businesses and get massive sales.

And sometimes, most of them experience roadblocks along the way.

But today, you're going to see a business that scaled 6x despite logistic problems.

Because we're talking about Get Maine Lobster and see what they did to grow their business through different strategies.

First, what is Get Maine Lobster?

What Is Get Maine Lobster?

Get Maine Lobster sells seafood, but mainly lobsters. They claim that they can deliver live lobsters right to your doorstep.

Yep, just by ordering on their website. ?

They believe that fresh seafood shouldn't just be a meal... it should be an "experience."

And that's what you'll know today... How did they become a successful business despite logistics problems?

Shopify conducted an interview with Mark Murrell, Founder of Get Maine Lobster. This is to know how they scaled their business and overcame the hurdles of logistics.

I won't keep you waiting!

5 Lessons You Can Learn From Get Maine Lobster

1. Customer Experience Is Important

Customer Experience Is Important

If you're not prioritizing your customer experience on your website, you won't be able to convert as many sales.

And this is one of the lessons we learned from Get Maine Lobster. The online shopping experience of your customer should be a priority.

According to Mark Murrell... they promised to give their customers an unforgettable experience by delivering a live lobster to your doorstep.

But it goes beyond that.

Because Get Maine Lobster also gives the best customer experience online. The company makes sure that they are constantly improving the shopping experience of their customers. They are always improving their website and optimizing their checkout process.

They're also looking into tools and apps to ensure the functionality of their website... like tools to make upselling more convenient.

So, what can you learn from them?

Test your website speed.

Get Maine Lobster conducts monthly tests on its site speed.

Why is this important?

Because if your website is loading slowly, you can lose sales. That's why you need to make sure everything is loading smoothly through speed optimization.

Conversion Rate Optimization should be in your checklist.

Many business owners overlook this. But this is crucial in making sure that you're constantly converting your website visitors into customers.

If there's one thing we need to implement from Get Maine Lobster, it's putting your customers first. They are exerting so much effort to guarantee a seamless customer experience on their website. From the shopping and checkout process to the actual product delivery.

The next lesson you can learn to scale your business is...

2. Foster Customer Relationships

Foster Customer Relationships

Nurturing customer relationships is important in retaining your customers. And, of course, Get Maine Lobster is doing a good job at it.

They nurtured their customer relationships through social media and emails.

They also had a CRM or Customer Relationship Management.

In fact, they use their customer-generated content to cultivate their relationship with some prospects to make sales.

Such an incredible idea, right? Here's how you can foster your relationship with your customers, too.

Connect with them.

Just like what Get Maine Lobster is doing, you need to connect with your customers through other platforms or CRM systems.

You can send them emails or engage with them on social media to make them feel important.

Give them a great shopping experience.

This might not be new to you, but one way to keep your customers close to you is by giving them a seamless shopping experience.

So, if you want to scale your business like Get Maine Lobster, you have to cultivate your customer relationships.

And you can start by...

3. Build Trust And Credibility

uild Trust And Credibility

Let's be real. Most, if not all, ecommerce businesses will have a hard time making sales if customers don't trust them. Even if you have a killer value proposition or best deals.

Would you buy from a website that claims it can deliver your groceries in 5 minutes? Maybe not the first time you see it, right?

That's why Get Maine Lobster made sure they could strengthen their trust and credibility.

It's very important if you want to increase your customer acquisition. So, here are some tips that will help you build trust and credibility among your customers.

Encourage customers to leave reviews.

Customer reviews are crucial in making sales.

Why? Because potential buyers want to see what previous buyers have to say about your products and services. Most customers wouldn't risk buying without seeing the experience of others.

Nurture customer relationships.

One of the keys to building trust is through nurturing relationships with your customers. Not only that, but you can keep them coming back to you as well.

This is one of the lessons we should all take note of from Get Maine Lobster. You can't just say, "Hey, we are the best in town," and expect your target market to believe in you immediately.

Building trust and credibility are crucial to scale your business.

Another one is...

4. Scale Through Different Social Platforms

Scale Through Different Social Platforms

It's no secret that social media marketing is a need if you want to increase your reach in the digital world... right?

That's why this is one of the ways how Get Maine Lobster was able to scale their business.

Social media is accessible nowadays.

Whether your customers use a phone or a desktop, connecting with them is no rocket science.

So, Get Maine Lobster made sure to leverage various platforms to find what can work for them and have the best impact. And according to Mark Murrell, Facebook is their "godfather."

They spend most of their resources on Facebook. And they offered good promos and had some great campaigns. For example, they run an annual campaign called "Random Acts of Kindness." And this gets attention and makes them included in gift guides.

Here are some tips on how you can use social platforms to grow your business:

Find where your audience is.

It's not easy to find where your audience is online. To make your marketing channels effective, it's important to find the right people who will receive your message well.

Don't stop experimenting.

Get Maine Lobster didn't get the heart of their customers overnight. They tried different platforms first before finding out which one had the best impact on the growth of their business.

You see, Get Maine Lobster tried Pinterest, SMS, Google ads, etc. They didn't stick to one platform. So, don't feel discouraged if it doesn't work immediately!

Another lesson we learned from them is...

5. Embrace Changes In Your Business

Embrace Changes In Your Business

The pandemic brought drastic changes to people and our everyday lives. And businesses are affected, too.

But Get Maine Lobster embraced changes.

Despite the difficulties in shipping and logistics... they powered through and fulfilled their promise to give customers an unforgettable experience.

Since they knew that shipping would be different from the usual, they had to make some adjustments and business decisions. Especially during the pandemic, when even shipping companies are struggling.

According to Mark Murrell, there was a time they would ship the products overnight. This was so they would be in front of the bus and become a priority. So if ever the lobsters arrived a day late, they will still be fine.

Also, Get Maine Lobster learned to embrace changes.

They got some equipment, such as forklifts, a reefer truck, and increased the capacity of their location. This is due to the fact that there was a time they shipped 600% more boxes than they normally would.

So, here are things you need to remember:

  • Don't be afraid to invest. If things are not the way they used to, don't be afraid to invest in tools that will help you scale your business. This is exactly what they did to embrace changes and give customers the best experience.
  • Remember that changes are normal in business. There will be things out of your control, and it's fine. As long as you are willing to welcome these changes and work on them.

Just like what Get Maine Lobster did, you need to make the right decisions to fulfill your promise to your customers. And we can see that they really value the promises they make to them.

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