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02 Mar 2023

5 Sports eCommerce Websites That Will Inspire You In 2023

5 Sports eCommerce Websites That Will Inspire You In 2023

Sports retail has been rapidly growing... Especially during the pandemic, when everyone was at home and trying to improve their physical health.

More people were buying gym equipment, and that also includes workout outfits. But even if the world is opening up again, people's concern for their physical health is still there.

Also, online shopping is still growing. So, safe to say that the online fitness industry is still thriving!

But if you're running your online store but need more inspiration on making it look more pleasant or to learn about their marketing... Then don't look away!

Because in this blog, we'll explore 5 sports brands that are rocking their websites to inspire you.



nike website

As one of the leading sports brands globally... Nike's eCommerce website walks the talk.

The website is sleek and clean, making it easy for consumers to browse. There are no unnecessary elements that will get in the way of shopping.

They also utilized the banner by adding promotions, which can encourage potential customers to buy the products.

Speaking of products, Nike sells a wide range of items. They have sports equipment, accessories, running shoes, athletic apparel, and more.

If you scroll down a bit, there are also designs of artists featured from the Black community, which adds to the fact that Nike is community-focused.

Nike ensures the efficiency of their eCommerce store to give customers a smooth shopping experience!


Just like Nike, Adidas is also a popular sporting goods company that makes sure its eCommerce website is engaging.

As you can see, there are no unnecessary elements when you first visit the website. It's not distracting, so you can go shopping seamlessly.

There's also a pop-up email sign-up form that entices users by getting a discount for signing up. And pop-ups are a great way to capture website visitors' attention.

On the upper right part, you can also see that customers can track order status without navigating on multiple pages.

And when you add a new product, you can see the total costs, including delivery fee and tax. This can avoid surprise fees during checkout! Right?

So, Adidas definitely put a lot of effort into making an eCommerce website that is user-friendly!


gymshark website

Gymshark's website is doing a great job showcasing its products. Once you scroll down, you can see some of their items, and when you hover over each of them, you can view the sizes.

Not only that, but without leaving the page, you can quickly add the products to your cart by selecting your preferred size.

And on the product pages, you can zoom in on the product photos to see the details clearly. Each product also states delivery and returns details and detailed reviews under each of them.

Clearly, Gymshark ensures that shopping with them is easy because all the details you can find all details you could possibly need without navigating too much.



lululemon website

Lululemon is a sports brand that specializes in yoga and athletic wear. There are also other sports products available on the website, like sports bottles, caps, and other accessories.

The website is also easy to navigate. On the hero images, you can see there's accessible navigation that makes it easy to see the product categories.

The filtering options are also convenient if you want to see specific types of products. There's also an "Available near you" option, where customers can buy and pick up the products.

There's also a "We Made Too Much" section, which is Lululemon's discounted products but still high-quality and stylish.

We can see that Lululemon's website provides a seamless customer experience while still being modern and fashionable!




REI is kind of a different business model than the other brands here. Although they are all sports retailers, REI also sells different brands on their eCommerce website.

Some of them are Merrell, Patagonia, The North Face, Cotopaxi, and more. But REI Co-op sticks to its statement: A Life Outdoors Is A Life Well-Lived.

So, it's obvious that REI has a wide range of products... Some examples are hiking boots, winter clothing, sports accessories, electronics, bikes, etc. Basically... all products that you can use when outdoors.

One of the best things about REI's eCommerce website is the social proof. If you scroll a little bit, you can see the hashtag #REImember, and they feature Instagram posts from their customers!

Such great social proof and a way to gain loyal customers, right?

REI also sticks to its values of giving back to the community. According to them, 70% of their profits are invested back into the outdoor community.

Get inspired by these sports eCommerce websites!

You see, these sports brands have something in common: They put the customers first. They make sure that customer and user experience is seamless during shopping.

If you want to achieve that... you need to learn more about websites and marketing to ensure your online store serves your audience.

You can do this by reading eCommerce guides to give you valuable tips! Also... just like these brands, you must have a smooth eCommerce theme and display your reviews efficiently with Debutify Reviews.

To create the best eCommerce website, you can start when you...

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