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18 Aug 2023

How Mobile Marketing Strategies Boost Conversion Rates

How Mobile Marketing Strategies Boost Conversion Rates

As per a report by Statista, there are 6.92 billion smartphone consumers worldwide. This number amounts to 86.11% of the global population and is estimated to grow exponentially in the coming years. 

Most customers use their smartphones and mobile devices to access the internet, browse content, and interact with brands. As a result, mobile has emerged as a dominant channel for marketers to reach their audience. 

While digital-first brands are already present, digital migrators are also developing marketing strategies to engage customers, create personalized experiences, and drive conversion rates via mobile marketing. 

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If you look at current market trends, you will find that there is mass adoption of mobile devices as the primary medium of browsing and searching. Logically, a need arises for mobile marketing strategies to engage with the modern customer. But before we explore strategies, let’s look at some consumer trends that have been affecting how marketing works. 

8 Marketing Strategies to Boost Conversion Rates

The right marketing strategy for you depends on your audience, business goals, and other similar factors. However, the following procedures have a universal success record. So, you should check them out.

Hyper-Personalization Through Customer Insights

Hyper-personalization strategies take you away from the one-size-fits-all concept. Based on customer insights, you can create marketing campaigns more relevant to your end customer’s pain points or interests.

Customer insights can be gathered from AI-powered tools integrated into your company's software. Data-driven insights give you the correct idea of what your customer wants and how you can convert them. 

Hyper-personalization strategies combine data, analytics, AI, ML, and NLP to create or analyze human interactions and develop customer-centric marketing campaigns.

The Right CTA

Your call-to-action (CTA) must be unique and compelling but not pushy. Consumers are exposed to countless CTAs throughout their buying journey. Make sure yours stands out from the crowd.

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There are two ways to approach this. Either be straightforward and give a clear CTA that directly targets their pain points, or write a creative and unique CTA that will compel your prospect to visit your landing page.

Influencer Advertising

Influencers are a great medium to increase brand awareness across social media platforms. Strategic partnerships with influencers who resonate with your demographics can help brands reach a vast audience of mobile users. The mutually beneficial relationship can work wonders for your business, making it a compelling marketing approach.

There should be a fine balance between the influencers' USP and the brand tone in the marketing campaign.

In-App Engagement

You can boost in-app engagement in the following ways:

  • Efficient app onboarding flow
  • The correct use of push notifications
  • User-friendly content and prompts
  • Engaging UI
  • Personalized in-app messages
  • Gamification of the in-app experience
  • Email and social media marketing
  • Omnichannel marketing strategy

Social Proof

Social proof is when consumers follow or get influenced by others’ behavior and copy their actions. For example, if you see your friends or favorite celebrities using a specific product, you would subconsciously be motivated to buy it.

Social proof can work wonders for mobile marketing. Target specific demographics and encourage customers to upload video testimonials and reviews to advertise your product. Debutify is instrumental in collecting and importing customer reviews. Marketers are leveraging it to convert customers into advocates.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a good old way of boosting mobile conversions. You can create a dedicated email marketing strategy for your mobile app. Personalize content, develop a welcome template, guide customers through onboarding, and target them in several ways through email channels.

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Simple Checkout Process

Complicated checkout processes often lead to cart abandonment. Ensure your mobile checkout process is easy and involves only a few steps. Use third-party integrations, offer multiple payment methods, and secure the purchase process for a better customer experience.

This will directly lead to conversions and positive reviews and build brand value over time.

A/B Testing

A/B testing helps you understand how even slight changes in your mobile app affect conversion rates. A case study of the E-commerce company WallMonkeys proved that A/B testing caused a 550% increase in conversion rates.

This is a good tool for customer acquisition as it observes the effect of new changes and boosts in-app engagement. With A/B testing, you can also analyze and improve business KPIs.

Mobile Marketing for the Future

Looking at the consumer trends and various mobile marketing strategies that brands are adopting, it is safe to assume that mobile would become the primary channel for many verticals.

To leverage the power of mobile marketing for high conversion rates, you should:

  • Adopt automation technologies like voice search and chatbots
  • Analyze and examine consumer behavior
  • Utilize mobile, social media, and email marketing
  • Optimize mobile usage for E-commerce
  • Create personalized content for campaigns
  • Include the right CTA
  • Take measures to boost app downloads and engagement

For optimum customer engagement, brands in 2023 and onwards will not only need to concentrate on the ultimate customer experience but also a consistent customer experience across all channels. 

Diane Eunice Narciso

Diane Eunice Narciso

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