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06 Jul 2022

8 Best One Product Shopify Store Examples That Will Inspire You

8 Best One Product Shopify Store Examples That Will Inspire You

At one point in building your eCommerce business, you might have wondered...

"What if I sell multiple products on my online store? Surely the more products I show, the more chances I have of having a hit product!"

This seems logical enough while coming up with a product idea. Selling just one product seems like it would slow down your success. I know it sounds risky.

But consider this...

Focusing on just one product means you won't have to spend all your time and effort looking for various high-demand products.

Plus, one-product Shopify stores are underrated. You will be reaching out to an untapped niche audiences to sell online.

And these one-product Shopify store examples are the best way to show you how you, too, can thrive with a one-product Shopify store.

Today, you'll find out...

  • What entails a one-product Shopify store
  • The benefits you will reap with a single product Shopify store
  • Best one-product Shopify store examples
  • Important factors on how to create a successful one-product store

Let's start with the basics...


What Is A One-Product Shopify Store?

A one-product store is an online store that features a single product or service. They specialize in selling a single item or a closely related range.

In some one-product stores, they sell additional accessories or variants. This helps upsell their product, which increases their eCommerce store's Average Order Value (AOV).

These online stores often target niche markets with unique or specialized products, catering to specific customer needs and preferences.

As you can see, a one-product Shopify store focuses on one product. This means you will have all the benefits that come with it.

Let me tell you...


What Are The Advantages Of A One-Product Shopify Store?

What Are The Advantages Of A One Product Shopify Store?

As an eCommerce business owner, you know how you have to juggle several balls in the air.

You have to watch your online store every day, sell products left and right, tweak aspects, and continuously improve your site and marketing campaigns.

Yep, an eCommerce business requires a lot of time and effort.

But when you strip down your Shopify store to one signature product, you can enjoy...


Hassle-Free Process

Did you know that having too many choices can cause someone to feel confused, anxious, and dissatisfied?

Because of this, customers will not buy anything at all.

But with a one-product store, you can lessen that burden of complication for your customers. Their purchasing decision will have less friction.

Plus, managing a one-product Shopify store will also simplify your operation.

That leads to...


More Effective Marketing Strategy

With a clear focus on your niche, crafting a strategy will be a smoother process. You can easily define your brand identity and value proposition with a one-product store.

And your digital advertising will also be more straightforward. How so?

Google and Facebook's algorithms find their data about the users that buy from your one-product Shopify store. Your target audience will even be more targeted with such serious data.

One-product stores also enjoy the benefit of...


Monopolizing Demand

A one-product store means that customers will not find what you are offering easily from somewhere else.

That creates a sense of scarcity. Which creates a higher demand for your single-product store.

We're not yet done with the benefits you can reap. A single-product store can also help you...


Manage With A Small Team

Just think about it: A one-product store won't need a lot of people to run.

You won't have to hire many hands to handle production, lead marketing strategies, shipping, etc.

A single-product store does not also need a lot of maintenance. Heck, you don't even need multiple product pages on your site!

You will only have to consider hiring more for your team when expanding your product line.

Customers find several stores to be lacking in customer service. But you won't have that problem with a one-product store...


Offer The Best Customer Service Experience

Can you imagine seamlessly accommodating all of your customers?

You won't have to just imagine when you are running a single-product store.

Since you are only focusing on a single product, you can optimize the customer experience. You will know every nook and cranny of your product, making it easier for you to answer any questions they may have.

Don't these benefits squash your worries about building a one-product store?

The following one-product Shopify stores I'll show you will prove it!


8 One-Product Shopify Store Examples You Need To See

Let's start with this one-product store I particularly like...

1. Snooz

Have trouble sleeping?

Sn.ooz offers a portable white noise machine that helps people fall asleep. It helps customers who suffer from insomnia and poor sleep quality.

This one-product store makes sure that its product details include its benefits. Also, check out the high-quality photos they use on the main page.


Notice how they also highlight different types of social proof on the page to attract customers...


It includes reviews from media outlets, photo reviews from previous customers, and user-generated content from different social media platforms.

Talk about using social proof well! Through their stellar reviews, they can prove their efficiency.

On the other hand, if you have trouble staying awake, the next single product store can help you...


2. Palmpress

Palmpress sells one cup coffee press for each person to quickly make their coffee as they like.

One of the first things you'll notice is their store design. They included an instructional video on how to use their product.


An infographic about the product features is also on the main page. All the details you need to know about the product are all on one page!

Of course, they also highlighted social proof from media outlets and customers.

Remember, one-product stores target a specific niche. The next store is a good example...


3. Baby's Brew

It doesn't get more signature than this product. This store sells a baby bottle warmer. It's perfect for parents passionate about giving their babies the best care.

Baby's Brew

To increase AOV, Baby's Brew also includes accessories like bottle adapters and a snack cup.

Just like the previous one-product stores, they also knew how important social proof is. The media badges on their site show extra credibility for their product quality.

Baby's Brew

Also, the brand created a blog page. Their content talks about breastfeeding, working moms, and everything related to breast milk.

And that's how you provide more value to get more customers!

The next online store is a unique one...


4. MindJournal

You might be familiar with a few one-product stores that offer journals. Most of them are marketed toward women.

But the online store MindJournal target audience is different.


This journal is specifically designed for men. The founder explained that men are less likely to speak about their mental health or seek help.

Their product provides men a safe space to offload and improve their health and happiness.

To show their vision, they added the features and benefits of the journal on the site.


A one-product store usually relates to a general store. Buts online services can also be one...


5. Turned Yellow

Turned Yellow offers personalized portraits in The Simpson's style.

Turned Yellow

Their site shows the three steps you can take to turn yourself into a Simpson character. Their call to action is also engaging with the words, "Turn Yellow."

And unlike other single-product stores, they fulfill their orders on a print-on-demand service.

For eCommerce businesses starting out, you can learn from this brand how you can get started without investing that much in your inventory.

Up next is...


6. Neos SmartHome

Neos SmartHome provides a smart cam designed for home security. Customers can monitor their homes right from their mobile devices.

Customers can buy the product in single and twin packs. They also offer accessories such as a mounting kit and memory cards.

Neos SmartHome

Because their product covers home technology and conventional security, they fill the gaps for many homeowners.

The following store also concerns security...


7. Stop-the-Fire

Another noteworthy single product Shopify store is Stop the Fire.


This store sells high-quality fire blankets. It's used to extinguish a fire or for emergencies where you can use it as a fire shield.

That's as niched as it gets!  

To upsell, this online store lets customers buy in packs to get a discount.

Let's shift our gears to fitness for the next one...


8. On Track

Having a hard time tracking your workouts?

On Track sells a fitness planner for people who still want to keep track the traditional way. Customers can record their daily workouts and exercises.

On Track

It consists of a 12-week leather fitness planner. Since it can get filled up after that time, customers have the option to preorder.

And these are the best one-product Shopify store examples to inspire you to create your own!

Let's break down what you learned from them, shall we?


Key Factors of A Successful One-Product Shopify Stores

To build a well-converting one-product eCommerce store, you have to sell...


Unique Product

Don't forget... You will only be selling a single product. So an "okay" or "fine" product will not cut it. You have to choose an outstanding product to sell.

To help you out, look for a product that is hard to find, hard to guess the price, and interesting.

The purpose of your product should also be clear. Your customers need to quickly know how they can benefit from it. It should fill a gap in the market or should meet your customers' specific needs.

Another factor is...


Social Proof

63% of consumers are likelier to buy from an online store with product ratings and reviews.

This rings particularly true for a single-product Shopify store. Existing customers can vouch for the quality of your products.

New visitors will feel more confident about their purchasing decisions.

Of course, your words also matter...


Impressive Product Description

You always have to answer your customers' questions, "What's in it for me?"

The copywriting of your product description should address the customer's pain points. So, focus on the benefits of your product features, what makes it unique and innovative, and how it solves your target customers' needs.

Make use of facts and numbers instead of top-shelf words such as "market-leading" or "top one." Here are some product description examples.

With an impressive product description also comes...


High-Quality Products And Videos

How do you show potential customers that your brand is proficient and professional?

By using superb visuals.

Make sure that you optimize your site for mobile devices. Invest in product photography. Create videos that feature your product in an everyday setting.

Most importantly...


Select The Perfect Single Product Shopify Theme

This eCommerce platform has some custom themes for each store to use.

But you should use the best Shopify theme that easily accommodates the needs of a single-product Shopify store.

And if you are looking for a free theme that is also the best one-product theme, you don't have to look any further...


Create Your Own Successful One-Product Shopify Store!

When you sell a single product, you reduce the things you need to focus on as a business owner.

And that boosts your chances of achieving financial success!

Let me take another worry off your shoulders...

Choose Debutify as your profitable single product Shopify theme!

With Debutify as your Profit Optimization Partner, you can seamlessly run your online store to its fullest potential.

It also offers 50+ Add-Ons that improve Shopify conversions, AOV, and increase profits!


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